By watching Jon and Kate Plus 8, I learned including eights kids is a lot of work and I would never want a film crew around 24/7.

However, I watched an episode after they announced their separation. Jon mentioned that the kids all have different colored school backpacks in order to avoid getting them confused. They did this in lieu of embroidering their names on the backpacks because they didn’t want strangers to be able to call after them.

Now, think what you want about Jon, but that’s a pretty good point.

I know these kids are more famous than my daughter, but if she was wearing this backpack in the grocery store and a stranger called her name, she’d likely turn around. She has major stranger danger, but you never know what could happen in that second she stopped upon hearing her name.

My daughter has her name on some Pottery Barn Kids bath towels and on a few other things. I did think about putting her name on her backpack, just because I thought it would be cute. We live in a very safe neighborhood, which is probably why I didn’t think putting her name on her backpack would be an issue. It’s better to be safe than sorry though, so no we opted for no name.

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We are huge fans of Pottery Barn Kids backpacks with matching lunchboxes (the bento lunch box is among our favorites). Remember though, these backpacks do not have to be personalized.

The matching lunch boxes fit inside of the Pottery Barn backpacks. If your kids insist on some sort of personalization, have their names embroidered on the lunch box instead of the backpack.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Kids says that labeling backpacks, lunch kits, and other exposed items is a no-no. Over 2000 kids are reported missing every day in the US. I can’t imagine what that is like for the parents.

Anyway, you can sometimes learn while watching train-wreck TV.

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  1. Wow, that’s something I’d never thought of before. I don’t have kids yet but I will definitely remember that down the road!
    .-= breadwinner wife´s last blog ..A little high heels thrown in there. =-.

  2. I think it’s a very good idea NOT to put names on the outside of their backpacks. I always just write it on the inside. There are too many scary ways of people getting to your kids.
    .-= shelly´s last blog ..Fall Into Reading Challenge 2009 =-.

  3. I agree completely. My mom insists on getting my girls things with their names on them…cups, shirts, whatever, and I never use them for this reason.
    .-= LZ @ My Messy Paradise´s last blog ..On the road again…and again…and again… =-.

  4. I used to label everything for my girls until they went to school. I was receiving those email notifications every time a new sex offender moved into our neighborhood, and it freaked me out – so I stopped. Instead, I put their names on the inside.

    Once in awhile, I still get a good tip when watching Jon and Kate. In fact, I made homemade chicken cacciatore for dinner tonight. My version. Not Kate’s.
    .-= Miss Behavin´s last blog ..Modern Family on ABC =-.

  5. I just stopped breathing for a minute…just thinking about it freaks me out. I put my sons name on the inside of everything too, but you know I have often looked at L.L. Bean bags and things that are customized. You don’t think about it when you live in a fairly safe neighborhood, but that’s when the freaky stuff happens.
    .-= Grace Matthews´s last blog ..Happy Birthday! =-.

  6. The only thing I learned from this show is that Jon and Kate are the two worst parents in North America. If any other family were to exploite there children for financial gain child services would come and take the kids but for them it’s ok. So I guess if I had kids I should exploit them as well. Oh ya one more thing Kate stop trying to sound so smart it makes you look dumber than you already are..


  7. There are some replies saying they live in a “nice” neighborhood… In reality, any and all neighborhoods are unsafe to a child predator. No matter how “nice” the neighborhood is. So please!!! Don’t put your child’s name on their backpacks.