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Our Portfolio: The Best San Diego Hotels

Family pool at Fairmont Grand Del Mar in San Diego

The entire reason why I started offering a hotel booking service is that if I’m telling you to stay in a hotel, I want you to stay under the BEST possible circumstances.

You can book into these best hotels in San Diego as VIP guests via Virtuoso and other hotel programs that are exclusive to select luxury travel agents. This is how I book my own hotel stays.

On top of this, I only work with San Diego hotels where I have personal relationships with staff on the property who are directly responsible for making sure your stay is perfect. They note allergies, recognize special occasions, resolve even the most minor issues, and place my guests in the best available rooms based on the booked category.

My experiences from checking in as a regular guest, feedback from clients, and input from hotel staff also drive who is on this list.

I used to live in a luxury hotel. I know what a stay should be like.

The 10 San Diego Hotels that I Recommend