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United States Travel Guide

The thing about the United States that travelers need to know is that it’s culturally diverse, racially diverse, and geographically diverse, too. A visit to New York City will be very different from a visit to Los Angeles which will be very different from a visit to Austin or St. Louis or New Orleans.

What all of these places have in common is that they can be magical. In the United States you can see volcanoes or glaciers, work on a ranch or spend your days at Disneyland®, hop from beach to beach or climb every mountain, shop til you drop or camp out under the stars.

If you live in the U.S., you often don’t have to go far from home to see a different side of the country.

We’re also family-friendly. Just because you’re touring the U.S. with kids doesn’t mean you have to stop at every theme park on your route or eat burgers and fries at every meal. Most museums and restaurants welcome children with open arms, and the old fashioned family vacation is alive and well. We’ve traveled around the country, and I hope our experiences will inspire you to see more of the United States.

Traveling with Kids in the United States

Traveling in the U.S. with kids will be a different experience than traveling solo or with another adult, but it’s absolutely a rewarding one. There are so many opportunities for discovery when you visit different destinations in the United States, so don’t think that Disney® and Six Flags® are your only options.

Your trip might be focused on history Gettysburg, nature, art, the beach, music, or some combination thereof. You can spend your vacation exploring a new city or roughing it in the great outdoors. Maybe you plan to fly to your destination, though I’d definitely recommend taking an epic road trip with your kids at least once. You end up seeing more of the country that way.

As for where to go and what to see when you’re traveling in the United States with kids, popular tourist destinations like New York City and San Diego may be at the top of your list. But don’t pass cities like Albuquerque, New Mexico and Branson, Missouri by, because traveling to spots that are off the beaten path will open your kids’ eyes to parts of the U.S. most people never get to see.

Some of My Favorite Places in the U.S. to Visit With (or Without) Kids


My home state is a perfect destination for families because there is just so much to do here. Whether you are craving time in the great outdoors, you want to spend your days celebrity spotting, or you want to hang out at some of the world’s best theme parks, California is THE place to be. We have gorgeous beaches, the iconic redwoods, amazing skiing, top tier museums, and five-star luxury hotels with amenities for every member of the family. One of the best things about visiting California with kids is that there are loads of free and discounted museum admission offers for children.

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San Diego

Now let’s talk about my home city. San Diego is home to the San Diego Zoo® & Safari Park, LEGOLAND®, and lots more theme parks and tourist attractions if that’s what you’re looking for. There are also the famous La Jolla seals and sea lions and beautiful beaches. You can take your kids tide pooling in San Diego or to any one of the events in San Diego that the city hosts each year.

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New York

A lot of people call New York City home, but it’s also a travel destination that attracts visitors from all around the globe with its world-class museums, Central Park, Broadway and off-Broadway shows, celebrity restaurants, and iconic monuments. And that’s just the touristy stuff. New York is a city of neighborhoods, and Coney Island is nothing like Midtown, which is nothing like SoHo or Little Italy or Chinatown. If you make a point of visiting a different ‘hood each day, one vacation can feel like many. When you’re traveling with kids, make time for activities that are silly and sweet, like stopping for boutique milkshakes or painting on the High Line.

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While Hawaii is definitely a great place to celebrate a honeymoon or to catch some gnarly waves, it’s also a wonderful place to take your kids. Many of the luxury beach resorts cater to entire families, with high-end spa experiences for grownups, kids clubs, and eco tours, snorkeling, water sports, and volcano excursions that everyone can enjoy.

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