La Jolla is home to the largest annual aggregation of leopard sharks in the world. Every summer, locals and visitors flock to La Jolla Shores Beach to swim, snorkel, kayak, and dive with the sharks.

Even kids can enjoy this special interaction. La Jolla leopard sharks swim in relatively shallow warm waters near The Marine Room restaurant during the day. They leave to forage for food at night in the nearby submarine canyon.

While skittish, they do not seem bothered by sharing the ocean with respectful beachgoers. The best time of year for leopard shark viewing is between mid-June and December, with peak numbers during July and August when they congregate by the thousands.

If swimming with sharks sounds dangerous, rest assured that it’s not. 

An aerial view of snorkelers swimming with tons of black leopard sharks in La Jolla's clear water.
Yes, you really can do this.

Fun Facts About La Jolla’s Leopard Sharks

  • La Jolla’s leopard sharks are almost all female, most of which are pregnant. Their gestation period is 10-11 months. They bear live young, and a litter will typically consist of 15-20 babies.
  • They congregate at La Jolla Shores because of its calm, warm, shallow waters—an ideal natural incubator—and abundant food in the sand, rocky reefs, and kelp forest of the protected preserve, including clams, crabs, shrimp, squid, fish, and fish eggs.
  • The sharks’ distinctive color pattern, resembling leopard spots, is so varied that they can serve as identification similar to human fingerprints.
  • Leopard sharks live along the Pacific coast of North America from Washington to Mazatlàn, Mexico, including the Gulf of California.
  • They arrive at La Jolla’s shores as early as June and as late as December, peaking in August and September.
  • Leopard sharks have small mouths and teeth, perfect for feedings on crustaceans and bony fish.
  • Adults can grow up to six feet in length, but the average size is four to five feet.

How to See the La Jolla Leopard Sharks

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See La Jolla leopard sharks by wading out in shallow waters, snorkeling tours, kayak tours and more.

Wade Out Into the Water

It is entirely possible to enjoy a La Jolla leopard shark encounter in knee-deep water during peak season. I personally think having a snorkel mask on hand even in shallow water is a great idea in case you want to put your face in the water and check them out that way. Relax and enjoy them.

Birch Aquarium at Scripps Snorkeling Tour

This is on my to-do list as everything the Birch Aquarium at Scripps, La Jolla’s prominent aquatic research facility and museum, coordinates is top-notch. From July through September they host two-hour Leopard Shark Snorkeling Adventures which also cover the abundant variety of animals that make their home in La Jolla’s waters. Participants must supply their own snorkeling gear.

Snorkeling tip: Floating on top of the water it the best way to enjoy the leopard sharks. They are skittish and easily frightened by kicking.

See also: Guide to Birch Aquarium (Tips, Tickets, Offsite Adventures and More)

Hike Bike Kayak

Hike Bike Kayak offers two-hour La Jolla Shores Snorkel Tours with naturalist guides year-round. Snorkeling gear is included.

Guests not only swim with the sharks but also get to explore sandy flats and sand dollar beds while looking for rays and shovelnose guitarfish, as well as swim over kelp reefs to spot colorful fish, lobster, and the occasional green sea turtle.

La Jolla Kayak

Offered year-round, La Jolla Kayak‘s two-hour La Jolla Shores Snorkel Tour includes one hour with a guide who will point out the best spots to view the sharks and two additional hours for guests to continue exploring on their own. Snorkeling gear is provided.

Bike & Kayak Tours-La Jolla

From March through October, Bike & Kayak Tours-La Jolla offers a 50-minute Leopard Shark Snorkel Adventure (snorkeling gear provided) and a 2.5-hour combined Kayak and Leopard Shark Snorkel Tour.

The latter includes kayaking to La Jolla’s seven sea caves and kelp beds (the sharks are easily visible from the surface of the water), plus snorkeling with leopard sharks, bright orange garibaldi fish, shovelnose guitarfish, and other marine life.

Everyday California

Go kayaking around the La Jolla Underwater Park with Everyday California
We saw plenty of leopard sharks from my kayak tour.

During the summer months, Everyday California offers a 1-hour dedicated leopard shark snorkeling tour. Snorkeling gear is provided.

But, you can take their other snorkeling or snorkeling and kayak tours year-round to interact with leopard sharks, as well as garibaldi, shovelnose guitarfish, sea lions, and more.


Use code LJMOM20 for a 20% discount on kayak and snorkeling tours, lessons, and rentals. Book now.

(I went kayaking with Everyday California in the fall and saw a number of leopard sharks.)

La Jolla Hotels for Prime Leopard Shark Viewing

Aerial view of beachfront La Jolla Shores Hotel, a San Diego family hotel
La Jolla Shores Hotel with La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club next door

These two La Jolla hotels are ideal for those coming to experience the leopard sharks. The other benefit is that the tour operators, shops, and restaurants in the beautiful La Jolla Shores area are within very short walking distance.

La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club

Located on one of our state’s few remaining private beaches, La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club offers 90 guest rooms including one, two and three bedrooms beachfront suites.

Other amenities include championship tennis courts, a nine-hole, par-three golf course, massage services, and world-class dining at the landmark Marine Room restaurant.

La Jolla Shores Hotel

Located next door to the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club, the La Jolla Shores Hotel is the other beachfront La Jolla hotel option.

With 128 rooms, a small pool, available beach gear like chairs and umbrellas, as well as the fantastic Shores Restaurant (an excellent place to watch the sunset), this is also one of my family-friendly hotels in San Diego.

How do you like to experience the La Jolla leopard sharks?

Photo credit: leopard sharks and swimmers photo is courtesy of Birch Aquarium at Scripps.

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  1. What a totally informative article! The animals are so interesting, and it’s great to be able to see them so many different ways, to fit with your comfort level.

  2. La Jolla Shores beach very nice place to visite in june. we are visited with our family we are really enjoyed. If swimming with sharks sounds dangerous

    1. I regret I don’t know the answer off the top of my head. I’ll ask around. It is always better when there are less people in the water so we tend to go in the morning regardless.

  3. Just went today at 4pm and did not see sharks. Some people on the beach said they saw a few early. Lifeguard said there are good and bad days. Will try the morning next week.