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Kids Crafts: How To Make A Paper Fortune Teller

An almost-free kids craft that will keep them busy is a paper fortune teller or “cootie catcher”. I loved them as a child, and they are back on my radar because the kids’ menu at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong folds up into a paper fortune teller. I have spent a really ridiculous amount of time asking it random questions over the last 4 days. It did predict what color Star Ferry we rode later that day (the rarer multi-colored one).

How to Make a Fortune Teller for Kids

Here is a quick tutorial regarding how to make a paper fortune teller for kids. All you need is an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper and scissors, though you can rip the excess paper off neatly if you don’t have scissors.

Kids Crafts: How to make a paper fortune teller

On the 10th step, number each fold. Underneath each number, write a possible outcome. Ours are:

1. No!
2. Go for it!
3. Beats me
4. Maybe
5. Yes!
6. Why not?
7. Absolutely not
8. It’s possible

How to fold a paper fortune tellerFold to completion. Write four things on each top flap, such as the animals names in the post photo above.

How To Play

1. Ask the fortune teller a question. It must be a yes or no type question.
2. Pick a corner, such as “bird.”
3. Spell out B-I-R-D while opening the fortune teller as you say each letter. Open horizontally for the first letter, vertically for the second, and repeat until the entire word is spelled out.
4. After the last letter, keep the paper fortune teller open.
5. Pick a number that is showing.
6. Lift up the flap and read the fortune underneath.

That’s it. Really, they only take a few minutes to make.

Kids Crafts Paper Fortune Teller


*Illustrated photo credit: Wikipedia

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