Kids Bento Lunches

Switch up the lunch routine by making easy kids' bento lunches and sandwiches using naan.

The best bento lunch box is easy to clean and easy to use, right? Here are some options.

Easy kids lunch sandwiches with naan

Make silly sandwiches and a kids bento lunch they’ll love using naan. Here are the recipes.

Tips for Choosing a Kids Bento Lunch Box

If the lunch looks fun and colorful, they’re more likely to eat it.

This Snoopy bento box for kids only took a few minutes to assemble.

I’m back to making easy bento lunches. Sure, they take a bit more effort but I’m positive my daughter is eating healthier because of it. In line with the buzz surrounding the new Peanuts movie release on November 6, I popped into our La Jolla VONS (who is celebrating the movie release with

If your child has a lunch bag (like from Pottery Barn), this panda bento lunch box will make packing it MUCH easier and use less waste!

The Panda Bento Box slips inside a canvas lunch box neatly and is easy to pack.

Kids Lunches Happy Sandwich

Jazz up your kid’s lunch by turning boring sandwiches into cute faces.

Kids Bento Hot Dogs

They’re weird, but kids love these little Japanese-style hot dogs.

Kids Bento Lunches

Would your kids appreciate the labor it takes to make these gorgeous bento lunches?