Find out where to picnic in San Diego from Balboa Park to beachside areas.

This post is written in partnership with Bota Box. What better way to welcome the blue skies and sunshine of summer than with a picnic. With 70 miles of coastline, historic parks, and a giant bay, there are plenty of places to picnic in San Diego. Here are some top

How to throw a simple and more eco-friendly gathering at home.

Learn how to make your next outdoor gathering a bit more eco-friendly, including a great option for wine!

things to do in sonoma with kids

This summer means new things to do in Sonoma with kids. San Diego has a direct flight to this scenic wine country.

Sonoma Women at Table

You can even bring a case a wine back as checked baggage for free if you fly Alaska Airlines to San Diego from Sonoma.

Pairing Halloween and wine - I asked experts in the wine industry what their favorite picks are for those of us who will be raiding the candy stash over the next week!

Because it’s always fun to see how wine experts pair wine and candy.

red wine glasses

Boxed wine is perfect for the beach and camping–no heavy glass!

calories in wine

If you’d like to know how many calories or carbohydrates your favorite wine varietal has per pour, check this list.

Spanish Wine and Tapas

Recipes include fig and olive tapenade, marinated mushrooms, Spanish tortilla and tomato salad. Pair with wine!

2009 Bernardo Winery Private Reserve Primitivo

Bernardo Winery is a hidden gem with not only a tasting room and fabulous wines, but 12 shops, a cafe, a restaurant and more.

halloween candy with wine

Because you will raid your kid’s stash of Halloween candy, you might as well think about which bottle of wine to open while you’re eating it.

Cordiano Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle

When people visit Cordiano Winery, they talk about great wines, the view, the gracious owners, and the pizza!