I’ve personally benefited from acupuncture over the years. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to do an on camera interview with my La Jolla acupuncturist, Julia Sanfilippo of Aculife where we discuss why someone should receive acupuncture before and during pregnancy.

However, I always assumed I was treating myself during pregnancy for morning sickness, swelling, and more, but didn’t realize I was treating my baby, too. I found this part of the interview particularly interesting.

My Acupuncture Story

Let me just quickly explain my history with acupuncture. Even before I lived in Hong Kong, I was receiving acupuncture treatments for sinus problems. At the time, I wrongly treated acupuncture as a last resort after my physicians failed to help me. I went to a guy in London who treated me from his home, I went to a clinic in Santa Barbara where MDs administered acupuncture, and then we were relocated to Hong Kong.

My Chinese doctor in Hong Kong was the one who successfully treated me leading up to and during my pregnancy. He didn’t even speak English, which is what amazes me about Chinese medicine. He took my pulse, looked at my tongue, and sent me to the treatment room (I did tell the English speaking secretary when I was pregnant). I went 2-3 times a week and though it didn’t cure my sinus problems, it sure helped, especially when I was pregnant. I remember craving the needles, actually. As soon as they were in a point in my cheek, my sinuses would be totally open for the half an hour or so they were in.

Acupuncture And Conception

It might be coincidence, but I got pregnant immediately. A lot of couples with fertility problems have experienced success with both partners receiving acupuncture.

Relief From Swelling

If you have sinus problems to begin with, it’s possible that your pregnancy will exacerbate the issues. I went in with sinus headaches, totally unable to breathe through my nose, and left with some relief.

I also had a few friends that experienced shoe woes after being pregnant. One had her feet swell up a full size, never to return, and had to chuck her entire shoe closet. I was paranoid about this. Acupuncture, along with foot reflexology, helped substantially. I noticed an immediate difference in my shoes right after treatment. The second my shoes felt tight, I was in for an appointment.

Aculife La Jolla For Acupuncture

Have a look at what Julia has to say about acupuncture  leading up to and during pregnancy. I bet you’ll learn something new. Julia will also be on NBC news at 11pm tonight talking about facial acupuncture. Not sure what that is? It’s better than botox (really), so tune in!

Next time, I’ll use less hand gestures and put my hair behind my ear, I promise. I also would like to point out that acupuncture doesn’t hurt. Liken it to a massage. Knots hurt when the masseuse is trying to work them out. If you’ve got a needle in a point that is sore, that means you need it to be there. Call Julia and try it, she’s the best in town.

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  1. I had acupuncture as a last resort, too, for sinus problems years ago. It cured the problems western medicine couldn’t fix. And 9 years later, they have not recurred. I went into it doubtful, but came out a believer. I have not gone back for anything else, mostly because I can’t afford it. But my mom does it a lot and swears by it.

  2. I’m a convert to acupuncture too, I have a bad back, and my first acupuncture treatment was a near religious experience. I don’t know how it works, but it does. And it cleared up my migraines, too.

    I had a friend who had 13 miscarriages in 11 years. She underwent acupuncture for other heath reasons, but became pregnant almost immediately and carried the baby to term. I don’t know how it works, but it does.

  3. Once I found out I was Pregnancy , my acupuncturist still treated me once a week but with  the electrical charge thingies. I moved away when I was around 12 weeks. That is been almost two months ago, so no I’m not going anymore. I’ve read where it helps ease labor, too. I’m interested in looking into that.

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