We travel and spa together. It’s our thing. Sure, I could grab a sitter and go it alone when my husband isn’t with us, but I prefer not to (sometimes) and it isn’t necessarily less expensive. The Episencial Experience at The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village is by far the most unique mother-daughter spa treatment we’ve had yet. In fact, I haven’t seen anything like it on other luxury hotel spa menus, but it’s not surprising as the entire property is centered around healthy living.

The Spa At Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village

Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village Spa Lounge

I will admit that as we were walking through the multiple lounging areas, I experienced a slight tinge of regret for not going it alone. TripAdvisor named The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village as one of their top 10 in the United States. Now, I totally get why–the spa is a gorgeous oasis beckoning for hours reading magazines and napping in a chaise lounge without a care in the world.

Gorgeous Luxury Spa Suites

Four Seasons Westlake Village Episencial Luxury Suite

That is, until we arrived at our luxury suite, which had a gorgeous bedroom complete with a fireplace, giant TV, and an enormous shower that was primed and ready for some serious painting action. This, definitely is not your average spa treatment room. It’s posh to the nines.

What Is Episencial?

Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village Episencial Kids Paint

Episencial is a pediatrician-recommended skin care line for kids made with organic ingredients and without the bad stuff. It’s a perfect product choice and the packaging is adorable, too.

The Episencial Experience For Kids And Parents

Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village Episencial Experience Spa Painting

She changed into her bathing suit while I got into my robe. Mason, her therapist, took her into the shower and they began to do all kinds of art–my daughter’s favorite subject. In the meantime, I was led into this room for my bamboo foot treatment.

Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village Luxury Spa Suite

It’s hard to feel stress in this environment. I laid face-up on one of the beds, underneath the comfortable covers while enjoying my foot treatment which was a relaxing combination of massage, exfoliation and reflexology. The doors to the master suite were closed and I could only hear faint sounds of the art project happening in the shower. Once they were finished, my daughter quietly hopped into the tub near where I was having my foot massage to wash off the paint.

Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village Episencial Experience Bath ToysShe’d never turned bath water purple, that’s for sure.

Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village Spa Kids

Next, she grabbed her robe and went outside into the courtyard for a mani/pedi using Piggy Paint. They read the Hungry Caterpillar and used more Hungry Caterpillar Episencial products.

Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village Spa Suite Patio

They also snacked on chips (my daughter was a bit hungry) and Fiji Water colored with probiotics. Her love of Fiji Water stems from life in Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts so turning it purple and pink was an unusual highlight (she called her father right after we left the spa to tell him about it). Mason also braided her hair, helped her back into her normal clothes, and took her out to the back of the suite where the gorgeous pagoda sits over a little pond area.

Four Seasons Westlake Village Episencial Spa Kids Pagoda

Basically, your child’s therapist can totally tailor the experience to whatever your child is game for–without disturbing your relaxation. Extended painting session? Ok. Not into the mani/pedi? Ok. The foot treatment works, because if you had to open your eyes, sit up, or get up to tend to your child, it’s not disruptive or awkward like trying to do the same with a mud masque on your face.

How To Book The Episencial Experience

The only issue that you’ll face is your child wanting to do it all over again. Mine begged to go back the following day and I completely understand why. If you’re going on a luxury family vacation, why not treat yourself and your little jetsetter?

Episencial Experience
80 minutes
Children 3 years and older

Call The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village to book: (818) 575-3000

Also, have a look at the mid-week Wow-Me-Wednesday Package which includes a 50-minute massage or facial treatment of your choice, plus up to four hours of complimentary childcare at the Spa, for $99. Ask the spa for more details.

Katie Dillon is the managing editor of La Jolla Mom. She helps readers plan San Diego vacations through her hotel expertise (that stems from living in a Four Seasons hotel) and local connections. Readers have access to exclusive discounts on theme park tickets (like Disneyland and San Diego Zoo) and perks at luxury hotels worldwide through her. She also shares insider tips for visiting major cities worldwide, like Hong Kong, London, Paris, and Shanghai, that her family has either lived in or visits regularly (or both).

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  1. You had me at bamboo foot treatment lady! Sounds divine. Not sure my boys will ever let me take them to a spa, but that certainly won’t stop me from trying to pop down on my own. Love the tailored treatments for kids AND that they have childcare for tired moms who need a break. Fabulous!

    1. That’s a good point that I forgot to mention. This could very easily be a daddy-son, mother-son or daddy-daughter treatment. I think your boys would think it’s cool. There’s a huge area out back to blow off steam!

  2. This sounds like an extraordinary place – I would never think to look up a fancy mother – daughter spa excursion like this because Amberly isn’t yet into “spa treatments” but she too is a little artist at heart and would have thought this to be entirely fun! Her own art therapist? Winning idea!