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Keep Track of Your Stuff at Home and While Traveling with XY Find It

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“Where are my keys?” is a question I ask a family member at least several times per week. My husband went so far as to designate a special spot for my keys (a sterling silver Christofle wine coaster… not my favorite idea of his) so I’d always know where they are. His strategy doesn’t work.

Enter XY Find It, a San Diego-based company, who sent me three tracking beacons about the size of a silver dollar (I chose the clear color but there are other cool options). By syncing the beacons the XY Find It smartphone app and then attaching them to important items—like my keys—I know where these important items are located.

What XY Find It Can Track

I decided to start with my keychain—which already has a zippered pocket perfect that is perfect for slipping a beacon inside—and my wallet. I also put a beacon in my passport wallet as I’m en route to Barcelona and always have fear of losing it. I’ll likely switch the beacon to something else after my trip is over. XY Find It’s other common uses include tracking kids and pets so I’m thinking the dog’s collar is the next place for it.

An XY Find It Beacon slipped into a passport wallet for easy tracking.

When my daughter was younger and dependent on her prized duck blanket, I certainly would have attached a beacon to it. We forgot the duck on a trip to Kauai which resulted in many tears and sleepless nights. She’s also almost left her backpack and little purse on planes and in airport lounges. XY Find It helps prevent loss like this before it happens.

Another good use of a beacon could be on a child’s shoe at a busy playground where the sight lines might be tough in spots or perhaps on a camera’s wrist strap. The opportunities for tracking are seemingly endless.

How to Use the App

Learn how the XY Find It app can track your valuables from keys to kids

With the app enabled, my smartphone knows where my things are and sends a message when they become out-of-range. In the event I can’t remember where I put my keys, I walk around with my phone in-hand and the app will indicate if I’m walking closer or further away from them and by roughly how many feet. It is also surprisingly helpful and reassuring to glance at the app every once in a while to see where everything is.

Admittedly, I was skeptical as to whether or not this set-up would be useful but I really like not having to wander between the car, kitchen and bedroom (and back) in search of my keys. If there is something that you’re constantly misplacing, this is a great solution.

Good to Know

The beacons are powered by cell batteries that will require replacement every six months or so. One is included with each beacon and I have not noticed any extra drain on my cell phone’s battery life from the app being perpetually on. Familiarization with how best to use XY Find It comes after a little bit of use. For instance, I left my purse in the car during school pick-up and was alerted that my wallet was out-of-range because I forgot to disable an alert for it, which is easy to do.

Despite the app’s best intentions, it is still possible to lose an item if you’ve missed a notification that it’s out of range (100-150 feet of your iPhone). In cases like this, the app keeps a record of where you had it last and there is an option to send a note to other XY Find It users in the area to look out for it. The app needs bluetooth in order to work which means it’s wise to turn off airplane mode right after landing to see where your things are, in case they shifted while in-flight. Forgetting something on the plane is the worst.

Learn more about XY Find It here:

The XY Find It app is free to download and a pack of three beacons will run you $59.95 which is much less costly than losing something important.

What would you track digitally?

*This post is written in partnership with XY Find It. Opinions are my own.

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