It’s that time of year again…we’re not talking about Christmas in July here folks. What we’re jabbering about is like a scene from Jabberwocky. Comic-Con is here. The bars and restaurants of San Diego are perfectly prepared for an influx of costumed characters. In fact, local establishments are rolling out the red carpet and offering some seriously sci-fi-inspired cocktails.

Channel your inner hero, villain, or sidekick to commemorate the weekend with Comic-Con cocktails at these local lairs:

True North Tavern

TNT_The Truthinator_Comic Con Cocktail

Legend it has it that the Truthinator elixir was transported to San Diego’s North Park neighborhood, straight from the world of wizardry. This cocktail is rumored to be nearly identically to the original Veritaserum Truth Serum found around the corridors of Hogwarts. The not so secret ingredients (vodka, peach schnapps, and Midori melon liqueur) will have any witch, wizard, or goblin spilling their secrets faster than flying a Nimbus 3000 soaring for the Golden Snitch. Try the Truthinator at True North Tavern.

Sandbar Sports Grill

The Fatality Freeze is a ninja shot coming at you from the one and only, Sub-Zero. This Mortal Kombat champ knows how to pack a punch in the arcade and at the bar. This frosty blue and white shot will leave you with the power to Kung Fu kick any other costume-clad villain out of your way. Sub-Zero is freezing up the menu during Comic-Con weekend at Sandbar Sports Grill.

WCT_Captain America_Comic Con Cocktail

West Coast Tavern

Marvel at the magnificent Captain America cocktail with its red, white, and blue American-theme. This heroic cocktail will be sure to stand up amongst the drinks; after all, it features Svedka Citrus Vodka star-shield strength. This patriotic drink is sure to lead the Avengers to defending the justice of cocktails at West Coast Tavern. Drink up before it goes into suspended animation

UPT_Black Widow Cocktail_Comic Con Cocktail

Uptown Tavern

The Black Widow is a ballerina aerialist capable of numerous maneuvers and feats. This sexy super hero inspired cocktail features delectably sweet bourbon. After the allure lures in unsuspecting imbibers, watch out, this is one cocktail that might strike back. Although the femme fatale herself lurks in corners and hard to see places, this spider-like spirit can be found in the webs of Uptown Tavern.


The Falcon lands this weekend and word on the street is he fuels up by ordering the Ruffled Feathers while rubbing elbows with the seagulls down at Tavern in Pacific Beach. With Wild Turkey Bourbon and Newcastle brown ale, the Falcon fans are guaranteed a good time at this recently remodeled bar and restaurant. Comic Con is downtown, but might we suggest extending your wingspan to land at Tavern this weekend.


We can tell when the villain is ready to make his or her on screen appearance, and without that menacing sounding music cued up, his whereabouts are sometimes unknown. Never fear, we hear that the Villain (pictured above) is making an appearance at barleymash in the Gaslamp District. Southern Comfort, vodka, and amaretto combined to make this cocktail one to challenge during this year’s festivities.

Between opening day at the races and Comic-Con, this might be the busiest day of the year in San Diego. Where are you headed?