Most young families we work with have LEGOLAND California on their San Diego itinerary. The resort caters to kids ages 2–12 and has a theme park, aquarium, seasonal water park, and two hotels. You can legitimately buy discount LEGOLAND California tickets. This will help you keep a little more cash in your pocket to spend on LEGOs during your visit (because, trust me, the kids will ask)!

How you save money depends on the date of your visit because prices and deals change constantly. It also depends on how many of our other attractions are on your to-do list. Sometimes, buying online through LEGOLAND is the best way to save, while other times, a sightseeing pass or annual pass (I have one) may be more advantageous. I’ll give you the options so you can decide.

My goal is to share the easiest and most reliable ways to buy cheaper LEGOLAND tickets. I want you to get the best price and avoid coupons and methods that don’t work. We fact-check and actually crunch these numbers for our clients regularly. Our findings help inform what we write below.

Key Takeaways

  • The best park-only deal right now is the $39 Kids Tickets.
  • People visiting LEGOLAND and SeaWorld on the same trip typically buy CityPASS.
  • For residents, an annual pass pays for itself usually within two or three visits.
  • Wait to buy LEGOLAND tickets for October visits until Kids Free October info is released.
  • You always have to crunch numbers. Prices are dynamic, and there’s not always one right way to save!

We can help you save on tickets, tours, and hotels. If you purchase through some of the links below, we may be compensated. Thank you for supporting our small business! Our editorial guidelines.

Know Before You Buy: Gate Prices, Parking, and Upgrades

How much time to spend at LEGOLAND: You’ll need to think about how much time you’ll spend there before buying tickets. Most people spend one full day at LEGOLAND, California. If you visit with a LEGO enthusiast or like to explore theme parks slowly, you may want a multi-day pass. They often run second-day-free promos, which makes the latter strategy more cost-effective. Alternatively, even one half-day at LEGOLAND California is entirely doable if you are pressed for time.

Always Check Opening Dates and Times

Before booking a San Diego vacation that involves visiting LEGOLAND, California, you must check opening dates and hours. The water parks have seasonal hours, and the theme park is closed on some Wednesdays from September through February (except Thanksgiving and winter breaks). Check the calendar.

Gate Prices for LEGOLAND California Tickets

Prices for LEGOLAND California tickets, whether they include just the theme park or hopper tickets with SEA LIFE Aquarium and the water park, rise and fall based on the day you book them. This is called dynamic pricing. Weekends are typically more expensive than weekdays, and summer tickets are more expensive than school-day tickets, for example.

LEGOLAND California sells tickets at the gate ticket booths, and reservations are required for online tickets. Current gate prices START at:

  • 1-Day LEGOLAND park-only admission: $129/ages 2+
  • Kids ages 0-2 years old do not need to purchase a ticket.

Read all terms and conditions before purchasing a LEGOLAND California ticket especially for refund policies and expiration dates.

LEGOLAND Parking Prices

You can buy parking in advance. The parking fee at LEGOLAND California is currently:

  • $34 for general parking (if purchased online)
  • $54 for preferred parking (if purchased online)

Reserve ‘N’ Ride, VIP Experiences, and Other Upgrades

Once you arrive in the park, you can shorten wait times by purchasing an upgraded pass through the app called Reserve ‘N’ Ride (there are three levels). For those looking to book a VIP experience, LEGOLAND California Resort offers various packages, including a personal host, priority ride access, exclusive experiences, and more.

You’ll need to do some number crunching to see which tickets and methods listed below are the cheapest on your dates. We’ve found that buying directly through LEGOLAND is cheaper on some days while buying through authorized sellers is cheaper on others.

1. Online Deals Through LEGOLAND – Get $39 Kids Tickets!

BEST DEAL FOR: Off-peak days and some peak days, and right now, kids’ tickets for visits before September 13, 2024.

I ALWAYS recommend starting by checking so that you understand the prices on the day of your visit. Right now, the best place to buy 1-Day LEGOLAND California tickets at the lowest price on off-peak days is through the park online. Ticket prices START at (before taxes and fees):

  • 1-Day LEGOLAND: from $79
  • 2-Day LEGOLAND: from $99

TOP DEAL: Three Parks for $39 Kids Tickets!

Get up to three $39 Kids Tickets with a full-price adult hopper ticket (from $99—but it could be as high as $168)! This special offer won’t last long and is valid now—September 13, 2024. The hopper includes the theme park, water park, and SEA LIFE Aquarium.

You can buy other tickets at a discount off the gate price in addition to Reserve N Ride and other upgrades.

2. Other Discount LEGOLAND California Tickets (2nd Day Free + Promo Code)

BEST DEAL FOR: Some peak days. Purchase this for a second adult if you are using the above kids’ ticket deal!

aRes Travel is a San Diego-based, authorized ticket seller to major California attractions, including LEGOLAND California. They offer ways to buy discount tickets to LEGOLAND California, and tickets to other popular San Diego attractions, such as the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

These tickets can be printed at home or pulled up on a mobile device, so you can head straight to the gate without the need to redeem a ticket voucher. These tickets do not use dynamic pricing, which is why they can be lower on some peak days.

You will likely come out ahead on peak days. Tip: Save money on LEGOLAND tickets with aRes Travel and then buy a Reserve ‘N’ Ride (when available) through LEGOLAND.

You can also have the details sent immediately to you for later, plus our other exclusive promo codes. Click to request all San Diego discounts by email.

Witches sing at LEGOLAND Brick-or-Treat Party Nights Halloween event
LEGOLAND Brick-Or-Treat tickets will be on sale soon — stay tuned!

BEST DEAL FOR: Active sightseeing

The Go City San Diego pass saves up to 50% off of admission to 45+ top San Diego attractions, including LEGOLAND California, in three simple steps:

  1. Choose the pass option that best suits you (you can buy an All-Inclusive pass or Explorer pass) and buy your pass in advance.
  2. Get your pass on a mobile device or print it at home.
  3. Show the pass at any eligible attraction, and you’re in for free.

The passes are available in 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5- and 7-day options, each at different prices. Make sure the attractions you’d like to visit are listed on the option you buy. This is by far the most popular discounted, bundled San Diego attractions pass.

ticket icon


Use promo code GOSDO5LJM to apply an extra 5% off ALL Go San Diego sightseeing passes when you buy through Go City! This discount stacks on top of sale rates! Also, check aResTravel, where All-Inclusive and Explorer Passes are currently cheaper.

(Pass has limited value for families at many attractions during Kids Free October in San Diego — we recommend individual tickets during this timeframe instead.)

See also: 14 San Diego Discounts: Experience the City for Less 

4. San Diego CityPASS for Specific Attractions

BEST DEAL FOR: Visiting LEGOLAND AND select other museums or theme parks

Another more limited sightseeing pass choice is San Diego CityPASS. This pass ONLY makes sense if you visit LEGOLAND California AND San Diego Zoo or San Diego Zoo Safari Park AND at least one of the other three participating attractions across nine consecutive days.

Otherwise, buying discounted tickets individually or using Go City San Diego (which has many participating attractions) is more advantageous.

The pass types include:

  • LEGOLAND California + 3 Attractions
  • SeaWorld San Diego + 3 Attractions
  • SeaWorld San Diego and LEGOLAND California + 3 Attractions

The three attractions can be your choice of:

  • San Diego Zoo OR San Diego Zoo Safari Park (not both)
  • USS Midway Museum
  • City Cruises
  • Old Town Trolley Tours
  • Birch Aquarium at Scripps
  • Maritime Museum of San Diego

You will still need to use the My CityPASS app to make a LEGOLAND California reservation before you visit. Learn more about San Diego CityPASS.

5. Combo Tickets with Specific San Diego Attractions

BEST DEAL FOR: When you’re only visiting the parks on the ticket and LEGOLAND-only tickets are pricing higher than $99.99

Again, you can save money on admission by combining your ticket with other local theme parks. Crunch the numbers to be sure.

For point of reference, my promo code on San Diego Zoo and Safari Park tickets brings down the price to $68/adult and $58/child at each park (request the details from me). So you’ll need to know how much LEGOLAND tickets are during your dates to see if these combos work for you. Based on current pricing, a LEGOLAND park-only adult ticket would need to be priced around $99.99 or higher on the date of your visit to make these packages worth it.

6. Vacation Packages: Hotels + LEGOLAND Tickets

BEST DEAL FOR: When you want to book a hotel near the park that’s not a luxury Carlsbad hotel in my portfolio.

Sometimes, booking a vacation package with hotels, tickets, and other extras can be more cost-effective.

See also: Best Hotels Near LEGOLAND California Resort

7. Go City Los Angeles Pass

BEST DEAL FOR: Families also visiting Universal Studios.

The Go City Los Angeles pass works exactly like the Go City San Diego pass mentioned above. This pass, however, includes some famous theme parks in Los Angeles like Universal Studios Hollywood.

LEGOLAND California is included in the Los Angeles All-Inclusive Pass. We have families buy this pass if they’re on a Southern California road trip. Remember that with Go City passes, you’ll need to make a separate reservation to enter the park (instructions come with the pass). Plus, you can take advantage of my exclusive discount.


Use promo code GOLA5LJM to apply an extra 5% off ALL Go City Los Angeles sightseeing passes! This discount stacks on top of sale rates!

(Pass has limited value for families in San Diego during Kids Free October — we recommend individual tickets instead during this timeframe. See promotional terms and conditions.)

8. Annual Passes for Frequent Visitors

BEST DEAL FOR: Visiting more than two or three times a year.

I recommend annual passes for San Diego residents and those who visit the park multiple times per year.

Four levels of annual memberships are available: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Elite. The LEGOLAND Silver Pass provides unlimited visits to LEGOLAND California, while the Gold, Platinum, and Elite include admission to SEA LIFE California Aquarium and LEGOLAND Water Park.

When choosing a pass, you need to pay attention to blackout dates and the types of exclusive discounts each one offers. They also offer a monthly payment plan and pass prices range from $179 to $349. The higher your pass level, the more discounts you receive.

Tip: You Can Upgrade Your Ticket to an Annual Pass

If you love the park so much during your visit that you want to upgrade to an annual pass, go to Guest Services in The Beginning. You can upgrade on the day of your visit or within 30 days of your visit. But you must do it in person because it can’t be done online or over the phone.

9. Kids Free October for LEGOLAND

BEST DEAL FOR: October San Diego family vacations, but it’s usually a BOGO Park Hopper deal.

During the month of October, children can score free admission to LEGOLAND California and other major San Diego theme parks, museums, and more during the annual Kids Free San Diego promotion. Yes, this is why October is one of the best times to visit San Diego with kids.

These tickets typically go live in September. Last year, you could get one free One-Day Child Hopper Ticket for ages 2–12 with a full-price One-Day Adult Hopper Ticket to LEGOLAND California and SEA LIFE aquarium. The Brick-or-Treat Halloween event isn’t included.

Kids drive LEGO cars at LEGOLAND California
My daughter always loved driving school.

10. Honest Kids — Free Kids Tickets

BEST DEAL FOR: When there are no good sale prices.

Sometimes, there’s a promo code to receive a free child ticket when purchasing an adult ticket (the promo code automatically applies at that link). This is an excellent deal, but it applies only to combo tickets: the 1-Day SEA Life Hopper and the 1-Day Water Park Hopper.

It doesn’t seem to have an expiration, so you can take advantage of it now, but we’ll keep monitoring it. There are a lot of free kids’ ticket deals floating around from places like McDonald’s or Valuepak, but this Honest Kids one has been around for a long time, so it’s the one we keep listed here.

11. AAA Discount LEGOLAND California Tickets

BEST DEAL FOR: Getting a discount on hotels, but buy tickets elsewhere.

LEGOLAND California often offers a 5% discount on select tickets and a 10% discount on hotels to AAA members. You can check with your local branch for offers as well.

While it’s nice to use memberships like this for extra savings, you will save more through the park’s online sales or authorized sellers. I’ve seen a couple of AAA landing pages advertising 35% off. I’m an AAA member, so when I punch through to purchase, it aligns more with the 5% off, maybe a little more.

12. LEGOLAND Military Discounts

BEST DEAL FOR: United States Military, Veterans, and their families (thank you for your service)

LEGOLAND California offers several substantial, special military discounts that change annually. The military can buy cheaper LEGOLAND tickets online that currently include:

  • 1-Day LEGOLAND: $74.50
  • 2-Day SEA LIFE Hopper: $87.50
  • 2-Day RESORT Hopper: $92

Plus, there is also a 10% military discount on the LEGOLAND hotels.

13. First Responders, Nurses, Government Workers

BEST DEAL FOR: These service groups if the deal is actually 35% off (compare to other sellers) advertises 35% off for each of these service groups and military. Use your login to check it out.

14. Costco LEGOLAND California Discount Tickets

BEST DEAL FOR: Those who get lucky and find them.

Costco has not recently been selling as many theme park tickets as it used to. Most online reports of people seeing Costco LEGOLAND tickets are several years old. Or they appear almost as quickly as they disappear.

I shop at Costco in San Diego and haven’t seen tickets at my local store. You can keep an eye out because you never know. They are randomly spotted sometimes, even in out-of-state warehouses, but check the park’s website first to ensure you’re getting a good deal.

As luck would have it, at the time of this writing, there’s an offer to enjoy Legoland California, the Water Park, and the Sea Life Aquarium for two days. The current price is $129.99.

15. LEGO Club Magazine Discounts

YOU CAN DO BETTER: Online sales are *usually* better than what you’ll find here.

Subscribers to the LEGO Club Magazine often receive various discounts throughout the park and cheap LEGOLAND tickets. It’s free, geared toward ages 5–9, and sent out five times yearly until kids turn 10. I recommend it to anyone interested in LEGOs. The free downloads are neat.

My daughter browses LEGO Friends LEGO inside the Big Shop (which are more affordable if you buy discount LEGOLAND California tickets).
So many LEGOs in the store, so little time.

16. Teacher Discounts

BEST DEAL FOR: Visiting more than two or three times in a year.

LEGOLAND California often offers special teacher discounts that change throughout the year. At the time of this writing, there are no discounts available. However, you can check here or login to the site to learn more!

17. Group Discounts for 15 or More

YOU CAN DO BETTER: Sale prices online are typically steeper savings.

If you have 15 or more people, you can walk up to a front gate ticket booth on the day of your visit to purchase group tickets at $10 off per ticket. I would not do this because it will likely be cheaper for everyone in your group to buy LEGOLAND discount tickets online in advance.

18. Travel Agent Discounts on LEGOLAND Theme Park Hopper

BEST DEAL FOR: Those with travel agent IATA cards or business cards

I keep an eye on travel agent discounts, and the one LEGOLAND offers is pretty good. Travel Agents can buy two Hopper admission tickets at 50% off or up to six Hopper admission tickets at 20% off. You’ll need to present a valid IATA card or a business card plus a photo ID at a LEGOLAND ticket booth.

Miniland at LEGOLAND California Resort in San Diego
Miniland is always a hit.

FAQs About LEGOLAND California Resort Tickets & Logistics

Since I live here, I help families plan vacations in San Diego. These are the questions that I receive the most. Grab a coffee because this San Diego theme park is so popular that my inbox overflows.

Where is LEGOLAND in California?

LEGOLAND California is located at One LEGOLAND Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92008, in North San Diego County. Many people mistakenly believe the park is in Los Angeles (it’s not).

Are Legoland California reservations required?

Yes. If you have purchased discount tickets through authorized sellers, you must purchase a date-specific ticket or make a reservation to enter the park. You will also need to make a reservation if you have a Go City or CityPASS sightseeing pass (instructions are included with your pass).

How can you get free kids tickets to LEGOLAND?

As we’ve outlined, there are various ways to get free kids’ tickets throughout the year. In October, during Kids Free San Diego, LEGOLAND California offers discounts, such as one child ages 12 and under receiving a free ticket when accompanied by a paid adult. You can also currently get that deal year-round through a promo that is available, thanks to Honest Kids. These offers apply to park hopper tickets.

Does the park offer any other kind of special tickets or passes?

Yes, you can purchase a VIP Experience pass, which grants you priority access, private experiences, and your very own host. 

How much is parking at LEGOLAND?

The parking fee at LEGOLAND California is currently $34 for general parking and $40-54 for preferred parking.

When is the park open?

This is the most important tip for your LEGOLAND California visit. The park is open seven days a week all year round, but it closes on certain Wednesdays between September and February. The water park also has seasonal hours. The exact hours of the day the parks are open vary year-round and based on special events. Check the calendar before you buy tickets.

Can you bring food into the park? 

No outside food or beverages are permitted unless they are for babies and infants or guests with special dietary or medical needs. 

What is there to do at the park?

The park features more than 60 rides, shows, and attractions. Your kids can take the LEGO Factory Tour, get behind the wheel at Driving School, and ride the Coastersaurus. From DUPLO Playtown to Safari Trek, there are many attractions that entertain the whole family. Don’t miss the character meet and greets, live shows, and 4D shows. 

Is the LEGOLAND fun for adults?

The park is geared toward children ages 2 to 12. While most of the rides are for little ones, adults will enjoy the elaborate LEGO scenes and structures. Check out mini versions of the Las Vegas Strip, New Orleans, and New York, made entirely from the mini blocks. 

My clients (and I agree based on my own visits) say that visiting LEGOLAND tends to be more tiring than other theme parks because everything is kid-centric (aside from having an adult beverage at some restaurants).

Can you get skip-the-line access at the park?

Yes, you can purchase special passes to make ride reservations through the Reserve ‘N’ Ride application. Three levels of passes are available online: Express, Deluxe, and Ultimate. These upgrades cost between $35 and $100 per person and can reduce your wait time between 25% and 95%, depending on the level you purchase. 

Can you purchase LEGOs at the park?

Yes! The park features several places to stock up on your kids’ favorite toys. Check out the LEGO® Ideas Shop, The Big Shop, the Minifigure Market, and The Dive Shop. 

Can I Go Shopping at LEGOLAND California for Free?

Yes! You must buy a 1-Day ticket and pay for parking to enter the park. If you spend $25 or more and are inside for less than one hour, guest services will refund the cost of your ticket and parking.

What kind of food is available at the park?

The park offers a variety of eateries for when you work up an appetite. Burgers, barbecue, and pizza are just a few of the options. For lunch, choices include Garden Deli and Cafe, The Market, Ninja Kitchen, and more. For dessert, swing by Fun Town Treats, Castle Ice Cream, or Granny’s Apple Fries. You can find vegetarian and gluten-free options as well.

Do I need separate tickets to visit SEA Life Aquarium?

You do need to have a ticket that allows entry into SEA LIFE Aquarium. You can buy a SEA LIFE Aquarium ticket or it’s included on certain park hopper tickets and annual passes.

SEA LIFE Aquarium is a massive indoor aquarium featuring 5,000 real sea animals, from sharks to rays. Learn about the sea creatures, and don’t miss feeding time. The aquarium is located next to the LEGOLAND California theme park. 

Does my LEGOLAND ticket include entrance to the water park?

Only certain annual pass holders or guests with a Resort Hopper or Water Park Hopper ticket can access the water park without purchasing an additional ticket.

You can only access the water park through LEGOLAND, so you can upgrade your LEGOLAND-only ticket to include access to the water park when it is open for the season.

The water park has all sorts of fun for children, including a wave pool, water slides, and water play structures. Make a splash in Wipeout Lagoon and float down the lazy river. If you don’t mind getting soaked, take a ride on the Pirate Reef or wait for the water cannons to blast you at the Joker Soaker. 

When is the LEGOLAND Water Park Open?

The water park is open seasonally, and its hours depend on the day of the week and time of year. It’s usually open between mid-March and August, with some dates in September and October.

Hours of operation vary between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Check the park’s calendar for specific dates when planning your trip.

LEGOLAND Hotel or LEGOLAND Castle Hotel: What Are the Benefits?

You can book into either the LEGOLAND Hotel, LEGOLAND Castle Hotel, or Legoland Vacations for the ultimate LEGOLAND California holiday. Guests receive early access to certain rides 30 minutes before the park opens to the public, from 9:30–10 a.m.

However, you get a free hot breakfast when you stay at either hotel (this does not apply to check-in day). See also: What It’s Like to Stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel

How do you buy LEGOLAND California discount tickets? See our purchasing guides for:

Katie Dillon is the managing editor of La Jolla Mom. She helps readers plan San Diego vacations through her hotel expertise (that stems from living in a Four Seasons hotel) and local connections. Readers have access to exclusive discounts on theme park tickets (like Disneyland and San Diego Zoo) and perks at luxury hotels worldwide through her. She also shares insider tips for visiting major cities worldwide, like Hong Kong, London, Paris, and Shanghai, that her family has either lived in or visits regularly (or both).

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  1. Hi, I’m going to be in Carlsbad May 13-15 and would like to get a ticket for Legoland on the 14th. From all I am reading, it looks like I am out of luck because I am from out of state. Am I correct in that assumption?

    1. As of now, you are correct. However, things around here are changing constantly so it doesn’t hurt to check back.