Best Travel Hashtags To Use On Instagram

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Instagram is one of the best tools for sharing photos with your social media networks while traveling. Hashtags allow each photo to be seen be. I am not an Instagram expert by any means, but I am trying to use it more effectively during travel to luxury resorts. Based on my research, here are the best travel hashtags for Instagram along with how and when to use them. I’ve included the number of photos per hashtag in parenthesis to demonstrate how popular they are.

Hashtag Your Destination

First and foremost, your followers definitely want to know where you are! I used #kauai during our last trip and found that I received likes from people that lived or were also traveling on the island. Other examples include:

  • #mexico  (4,507,146)
  • #lajolla  (58,601)
  • #nyc  (4,816,355)
  • #sandiego  (837,177)

You get the picture. Or, break it down by region. If you happen to be in Hong Kong, you could use #asia #china #hong kong, for example.

Go to the Instagram search box and type in the city you are visiting. Popular hashtags other people in the city are using will show for your reference. I never would have thought to hashtag #sandiegozoo, but apparently, it’s popular.

Instagram Travel Hashtags City


Hashtag What’s Around You

What are you capturing? A sunny beach day? A sunset over the ocean? Hashtag what features prominently in the photo. According to the Huffington Post, these are some of the most popular hashtags on Instagram anyway:

  • #sky  (21,738,656)
  • #clouds  (6,866,142)
  • #beach  (15,317,635)
  • #food  (35,655,060)
  • #nature  (14,649,917)
  • #sunset  (9,439,925)
  • #night  (14,538,238)

Describe The Moment

Was the food you ate delicious? Is the lei you just received in Hawaii pretty? These hashtags are extremely popular:

  • #love  (163,571,931)
  • #pretty  (26,082,472)
  • #funny  (19,980,198)
  • #amazing  (28,834,220)
  • #awesome  (13,774,573)
  • #yum  (10,245,535)
  • #cute  (69,402,996)
  • #luxury  (1,830,919)

Hashtag What  You’re Doing

Were you running on the beach or hiking in a National Park? Have  a look at these numbers:

  • #running  (3,053,736)
  • #hiking  (1,705,378)
  • #flying  (1,063,591)
  • #swimming  (3,497,584)
  • #relaxing  (3,863,829)
  • #spa  (621,662)

General Travel Hashtags

For those who are travel writers or just love to travel in general, using these travel hashtags yield better odds of finding like-minded followers.

  • #travel  (3,655,041)
  • #instatravel  (1,021,163)
  • #travelgram  ( 1,444,710)
  • #tourist  (877,896)
  • #tourism  (694,111)
  • #vacation  (3,475,528)
  • #traveling  (1,056,936)
  • #trip  (4,771,289) – I feel like this hashtag is also used in a “that’s a trip” kind of way and that it’s too cluttered.

Though the #travel hashtag is enormous with quite a bit of clutter, I use it anyway because that’s what I’m doing. The hashtag #familytravel, sadly, only has 3155 posts so I’m not sure it’s of value, but it’s growing!

Basic Instagram Hashtags

Because the number of photos in Instagram-related hashtags is so great, it definitely makes sense to include one of more of these on your travel photo.

  • #instagood  (90,388,971)
  • #instamood  (42,977,571)
  • #instadaily  (53,010,838)
  • #bestoftheday  (39,439,406)
  • #iphoneonly  (32,212,228)
  • #nofilter  (26,330,553) – For when you aren’t using an Instagram or other filter on your photo.
  • #igdaily  (17,410,543)
  • #instalove  (14,879,080)
  • #igaddict  (5,272,528)

How Many Likes Your Photo Has

I am not wild about this method at all, however, it works. Once your photo receives 10 likes, use hashtag #10likes. As the photo receives more likes, use the comment section to add in #20likes, #30likes, #40likes, #50likes and so forth.

Aviation Travel Hashtags

Obviously, the photo must have something to do with aviation. See the best aviation travel Instagram hashtags for more details.

  • #instaplane  (65,255)
  • #planegeek  (1,739)
  • #planes  (178,224)
  • #aviation  (312,164)
  • #planespotting  (19,754)
  • #planeporn  (77,582)
  • #landing  (90,644)
  • #takeoff  (110,179)
  • #airlines  (86,552)
  • #airplanes  (126,623)
  • #avgeek  (145,922)

I’ve also seen people hashtag the airline, make and model. For example, #deltaairlines #boeing737 #737.

Because I have a thing for airplanes and love to Instagram airplane food, I’ve recently been using the hashtag #avgeek, which stands for aviation geek. Though it only has 145,922 posts, they are laser targeted and easy to thumb through. I find I get the most interaction from users outside my network when I use this travel hashtag.

How Many Instagram Hashtags Should I Use?

I think the answer is however many you are comfortable with. I’ve seen popular food Instagrammers use as many as 50. Remember, you can always add more hashtags in the comment section should you remember one later or want to use them sporadically.

How Do I Remember Which Instagram Hashtags To Use?

There are a few apps out there that will automatically identify hashtags to use in certain categories like food, plants, travel and more. Load the app, copy the hashtags, open Instagram and paste the hashtags into your photo. I find that these app are too limiting and that I often delete suggested hashtags because they aren’t relevant.

You may also copy hashtags you like into the notes section of your phone and refer to it as you’re Instagramming. I know people who have pre-designated hashtags listed by category in their notes that they cut and paste into Instagram as necessary.

Me? I wing it and type in what comes to mind, but I will copy these hashtags into my notes section. Here they are for an easy cut and paste:

General Travel Hashtags:

#travel #instatravel #travelgram #tourist #tourism #vacation #traveling #trip


#instagood  #instamood  #instadaily #bestoftheday #iphoneonly #nofilter  #igdaily #instalove #igaddict


#instaplane #planegeek #planes #aviation #planespotting #planeporn #landing #takeoff #airlines #airplanes #avgeek

The Best Travel Hashtag Rule Of Thumb?

Here’s what I’m going to remember to do going forward: hashtag my location, a word to describe the moment and what I’m doing. Next, add in a few general Instagram hashtags. Of course, it all depends on the photo so judgement is needed.

Tip: I find myself on Instagram more these days so staying charged is a priority. This (Amazon) Jackery external charger has changed my life because it has a built in cord. And, I tend to forget cords at home and hate digging for them in my purse when I remember them. It’s fast-charging, too, and the best $27 I’ve spend in a while.

Which Instagram travel hashtags have you’ve experiences success with? How many hashtags do you use? If you enjoyed this post, please follow me on Instagram below!

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