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Help Fight Global Malnutrition on World Health Day

BY La Jolla Mom

In honor of World Health Day (April 7), I am sharing this information, sponsored by Amway.

In anticipation of World Health Day, it feels appropriate to highlight an issue as important as worldwide malnutrition in kids under the age of 5. It isn’t just a matter of them being hungry. The truth is that if essential nutrients aren’t received in these early years, body and brain development won’t occur properly and it’s impossible to make up for this lost opportunity.

The bottom line is that the effects of early malnutrition can negatively impact a child for the rest of his or her life.

The Global Burden of Malnutrition Is Massive

Nutrilite Little Bits Zambia

The Malnutrition Mapping Project was developed by the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) with financial support from Amway™. This interactive mapping and analysis tool highlights the burden of malnutrition in all forms on low to high-income countries worldwide by analyzing data from the Global Nutrition Report 2014, the World Health Organization, The International Diabetes Federation, and other well-respected sources.

Most importantly, it showcases the impact of both malnutrition and rising overweight and obesity. Have a look at the map. It’s pretty complex and the data just might surprise and motivate you—which is exactly the point. Citizens around the world can help combat malnutrition, with the campaign I’m about to outline below as a way to do so.

How the Nutrilite™ Power of 5 Campaign Addresses Malnutrition

Nutrilite Little Bits Zambia

Amway’s Power of 5 Campaign distributes Nutrilite™ Little Bits™ (a micronutrient supplement designed to provide children essential vitamins and minerals in their first 5 years of life) to countries of greatest need. The supplement was designed specifically for this purpose, based on World Health Organization recommendations for children 6 months to 5 years old, and is a mix of nutrient-dense plants that can be safely added to children’s food.

After demonstrated success, the project earned support from the United Nations and Church of Brazil.

How You Can Help

Man feeding child. Nutrilite Little BIts Zambia

Donate as little as $5 in any currency to help Amway expand the reach of the Power of 5 Campaign. The goal is to get Nutrilite™ Little Bits™ into more communities worldwide. With the help of non-governmental organizations, Amway distributes these important supplements currently in six countries. The goal is to expand to 15 countries by 2015.

All kids deserve a good start in life and sometimes it’s up to the generosity of others to make it happen. Donate and learn more here.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Amway.

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