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The first thing I do every morning is prepare a cup of coffee. And every once in a while I like to discover a new brand, especially when it’s one to feel good about supporting. Alumbre is a new line of small-batch coffee that is the only coffee company of its same size that is truly vertically integrated, meaning it owns the farms, mills, and roastery.

Alumbre Coffee is named after the Alumbre River which flows through one of world’s most exclusive coffee-producing region. Alumbre Coffee has a long history as its first coffee plants were planted in 1968 near the river it’s named after.

An Alumbre River waterfall

It’s a company that takes care of its land and people. The result is that the coffee is subject to the same strict quality standards. Here’s how.

Craft Roasting

Did you know that each coffee bean has a perfect degree of roast that is determined by how and where it’s grown, the varietal, size and shape of the bean, processing, and storage? Alumbre Coffee’s roastmasters take this all into account when determining how much heat to apply or even how much air to let flow through their small batch roaster.

All are designed with the intent of producing high-quality coffees, while still incorporating the artisan’s touch needed to produce premium specialty coffee.

About the Coffee

This special coffee is only available online, with five unique roasts for every palate.

La Minita Tarrazu® is the most prized coffee, hailing from the legendary flagship estate in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. The unique combination of the optimum climate, elevation, and soil contributes to its unparalleled quality. This single origin medium roast presents sweet flavors of orange and caramelized sugar.

Alma Del Café De Jardin® is a single origin medium roast from Colombia. The rich volcanic soil and unique microclimates in the Antioquia region provide excellent growing conditions that result in a rich and sweet coffee with flavors of chocolate, caramel, and hints of tropical fruit.

Yirgacheffe is a single origin medium roast from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. The most discriminating coffee buyers in the world seek out this coffee with fruity notes, a floral aroma, and playful hints of lemon and berries.

Mutu Batak™ is a single origin dark roast from the Lintong region of Sumatra. This coffee is completely wet-hulled, sun-dried and triple-picked, creating layers of citrus and pipe tobacco notes with floral and sandalwood aromas.

French Roast is a premium full-bodied blend of our finest Latin American beans, roasted to perfection to create this bold and intense dark roast with distinctly smoky overtones.

Sustainably Cultivated with Workers in Mind

Alumbre Coffee is responsibly-farmed with the environment and workers in mind.

Alumbre’s commitment to the environment has paved the path for an industry-wide standard of sustainable coffee production. I particularly like that Alumbre Coffee invests in its people through special projects and initiatives. To give you an idea:

  • For its employees in Costa Rica, Alumbre operates no-cost dental and medical preventative care clinics and pays for private specialists for unique health care problems.
  • Twenty years ago, Alumbre Coffee set aside more than 200-acre forest reserve of old growth woodlands as a nature refuge.
  • Alumbre operates specially designed biomass furnaces of Beneficio Reo Tarrazu and Beneficio Reo Negro to dry the beans, which eliminates the need to cut wood for fuel.
  • The technical assistance provided to Alumbre’s partners directly led to the introduction of greenhouse-type drying patios in Lintong, Sumatra.
  • Alumbre has investments of over $100,000 in renovating schools in Colombia.
  • Its mill in Jardin, Colombia is certified to process Rainforest Alliance coffee, and the company is aggressively increasing its sources for these certified coffees.
Alumbre coffee beans in a gorgeous Central American setting.
Alumbre Coffee is responsibly-farmed with the environment and workers in mind.
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