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Most people DIY using our content and resources. You can also ask us to help with hotels where we have VIP benefits. And, if you’re looking for San Diego vacation ideas, you’re definitely in the right place. Katie is a San Diego hotel expert.

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Did you know that most five-star hotel brands offer VIP programs you can only access through select travel advisors? Lucky for you, we’re one of them. You won’t pay extra and will have us to help service your reservation.

Learn how we work and request rates.



Thanks to our volume, we have exclusive discounts that stack on top of already cheaper ticket prices. Some promo codes we can share publicly while others you may need to request from us.

However, a sightseeing pass or alternative method might be best for you. You’ll find many posts where we break down the various ticket discounts.



Most of our team, including Katie, lives in or has lived in San Diego. In addition to VIP perks at various hotels around town and discount tickets (to all major theme parks), we have content—lots and lots of it—to help you plan.

(BTW, Katie also lived in Hong Kong and London, so she can help with these places, too.)

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What Our Clients Say…

We’ve recently started collecting client reviews of their stays at popular San Diego hotels. Here are a few that we have permission to share. These reviews help us advise readers and clients of future stays and inform our content.


We’d love to work with you. Learn more about our hotel booking service.

We currently don’t charge fees for booking hotels where we have perks whether it’s through Virtuoso or a hotel brand’s own VIP program. Yes, this means that you’re getting value-added benefits at no extra cost to you.

We are paid a commission by the hotel that helps compensate for our time.

We only book hotels where we have VIP benefits and a contact at the property or brand that can help us manage a reservation and provide insider tips (a few exceptions apply).

If you’d like to book a cruise (we book Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton Yachts and some small ship cruise lines) or itinerary from A to Z, we can find you a referral.

We work best with clients who like nice hotels and prefer to book their own flights. They also work with concierges on their itineraries, and we step in to provide any advice when requested.

We don’t design complicated itineraries, but our agency has people who can. Ask for a referral, and we’ll get you one.

Sometimes, benefits apply to nicer four-star properties. You won’t find these on our Virtuoso site, but you can always ask us to check a hotel like this that you’re considering.

We’re notified and will follow up to collect traveler names and arrival details and to answer any questions. Usually this takes place within 24-48 hours unless your booking is sooner or you require immediate assistance.