What’s Your Next Travel Destination?

Are you looking for fresh travel destinations and inspiration to help you plan your next journey? I’ve turned my extensive USA travel and international travel experience into guides full of the sorts of tips that make exploring the world easier and more fun. Luxury travel is my specialty, though I don’t shy away from adventure, history, or family travel.

The first question you need to ask yourself is, “Where do I want to go?” Choosing between travel destinations can be overwhelming — even when you’re planning a weekend getaway! Instead of thinking about cities or even countries, think about how you’ll be traveling and what kinds of experiences you want to have. First, is your goal to put together a quick, relaxing three-day vacay? Or are you dreaming about an extended multi-city tour? Are you traveling solo? Or with young kids? Some destinations will be more fun with family!

Next, consider whether you want to have an adrenaline-fueled adventure or you’d be happy laying on the beach with a drink in your hand for hours on end. Doing too much when relaxation is your goal can be just as unpleasant as having nothing to do when you have energy to burn. Are you hoping to find travel destinations that fall outside of your comfort zone — maybe in Asia? — or revisit USA travel destinations you fell in love with once upon a time?

La Jolla Mom® provides tips for destinations around the world, so you can find travel destinations you adore.

San Diego Travel Destinations

The second-largest city in California is a must-visit USA travel destination. Relaxed and luxurious, it has a hip cross-cultural feel, thanks to its proximity to Mexico. Plus there’s more art, food, and family fun here than you could possibly experience in a single trip, along with 70 miles of beautiful beaches with epic surfing and weather that is near perfect year round. San Diego has lots to do when you’re traveling with kids, from the famous San Diego Zoo® to LEGOLAND®  to SeaWorld®, and it’s also a spectacular destination for a summer girls’ weekend, spring break, or a bachelorette party. The hotels in San Diego are legendary, whether you’re staying on the beach, on the bay, or downtown.

US Travel Destinations

The United States is incredibly diverse, both culturally and geographically. There’s no one America, which means that even if you call the US home, you can play tourist. The sights you’ll see, and the experiences you’ll have in California will be very different from what you’ll see and experience in Hawaii. San Diego and New York City are as different as can be, and there are thousands of miles in between to be explored.

Traveling in the United States might mean museum hopping (there are more than 35,000 major museums on US soil) or eating your way through the iconic soul-nourishing cuisines of each US region. You can revel in urban luxury or explore the back roads and small-town attractions that draw visitors off the beaten path. The hardest part is deciding where you’ll go next because there are so many must-see monuments and major cities, along with plenty of hidden gems when you’re looking at USA travel destinations.

International Travel Destinations

International travel opens your eyes and opens your heart. When you travel abroad, you discover not only new places, but also new ways of life and new joys to experience. There is nothing like planning a trip overseas, whether you’re visiting Asia, Europe, Hong Kong with kids, or somewhere else far away! Of course, you don’t need to fly around the world to experience other cultures.

For those of us in the US, international travel can mean a quick jaunt to Mexico or the Caribbean. Immersing yourself in another culture, whether close to home or halfway across the globe, is a singular pleasure. Are you traveling with children overseas? Don’t discount destinations abroad! Kids get so much out of international travel, from a broader perspective to confidence to a sense of independence.

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