Always game for themed restaurants, my daughter and I enthusiastically dined at the Gudetama Cafe in Singapore.

It’s located inside Suntec City mall which happened to be steps from our hotel, Mandarin Oriental, Singapore.

Inside the Gudetama Cafe in Singapore

This super-cute cafe featuring Hello Kitty’s latest friend was designed by Shirley Wong, @littlemissbento. She’s someone you should definitely follow on Instagram if you like looking at cute food.

Anyway, Gudetama is a lazy, somewhat sad egg. He’s cute and incredibly popular.

Booth at Gudetama Cafe Singapore

Our table had a reserved sign on it. And, because I made a reservation on OpenTable, we got to sit in one of the cool egg-shaped booths decorated with (somewhat dirty) Gudetama throw pillows.

Pillow at Gudetama Cafe Singapore

What We Ordered at Gudetama Cafe Singapore

The fairly sizable menu offers up salads, appetizers, pizza, meat dishes, desserts and more each decorated with a little bit of Gudetama flair. They do not sell alcohol.

A carafe of water arrived almost immediately, which I appreciated.

My daughter ordered a Hula Hula mango infused rose tea drink in a Gudetama carafe with Gudetama straw. I stuck with tea which came with a Gudetama biscuit.

My daughter’s “Shiok” Pork Ribs served in a yellow cast iron pan were actually pretty tasty.

Gudetama Cafe Singapore ribs

My “Can You Be More Active” salad came with hard-boiled eggs which had basically an edible (I think, but didn’t try it) film to create Gudetama’s face.

The idea is that he does not like to be woken up, the lazy egg that he is. Having not eaten much salad after 12 days in Asia, it hit the spot but was okay overall. It had roasted chicken, tomatoes, croutons and bacon bits as well.

Salad at Gudetama Cafe Singapore

I could not pass up the Gudetama Ta-Ma-Go which is really a dessert cheesecake covered in crispy rice. The “egg” is a thin sponge cake and the whole thing is accessorized a dab of matcha paste.

Sadly one of the faces was delivered slightly messed up which wasn’t ideal for my Instagram. I would say it tasted just okay.

Ta-Ma-Go dessert at Gudetama Cafe Singapore
Ta-Ma-Go Gudetama Cafe Singapore

Service, was inconsistent as it took me forever to get my check and then pay for it (I eventually walked it up to the front cashier).

The menu does price on the higher side as main courses currently range from about S$18–S$38.

Gudetama Singapore Cafe menu

If you don’t have time to dine at the Gudetama cafe Singapore, a takeaway section with Gudetama desserts and souvenirs should help scratch that Kawaii itch.

Gudetama Cafe Singapore souvenirs

If you go this route, I would seek the advice of staff as what you get might not be what you expect. My daughter’s yogurt egg was more like white chocolate (which she is not a fan of). I do like white chocolate so thought it was great actually.

Takeaway desserts at Gudetama Cafe Singapore

The bottom line is that if you like themed cafes and are prepared to divert from glorious Singaporean cuisine (I do wish that a few local dishes were on the menu), this is a great stop.

The food isn’t going to blow your mind, but you’re really not going for the food, are you?

Gudetama Cafe Singapore inside Suntec City mall.

3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City
Singapore (038983)

Note: Suntec City is enormous. Gudetama Cafe is located in its West Wing on Level 1 and faces Temasek Street. You can enter the mall from the street here though most taxis will drop you off at a rotunda to the right (if facing the mall). If you get lost, download the Suntec City app on iPhone or Android or check the Quick Guide online. WiFi is free in the mall.

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Take a peek inside the super-cute Gudetama Cafe in Singapore

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