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The Comic-Con Museum in San Diego’s Balboa Park gives comic book, sci-fi, and art fans unique opportunities to celebrate, learn, and become immersed in these popular art forms.

The museum is part of the iconic Comic-Con International convention, which only takes place in San Diego once a year, so the museum is the perfect place for fans and newbies alike to experience exhibits and hands-on learning all year round.

The amazing exhibits showcase the importance of comics, anime, superheroes in pop culture, and much more. But beware, they change and rotate every few months or so. You’ll want to check what’s showing on the day you’re visiting, but exhibits have included the likes of Spider-Man, Pac-Man games you can play, Stan Lee, anime, and so much more.

You really don’t have to be a fan of comic books to enjoy this museum, but it helps to have some familiarity with pop culture or an appreciation of art. If you’re interested in video games, the fantasy genre or science fiction, this is definitely a great place to spend a few hours exploring.

And if you’re already in town for Comic-Con International, there are usually extra special events at the museum during convention days.

Exhibits change frequently throughout the year. What we show here may be different when you visit.


Here are some of the highlights of the Comic-Con Museum:

  • Rotating Exhibits: The museum regularly rotates exhibits so it’s best to check online before your visit to see what’s currently showing. A couple of the current standout exhibits are as follows.
  • POPnology: the museum’s newest exhibit focuses on the connection between technology and pop culture and provides fantastic interactive opportunities with robots, driverless cars, and drones. Kids and adults alike will have fun trying out futuristic toys, including Oculus Rift and virtual projection games, and you can also explore the world’s first 3D-printed car. The exhibit runs until August 21, 2024.
  • Colleen Doran Illustrates Neil Gaiman: Fans of award-winning cartoonist/illustrator Colleen Doran (who drew for the Wonder Woman and Amazing Spider-Man comics) will love this exhibit dedicated to her unique illustrations of stories by comic book and graphic novel author Neil Gaiman. The exhibit is showing through April 30, 2024
  • STEAM-based art activities: Want to craft your favorite superhero? Head to the museum’s Makerspace, where you can join drop-in workshops and create from cardboard templates. Or you can design your own Scribble Bot and create a closed circuit using Makerspace’s array of tools, including 3D printers. Check the website for Makerspace opening times, and note that an adult must accompany all children.
  • Comics: A large part of the museum is actual comics, which you can see in person. Some of the comics include Archie, Superman, and more.
  • Comic-Con International: The popular San Diego Comic Convention only comes once a year, but the museum gives you a taste of the popular event all year long. You will see all your favorite comics here, as you do at the Comic-Con event.

Things to Know Before Visiting the Comic-Con Museum

Although you may want to rush to the museum just by hearing the name, consider these things before planning your visit.

Cafe & Restaurants

The Comic-Con Museum does not have any cafes or food. You are not allowed to bring any outside food or drink into the museum, as any spills could cause damage to priceless items. However, there are places to eat around Balboa Park, where the museum is located. You will find various food, snacks, and coffee around the park.

Gift Shops

There is a gift shop in the museum where you can buy things to take home to remember your day seeing all the superheroes and comic exhibits. You will find shirts, coffee mugs, books, and more with your favorite heroes.


There is free parking surrounding and in Balboa Park, where the museum is located. You will find many lots around the park, and the two closest to the Comic-Con Museum are the Federal Lot and the Pan American Plaza Lot.


Buying tickets when you arrive at the museum is easy, though you could purchase them online.

It’s important to note that Comic-Con museum admission is not included on the Balboa Park Explorer Pass or other sightseeing passes like Go City San Diego or CityPASS San Diego.

Tickets are expensive so be sure to have enough time to enjoy the museum.

Top 5 Things to Know About the Comic-Con Museum

  • Location – Balboa Park: The Comic-Con Museum is in San Diego’s Balboa Park. There are many museums in the park, so you can spend a whole day, or even a week, seeing all the museums there. Balboa Park and the Comic-Con museum are easy to get to from downtown San Diego and elsewhere in the surrounding area. There are also restaurants and coffee shops in Balboa Park so that you can make a whole day out of your visit.
  • Exhibits Rotate: The museum has many fun exhibits where you can play iconic games and celebrate the most popular cultural characters.
  • Events: There are plenty of events at the museum, like classes that teach you how comics are created and how to make your own. These events are great for people of all ages, and kids will love getting creative. During the Comic-Con convention, there are many events for fans to enjoy, like extended hours, autograph sessions, and special exhibits. There are workshops where fans can try creating their own magic heroes and learn how to draw some of the most popular artists in the comic world.
  • Mission: The museum has a mission that is an extension of the hugely popular Comic-Con convention, and they want to let visitors experience and celebrate comics all year long. The museum focuses on pop culture and why art in the comic world is an important part of creativity.
  • Museum Character Hall of Fame: One of the coolest features of the Comic-Con Museum is the Character Hall of Fame, which honors the most important characters in pop culture and the writers and designers who brought them to life. The first character inducted into the Comic-Con Character Hall of Fame was Batman in 2019, thanks to his realness. The other inductees include Pac-Man, Wonder Woman, and Spiderman. The characters and the people who created them will always be remembered, thanks to the hall of fame.

Why We Love the Comic-Con Museum

We love the museum for many reasons, but these are the main ones.


The museum’s two Makerspaces – the Cox Innovation Lab and the Conrad Prebys Foundation Art Studio – give visitors a unique opportunity to get hands-on while exploring the creative process through technology-driven learning. The studios feature 3D printers plus computers for graphic design, gaming, and animation experimentation.

All People, All Ages

No matter how old or what comics you grew up reading, you will appreciate all the art at the museum. And, even if you are new to comics and a friend or family member is bringing you to the museum, you may find a new appreciation or love for comics.

Infinite Comic-Con 

The Comic-Con convention is one of the most popular events in San Diego, and it sells out every year. Even if you are not lucky enough to score tickets to the convention, you can experience all your favorite heroes and comics here instead. Visiting the museum can transform the ultimate weekend into an experience that everybody can try no matter the time of year.

Something New, Every Time

Comics are all about imagination, and even if you or someone you’re traveling with doesn’t have a passion for comics, you’ll still very likely have fun at the museum. You’ll see the creativity behind the comics and learn how imagination can create amazing superheroes. You’ll find fun at the museum whether you’re a big fan or not, and you may even be more into comics after visiting the museum.

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