Good morning from Hong Kong!

It’s no secret that I love cake. When we lived in Hong Kong, I probably made a weekly pilgrimage (ok, it was a quick walk) to the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Cake Shop. I bought nearly all my desserts here. The hotel renovation, a few years ago, added these refrigerated cases in which real cakes are on display. The photos don’t do them justice.

That robot in the top photo? It’s enormous. That guy in the black suit is sitting at the bar less than two feet away from it. It appears to be made out of giant macarons, cake, chocolate and other pastries.

This rose cake is my favorite. The roses are made out of chocolate.

MO Hong Kong Cake Shop

Speaking of roses, the robot was just replaced with this giant chocolate bust with a rose hat.

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Cake Shop

This cake is La Jolla Girl’s favorite. She has pretty good taste. And the flower looks real, but it’s also chocolate, I believe.

MO Hong Kong Flower Cake

These are the cakes I used to buy. I can vouch for almost all the flavors. La Jolla Girl’s 1st birthday cheesecake (for the family party) is in this post about Easter at the Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop, as we were here last year, too. Click on the link to also see the gigantic chocolate Easter bunnies that were on display.

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Cake Shop

I do classify the Mandarin Cake Shop as a must-stop, if you’re visiting Hong Kong. Also, see my post from last year about our stay at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. We LOVE this hotel.