Kids and kids at heart love Sesame Street and all its adorable characters. From Elmo to Big Bird and even Cookie Monster, these childhood favorites will come to life at the new Sesame Place San Diego.

Featuring an interactive neighborhood, family-friendly rides, and refreshing water slides, this Chula Vista theme park promises a charming experience in an idyllic world where cute furry monsters and humans live and play in harmony.

While anybody can find plenty to love about Sesame Place San Diego, the new attraction is the first of its kind on the West Coast. Learn what to expect in this detailed guide — which we’ll update as more park information is released— that explains what we know so far about how to score the best prices on tickets and which rides to hit up first. 

Sesame Place San Diego Tickets and Tips

Aerial view of Sesame Place San Diego including water park attractions.

Ready to spend a picture-perfect day at Sesame Place San Diego? First, you’ll want to know how and where to get tickets. This means choosing between single-day admission and a season pass — and either purchasing tickets online or at the gate.

From a pricing perspective, nearly any approach is preferable to purchasing tickets day-of at the gate. With a gate price of $79.99 (plus parking), this type of admission gets expensive fast — particularly for families with multiple children ages 2 and up.

While the park isn’t open yet, you’ll find incentives for purchasing tickets and passes are available now.

If you anticipate spending just one day at Sesame Place San Diego, your best bet may involve a single-day advance purchase. The Any Day ticket offered directly through the Sesame Place website brings the price down to $59.99, although a service fee of $9.99 is added when purchasing online.

Even more affordable? Single-day tickets through aRes Travel. This simple approach delivers a significant discount on daily park admission. Tickets can be purchased in advance for a reduced price and printed at home. From there, they can be brought to the theme park’s entrance on the preferred day of attendance. aRes also offers discounted access to the Silver Season Pass, which provides unlimited theme park visits for an entire year. 

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Sesame Place San Diego Hours and Open Dates

While specific dates and hours are not yet confirmed for the San Diego edition of Sesame Place, the park has revealed that it will officially open to the public in March 2022. When in doubt, call the Sesame Place San Diego directly to confirm open dates and hours. 

Sesame Place San Diego Directions

The lyrics “Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?” may be catchy, but they’re not all that necessary for Sesame Place, which is easy for both locals and vacationers to access. The theme park is conveniently located in Chula Vista with onsite parking provided. The location may be familiar to some visitors as the site of the former water park Aquatica San Diego.

While drive times may vary a bit based on the ebb and flow of traffic, a 25-minute trip will typically take visitors from downtown San Diego to Sesame Place.

To reach the theme park, take I-5 south before merging on I-805. Take exit 3 for Main Street and continue until you reach the attraction. The address is 2052 Entertainment Circle, Chula Vista, CA 91911

Sesame Place San Diego Rides & Slides

From thrill seekers to laid-back visitors, Sesame Place provides something for everyone. In general, however, its rides and slides are developed with young children in mind.

Because the park incorporates elements of the former Aquatica water park, water slides and other water features are heavily featured. That being said, there are many excellent options for visitors who prefer to stay dry.

With dozens of options available, it’s easy to pack your theme park itinerary. Be sure to set aside time for these fun rides and slides.

This family-friendly ride offers everything you love about the classic carousel experience — but it’s a whole lot cuter. Riders can gallop around and around on cheerful-looking horses, with benches provided for less adventurous types — or those riding with infants. 

Elmo’s Rockin’ Rockets

Rock out with Elmo on an imagination-filled journey that takes riders all the way from San Diego to outer space in a matter of seconds. During this expedition, rocket ships travel up and down while allowing young riders to get actively involved. 

Super Grover’s Box Car Derby

Super Grover's Box Car Derby ride at Sesame Place San Diego
Super Grover’s Box Car Derby (Photo courtesy of Sesame Place San Diego)

Youngsters who are interested in taking on the excitement of a real roller coaster are encouraged to start with Super Grover’s Box Car Derby, which provides a gentle introduction. This steel coaster celebrates Grover’s adventurous spirit and love of all things fast. 

Abby’s Fairy Flight

Anyone who’s ever wished to take flight like the beloved Abby Cadabby will get the chance during this ride. The swing-style attraction provides great views of Sesame Place while encouraging visitors to soar to new heights. 

Rosita’s Harmony Hills

Rosita loves music! Her passion comes to life in a special experience that encourages participants to get noisy. This is a great option for young children who are reluctant to try traditional rides. It should also be a go-to for children who simply need to use up a little energy before they get in line for the next attraction. 

Tall towers decked out in cookies beckon anybody who loves sweet treats to make a memorable climb, followed by a riveting, yet gentle ride down. After this deliciously thrilling experience, riders will be craving sweet treats from the concession areas. 

Rub-A-Dub Sub

Board the S.S. Duckie submarine to spin around in the air with your friends, forward and backward, just like Ernie intended.

Sesame Street Soar & Spin

This family-friendly Sesame Place San Diego ride, raises riders up for a fantastic view of the park and then spins gently around.

Big Bird’s Beach

Complete with over 500,000 gallons of water, this vast wave pool provides all the delights of the beach. Relax on the sand or hop in the water to catch the waves. Either way, you’ll find your beachy experience deeply refreshing. 

Big Bird’s Rambling River

Another great attraction named after everyone’s favorite yellow bird, this lazy river spans 1,250 feet. This is your chance to unwind as you float in your tube among waterfalls and past beautiful landscaping. 

Bert’s Topsy Turvy Tunnels

You and your loved ones will laugh together as you make your way down this 60-foot slide on a tube. A total of three slides are included in this attraction; two are fully enclosed, with an open-air option also provided. All slides are equally enjoyable. 

Ernie’s Twisty Turny Tunnels

Complete the Bert & Ernie water slide experience with this tube-based adventure. This slide may be designed for solo adventurers, but you and your companions will have a lot to discuss once you meet again at the splashy conclusion. 

Grab a few friends or family members and take on this monster of a slide together. Each raft swirls and swishes around for six stories of fun before navigating a giant funnel and ending in a joyful splash that’s almost as amazing as a pan of fresh cookies. 

Oscar’s Rotten Rafts

After checking out the family slide named after the park’s hungriest character, it’s time to take on the most satisfyingly grumpy slide. Don’t be surprised if grouching gives way to giggles as you and your companions splash your way to the bottom. 

Honker Dinger Dash

Embrace your competitive side in a slide journey that begins with an enclosed tunnel and includes a 180-degree turn. The brightly-colored slides deliver a race like no other — in which every participant, regardless of the results, feels like a winner. 

Snuffy’s Spaghetti Slides

These 60-foot body slides may seem simple at first glance, but there is no denying that they deliver major thrills. Both enclosed and open-air slides are available, with all ending in a splash pool. 

Elmo’s Silly Sand Slides

The littlest tykes at Sesame Place will adore this Elmo-themed water attraction, which includes six slides and plenty of opportunities to splash around. This is where tiny Sesame Street fans can feel like a big deal — and where parents can feel confident that their children will be fully entertained. 

The Count’s Splash Castle

There are plenty of slides and interactive features to count and explore at this water playground. Youngsters in need of refreshment — but not enthused about the theme park’s taller slides — will have a wonderful time splishing and splashing in this welcoming water wonderland. 

Shows & Parades

Sesame Street would not be nearly as entertaining without its catchy songs and dance routines. Who could forget Ernie serenading his Rubber Duckie or Bert doing the pigeon?

These and other tunes are incorporated into Sesame Place’s shows and parades, which aim to get all types of visitors singing along. Set aside plenty of time to appreciate the talented performers and the spectacularly designed sets and floats. 

Live Character Shows

Stop by the park’s outdoor theater for live shows, complete with singing, dancing, and lots of laughter. These shows feature several of Sesame Street’s most beloved characters, who thrive on the loud cheers and applause they never fail to receive.

Show times vary, so feel free to call the park directly to ensure that you’ll be able to hit up desired performances. 

Sesame Street Party Parade

Gather along the parade route for a San Diego theme park experience like no other. Sing along to familiar tunes as you wave to your favorite furry friends and the fantastic floats on which they’re perched.

This award-winning parade invites spectators to get in on the action, complete with stomping, clapping, snapping, and, of course, dancing. This daily parade provides a great means of recharging in between rides. 

Sesame Street Neighborhood

A rendering of families and characters walking through Sesame Street Neighborhood.
A rendering of Sesame Street Neighborhood

Sesame Place may be a theme park, but there’s far more to this destination than rides alone. No matter which rides or slides you try, you’ll want to set aside plenty of time to explore the iconic Sesame Street Neighborhood, where you’ll find favorite locations such as Hooper’s Store and Big Bird’s Stoop.

Photo opportunities abound throughout the neighborhood, as do interactive surprises that encourage visitors of all ages to embrace their playful side. Keep an eye out for Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Rosita, Elmo, and many other favorite characters, who will be happy to give hugs and take photos. 

Member Benefits and Other Upgrade Options

Many Sesame Street enthusiasts like the idea of making regular return trips to Sesame Place San Diego. Frequent guests can receive major price breaks on a per-visit basis when investing in the available season passes. These are offered at several levels, as detailed below:

  • Silver Season Pass: Available for $135 with a one-time purchase — or $12 per month (paid over the course of 9 months) — this pass provides unlimited visits, free general parking, and significant discounts on in-park food, beverage, and merchandise purchases. Other perks include savings on stroller rentals and Magic Queue priority boarding. Once again, aRes Travel delivers major discounts, this time making it possible to purchase the Silver Season Pass for just $99.
  • Gold Season Pass: Offering a boost to the already enticing Silver membership perks, the Gold Season Pass costs $162 per year or $16 per month (again, for 9 months). Under this approach, in-park purchases can be discounted even further — often by as much as 15 or 20 percent. Up-close parking is provided free of charge.
  • Platinum Season Pass: Theme park lovers may prefer the Platinum approach, which provides access not only to Sesame Place San Diego, but also, nearly a dozen other parks. Other perks include up-close parking, as well as reservations to provide a stellar view of the daily parade. Each Platinum pass costs $252.

For an extra fee, the Silver and Gold passes can also provide access to sister park SeaWorld San Diego, where, as with Sesame Place passes, discounts on food and merchandise are provided.

Furthermore, the annual passes involves member exclusives such as special events, character meet-and-greets, and early ride times. 

In addition to season passes, Sesame Place offers many upgrade options that appeal to single and multi-day visitors alike. Abby’s Magic Queue is an especially compelling option, as it can dramatically reduce wait times and streamline the entire Sesame Place experience. It’s available at the Philadelphia park so I’ll let you know if it’s an option or how any line skipping at Sesame Place San Diego will happen once more details are released.

Sesame Place San Diego Dining

Rides and parades are a blast, but the fun of Sesame Street San Diego can also extend to mealtime. While parents sometimes find it difficult to accommodate picky eaters on the go, this is never a problem at Sesame Place, where kids are the target audience.

Window service is quick and convenient, so you’ll spend less time waiting for food and more time enjoying all that the theme park has to offer.

Top options for dining onsite will include:

  • Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck
  • Grover’s Grill
  • Monster Snacks
  • Telly’s Trattoria

When planning for Sesame Place dining, keep in mind that outside food and beverages are not allowed. The only exception? Refillable water bottles or accommodations for those with specific dietary needs (such as baby formula or food for guests with allergies).

With so many delicious treats available, however, there’s little you could bring yourself that would be nearly as tasty as the fresh offerings found onsite. 

Experience True Joy at Sesame Place San Diego

Few theme parks promise as much joy as Sesame Place San Diego, which brings the vibrant spirit of Sesame Street to life. From thrilling rides to toe-tapping shows, this delightful attraction promises plenty of happy memories.

Start planning now for the ultimate theme park experience which will no doubt be one of the best things to do in San Diego with kids. I’ll update this post as more details are released.

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