We’ve traveled to Japan quite a bit over the years as it wasn’t that far from our home in Hong Kong. I love visiting, as my mother is Japanese, and we are treated to plenty of local favorites by family members who live in Tokyo, Kyoto, Uji, and beyond.

I’ve taken my daughter several times now and she’s a fan of the theme parks like Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan. Believe it or not, there are fun Tokyo family activities for all ages, thanks to the Japanese love of all things cute and delicious snacks.

I also look forward to staying in my favorite luxury hotels. It’s not big, but we choose Four Seasons Tokyo at Marunouchi because of the personalized service (and help through Tokyo Station) that we need. And, we just stayed at the new Four Seasons Kyoto.

There’s a lot to know before you plan Japan travel which I have tried to address (and look forward to covering more).