Whether you’re a thrill-ride enthusiast or more of a mini-coaster rider, Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, MO, has something for everyone. Live shows, attractions, rides, and shopping abound at this quaint Kansas City gem.

However, like any amusement park, it’s crucial to plan ahead whenever possible to ensure your family has fun without breaking the bank.

One of the easiest ways to save money is through discounted Worlds of Fun tickets. We have advice on how to find them so that you don’t waste time on coupons, special offers, and deals that don’t work.

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Gate Prices for Worlds of Fun Amusement Park

Gate prices at Worlds of Fun are what you pay if you walk up to the ticket booth without a pre-purchased pass, similar to a concert or movie ticket.

Usually, a gate price is higher-priced than advance tickets per person, especially on weekends or holidays like Labor Day.

The average gate price ticket at Worlds of Fun is

  • 1-Day Pass: $70.67 (ages 3+)
  • 2-Day Pass: $141.35
  • Ages 0-2: Free

Please note that a gate price can change at any time and fluctuate depending on the time of year.

Worlds of Fun & Oceans of Fun Discounted Ticket Options 

Whether you want to book a one-time Saturday trip to Kansas City or access Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun waterpark (on the same property as the theme park!) year-round, below are the best-priced tickets at Worlds of Fun and discount Oceans of Fun tickets.

1. Discounted Single-Day Worlds of Fun Tickets

One of the easiest ways to save extra money at Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun is with single-day tickets through aRes Travel.

aRes Travel sells authorized tickets for theme parks across the United States, including Worlds of Fun. They offer the best price on single-day Worlds of Fun tickets without hidden fees.

There’s a $2 per ticket service fee but you may still come out ahead as tickets sold directly through Worlds of Fun online are subject to taxes and a one-time $6.99 service fee.

2. Discounted 2-Day Worlds of Fun Tickets

The Worlds of Fun two-day ticket from aRes Travel saves money and grants access to Oceans of Fun. These 2-day passes provide a bundle deal – so you enjoy both attractions without paying extra ticket fees. The two-day pass works well for travelers who are not from Kansas City.

If you purchase a 2-day ticket from aRes Travel, you could save up to 50%! Note that if you want to explore the Oceans of Fun park, you can only do so from the end of May to the beginning of September – normally Labor Day. 

3. Season Passes

Buying a season ticket is a great way to access discount visits to Worlds of Fun. Season pass buyers also receive several benefits and perks unavailable to those with single or two-day tickets.

Some benefits of season tickets include free parking, exclusive ride times, early entry to the park (including Oceans of Fun), and more. There are a few varieties of season tickets to choose from – check them out below!

Worlds of Fun Platinum Pass Tickets

The Platinum Pass allows unlimited visits to both Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. You receive free parking, unlimited Halloween Haunt and Cedar Fair Parks visits, exclusive ride times, and early entry to the park at a discount.

The package also includes a bring-a-friend ticket and costs around $21 (not counting fees) per month for 2023.

World of Fun Gold Pass Tickets

The Gold Pass allows unlimited visits to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. Other perks include free parking, exclusive ride times, and early entry to the park. The difference from the Platinum ticket is that you don’t get unlimited visits to Cedar Fair Parks.

However, you can get a 10% discount on food and Merchandise discounts. The ticket costs $8 monthly or $94 for 2023 before service fees.

World of Fun Silver Pass Tickets

The Silver Pass is cheaper than the gold and platinum options but has fewer benefits. This Worlds of Fun season ticket costs $84 for 2023, and you do not receive unlimited visits to the Halloween Haunt event or Cedar Fair Parks.

You get unlimited Oceans of Fun, summer, and fall visits with free parking and a 10% discount on merchandise with the Silver Pass.

4. Group Sale Discounts for 15+ People

Groups ranging from 15 people to 99 parkgoers (kids 3+) can purchase the one-day group admission ticket at a discount. One-day group tickets cost $34.99 each, but those prices may fluctuate throughout busy seasons. 

You can make the experience even smoother with advance tickets, and tickets purchased online. 

5. Student Discounts and Youth Group Deals

The student and youth group ticket options provide engaging and fun learning experiences while allowing kids to enjoy the park rides after the learning sessions end. Worlds of Fun offers programs like Girl Scout Day and Performance in the Park to celebrate talented youth.

Student group tickets can come with catered food or meal vouchers, depending on your budget. You can also give each student Beagle Bucks, which work like cash, as soon as they enter the gate.

Photo courtesy of aRes Travel

6. Bring-A-Friend Tickets

Going on rides alone isn’t ideal, so Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun offer Bring-A-Friend tickets!

While these tickets are only available to gold and platinum pass holders for purchase, they make it easy to build your group and save on ticket costs.

7. AAA Member Discounts

By being an AAA member, you qualify for the AAA discount. Worlds of Fun is a AAA affiliate and will honor new and old members with less-than-gate prices.

You’ll need to check with your local club for pricing and availability. AAA members can also book vacation packages through Worlds of Fun directly at discounted pricing.

8. Worlds of Fun Pre-K Pass

The Worlds of Fun free Pre-K Pass offers free admission for juniors aged 3 to 5.

You must have a gold or platinum pass to use the Free Pre-K option. You do not have to be from Kansas City to use the Pre-K discount.

You’ll need to apply for the Pre-K Pass by a certain date, which in 2023 is August 1.

9. Military Discounts on Tickets and Passes

The Worlds of Fun park enjoys the privilege of offering military discounts to active and retired personnel. This discount extends to family members and kids.

Single-day tickets start at $25.99, or you may opt for a discounted Military Gold Pass that includes free parking and other perks throughout the parks.

10. Worlds of Fun Hotel & Tickets Package 

Are you interested in booking a hotel in the Kansas City area while enjoying Worlds of Fun? You can save even more with a park and hotel bundle. Choose from 17 nearby hotels.

Worlds of Fun Upgrades

In addition to daily tickets, Worlds of Fun offers several ticket upgrades for parkgoers. The currently available add-ons are below.


No trip to an amusement park is complete without delicious food! Dining add-ons at Worlds of Fun can include:

  • All Season Dining. This pass covers lunch and dinner every time you visit the park.
  • Season Pass Paper Cup. It covers free refills any time you’re in the park, with 15 minutes between each interval.
  • Drink Bottle Season Pass. It covers free refills and holds more than the paper cup.
  • All Day Dining Pass. It covers one entree and side in a participating restaurant in the park.

Other options include a Single Meal Deal, which covers one meal per visit, and a Souvenir Bottle/Wristband tier that grants free refills every visit. 

Fast Lane

The Fast Lane add-on allows you to enjoy shorter wait times at the gate for your favorite rides and attractions. Worlds of Fun has three options for Fast Lane passes — Single-Use Pass, Fast Lane Season Pass Plus, and the Fright & Fast Lane Pass during the Halloween season.

Note: You will still need to buy park admission!

The Fright & Fast Lane Pass provides access to 6 Extreme Haunts via the Fast Lane and the standard Worlds of Fun rides. Like the Single Use Fast Lane Pass, the Fright & Fast only works for one date. All options are per person.


The FunPix add-on is excellent for families or friends that want to remember their day at Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. 

FunPix comes in two options: a one-day pass or a season pass. The Single Day FunPix pass includes capturing, sharing, and collecting your professional-grade images for one visit to the park. After your visit, you will receive the photos via email or text and be able to download them.

The FunPix Season Pass is the same as the single-day option, but you can enjoy the add-on throughout the season and with every visit. Plus, you get professional photos from the new Zambezi Zinger ride!


If you want a private, relaxing experience while your kids enjoy the thrills and attractions of Worlds of Fun, the Cabana add-on may be your dream come true. There are four cabana tiers available:

  • Luxury Loungers: The cheapest option includes a luxurious padded poolside chair and Caribbean Cooler (swim-up bar) access.
  • Standard Cabanas: The Standard options have a ceiling fan, lounge chairs, lockbox, meal delivery (sold separately), and sunscreen.
  • Premium Cabanas: These have all the above features, plus flat-screen TVs, six bottles of water, towels, a tote bag, and a patio table and chairs. 
  • Oasis Cabanas: Oasis Cabanas have Premium features and waterfall views but do not have lounge chairs. 

Perfect for beating the heat or enhancing your park experience, the Worlds of Fun cabanas are convenient for families and groups. 


Carrying around your bags and necessities isn’t only cumbersome but makes it way more likely to lose something in the park. Worlds of Fun provides season pass locker rentals, or you can rent by the day. There are also electric wheelchair rentals.

Worlds of Fun Tickets: 5 Tips for Visiting

Guests in a raft ride down a water slide at Oceans of Fun.
Photo courtesy of aRes Travel

There are a few insider tips you may want to know before visiting Worlds of Fun. Below are some recommendations so you can have the best experience!

  1. Halloween season brings the Haunt event, which offers haunted houses and other spooky activities and may not be the best option for little ones. However, the Great Pumpkin Fest goes until October 30 and suits all ages!
  2. Find out what’s new! Worlds of Fun is re-imagining its classic Zinger coaster in 2023 with a modernized ride called the Zambezi Zinger. Find out when the ride will be ready here.
  3. Invest in a souvenir cup to save money on refills.
  4. See what live shows will be available during your visit.
  5. If you can, avoid going on Saturday or other busy times of the year, like July, to avoid crowds. Kansas City can also get hot in the summer.

Overall, Worlds of Fun makes it easy for park visitors to make the most of their trip even if they opt out of ticket add-ons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still wondering about purchasing Worlds of Fun discount tickets? Read on for frequently asked questions from other potential parkgoers.

Does Worlds of Fun Amusement Park currently offer a student discount?

Yes, the amusement park has discounted group tickets for student and youth groups, but not for individual tickets. You do not have to be from Kansas City to receive the discount.

Does Worlds of Fun currently offer a first responder discount?

Worlds of Fun has a military discount but not a First Responder option. Military members (active or veteran) and their families get discounted season passes and single-day tickets.

Is there A teacher discount? 

Currently, Worlds of Fun does not offer discounted tickets for teachers. However, teachers may want to check the tips and options above to get the best tickets.

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