Recap: Our Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong Instagram Takeover

See how family-friendly Hong Kong really is and why we stay here annually

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It was a complete thrill for my daughter and I to take over Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong’s Instagram account between April 21 – 23. During this timeframe, we showcased family-friendly Hong Kong and why we book into this luxury hotel each year.

To give you a quick overview, it is the flagship hotel of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and responsible for my family’s current love of the brand. Since opening in 1963 a wide range of dignitaries, politicians and celebrities have walked through its gorgeous black marble lobby. We have an over-a-decade-long history here and all three of us love it for different reasons. My husband laid his head in Hong Kong first here (lucky guy lived here for over a month), it was a social hub for us during five years of Hong Kong residency and my daughter is such a fan of everything from the automated curtains to the fresh honey dew juice. I adore its elegance and the fact that they do everything well, as you will soon see.

Follow Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong on Instagram to keep up with this five-star hotel’s latest news (and food… the food is amazing here). Here is a recap of our fun takeover!

Hello! I’m @lajollamom and excited to be taking over @MO_HKG as it is one of my family’s favorite hotels. We spent a lot of time shopping, eating and socializing here when living in Hong Kong. We return every year and can’t wait to showcase why Hong Kong makes a fantastic family vacation especially when you stay here. Stay tuned from 21-23 April! å¤ç家好!我是Lajolla Mom,很高興我將會為我們家最喜愛的香港文華東方酒店進行Instagram Takeover。從前以香港為家的時候,我們在這裡花了很多時間購物、吃喝和跟朋友相聚。現在我們每年都會回來這裡,而我亦實在急不及待要與å¤ç家分享香港作為家庭遊樂理想目的地的原因,而入住香港文華東方酒店就更為理想。4月21至23日見哦! #LJMMandarinOriental #FANofMO #FANofHK #besthotelhk #familytravel #travelHK #HKtodo #DestinationMO #staytuned

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A little about things to do in Kowloon with kids here:

@lajollamom for @MO_HKG #IGTakeover: I took this photo of Hong Kong’s iconic junk from the Star Ferry, which is a quick walk from @MO_HKG, as we headed over to see friends, shop kids’ fashion inside Harbour City and explore family-friendly sights in Kowloon. It’s small and not fancy, but my daughter has always liked the hands-on exhibits in the Hong Kong Space Museum as well as the Hong Kong History Museum (my favorite) which covers the city’s prehistoric past to present day post-colonialism. And, now that she’s 9, we take a few market detours in between because there are so many to choose from on this side of Hong Kong. I like to browse kitchenwares and trinkets on Shanghai Street and walk through the stunning Flower Market. These days, you can even tour multiple Kowloon markets with a guide! Lajolla Mom報導: 我在香港文華東方酒店不遠處搭上天星小輪,並拍到了這張ç…ç片。當時我們正要到海港城那邊去與友人見面,並購買兒童服飾等。 我們總是喜歡到香港太空館和香港歷史博物館(我的最愛)看那些帶互動模式的小展覽。歷史博物館更涵蓋了這個城市的過去,以及直到現在的後殖民時期的故事。 再者,現在我的女兒已經9歲了,我們這次從眾多市集中挑了幾個一逛。我特別喜歡到上海街選購廚房用品和飾品,並到花市去走走。您現在甚至可以找來嚮導帶您遊覽市集呢! #LJMMandarinOriental #FANofHK #VictoriaHarbour #familytravel #travelHK #sailboat #starferry #HKSpaceMuseum #HKHistoryMuseum @harbourcity

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Some of the many amazing treats we find in our room:

@lajollamom for @MO_HKG #IGTakeover: Our rooms always feel like home, assisted this time by a truly thoughtful welcome amenity including my daughter’s favorite honeydew melon juice on ice in clever little vials (she’s really into science at the moment), gummy bears, Mandarin Cake Shop treats for me and even a gift for our dog–his favorite toy. Thank you to @MO_HKG’s Guest Relations team! Lajolla Mom報導: 我們入住的客房總是有家一樣的感覺,而這一次,我們更收到不少迎賓禮物,包括以小試管造型送上我女兒最喜愛的冰凍蜜瓜汁(她最近迷上çç‘學)、熊仔橡皮糖、文華餅店的甜點,甚至為我們的寵物狗預備了他最喜歡的玩具呢。非常感謝香港文華東方酒店的賓客服務團隊! #LJMMandarinOriental #FANofMO #FANofHK #MOviews #familytravel #travelHK #HKtodo #welcomeamenities #MOfoodies #MandarinCakeShop @scoobydillon

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A trip to the Big Buddha:

@lajollamom for @MO_HKG #IGTakeover: The Big Buddha is another kid-friendly Hong Kong thing to do. My daughter loves the ride up in the glass bottom cable car (skip the queue with a prepaid voucher from the @MO_HKG concierge desk), climbing the stairs, vegetarian lunch at Po Lin Monastery, spotting roaming water buffalo and dogs, as well as burning incense as a tribute. Speaking of these stairs, how many do you think there are? It’s a workout! Lajolla Mom報導: 天壇å¤ç佛是與孩子於香港一同遊樂的好地方。我女兒喜歡乘坐玻璃底的纜車(透過香港文華東方酒店的禮賓部訂門票,您便不用排隊了)、爬上長長的樓梯、到寶蓮寺享用素食午餐、看看閒逛的水牛和狗;當然別忘了入鄉隨族,燃點香燭。 說起這條樓梯,您又會否知道它有多少級呢?這可是一次鍛煉啊! #LJMMandarinOriental #FANofHK #familytravel #travelHK #HKtodo #BigBuddha #np360 #polinmonastery @np360hk

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A little about kid-friendly necessities in the hotel and nearby:

@lajollamom for @MO_HKG #IGTakeover: In addition to exquisite 5-star luxury, did you know that @MO_HKG is an incredibly kid-friendly hotel? Little travelers have their own menu choices (a coloring/activity menu in Café Causette and Clipper Lounge), a fun scavenger hunt to do around the hotel for a Cake Shop prize, and the coolest craft set left in the room upon arrival that my daughter looks forward to building every year! All ages love a swim in the indoor pool, too. Plus, the many stores inside the Prince's Building next door are an excellent source of baby and kids’ gear, also making visiting Hong Kong with little ones easy. Lajolla Mom報導: 您是否知道香港文華東方酒店除了是一所精緻豪華的五星級酒店外,它更是一間十分歡迎小朋友的酒店呢?小賓客們除可挑選特別為他們設計的菜單(於Café Causette和快船廊更有填色等遊戲提供)和參加有趣好玩的尋寶遊戲讓他們遊遍酒店並到文華餅店領取獎品外,他們更會收到酒店為小朋友們預備的工藝箱-我的女兒每年都期待著回來製作各式工藝呢!當然,å¤ç家都喜歡到室å…ç游泳池去暢泳的。 此外,在隔壁的太子å¤ç廈裡亦有各式售賣嬰兒和兒童用品的商店,使得家庭來訪更為便捷。 #LJMMandarinOriental #FANofMO #FANofHK #familytravel #travelHK #HKtodo #MOdetails #chandelier #kidsfriendly #besthotelhk

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Tips for visiting Hong Kong Disneyland:

@lajollamom for @MO_HKG #IGTakeover: Each of our trips include a half-day or so visit to Hong Kong Disneyland. It’s our favorite Disney park because the queues are *usually* shorter, the overall experience feels more relaxed than at other Disney parks, you can buy tickets in advance from the @MO_HKG concierge desk and it’s easy to arrive via MTR from Central. Most major rides are represented like Space Mountain and Jungle Cruise. Autopia is particularly fun for us because the cars are right-hand drive! Tip: Guests are allowed up to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle before the park's official opening. Position yourself here a few minutes early to watch the ribbon cutting, then immediately head to a favorite popular attraction and be among the first in line! Lajolla Mom報導: 我們每次來港都總有花半天到訪香港迪士尼樂園。這是我最喜愛的迪士尼樂園,因等候排隊的時間普遍較短,令整體感覺比較輕鬆。況且,我們可先於禮賓部購買門票,於中環站搭乘地鐵直達樂園。樂園å…ç有很多有代表æ€ç的機動遊戲,如飛越太空山和森林河流之旅等;對我們而言,馳車天地特別有趣,因為所有車輛都是右軚的! 小貼士:賓客於公園正式開幕前可到睡美人城堡前èç€å…‰ã€‚預留幾分鐘的時間,您便可èç€è³žåˆ°å‰ªå½©ä¸€åˆ»ï¼Œä¹‹å¾Œæ‚¨ä¾¿å¯ç«‹å³å¥”向您最喜愛的樂園設施了! #LJMMandarinOriental #FANofHK #familytravel #travelHK #HKtodo #hkdisneyland @hkdisneyland

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Our favorite dishes at the hotel:

@lajollamom for @MO_HKG #IGTakeover: We have a few foodie traditions when in residence at @MO_HKG. The first thing we order is nasi goreng, a dish that is hard to come by in San Diego and happens to be REALLY good here. We also eat Hainanese chicken rice via in-room dining, croissant-donuts from The Mandarin Cake Shop, dim sum and honeydew melon juice at Clipper Lounge breakfast buffet among other things! Food is a good reason to travel, don’t you think? Lajolla Mom報導: 我們在入住香港文華東方酒店時,總有幾個小小的美食傳統,而首要的就是點選印尼炒飯。這道菜色於聖地亞哥是很難找到的,而酒店把它做得特別美味。我們同時於房å…ç用餐時享用過海南雞飯、到文華餅店細味牛èç’冬甩、於快船廊自助早餐享用了點心和蜜瓜汁等滋味美食!享受食物是一個很好的旅行理由,您認同嗎? #LJMMandarinOriental #FANofMO #FANofHK #familytravel #CafeCausette #MOfoodies #nasigoreng #HCR #croissantdonuts #MandarinCakeShop

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A visit to Man Mo Temple within walking distance:

@lajollamom for @MO_HKG #IGTakeover: Local religion has been of interest to my Hong Kong-born daughter lately, so a stop into Man Mo Temple, easily walkable from @MO_HKG, was definitely in order. Not to mention, you can browse the antique shops on Hollywood Road along the way and nearby Cat Street Market for inexpensive trinkets. Lajolla Mom報導: 本地宗教文化近來成為我那香港出生的女兒感到無比興趣的題目,所以我特地帶她到訪離香港文華東方酒店不遠步行路程的文武廟。更何況,您更可沿途看看荷李活道的古玩店和附近摩羅街售賣的物美價廉的小飾品呢。 #LJMMandarinOriental #FANofHK #familytravel #travelHK #HKtodo #manmotemple #temples #chineseculture

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Finding green in Hong Kong:

@lajollamom for @MO_HKG #IGTakeover: Believe it or not, there is green space to be explored beyond Hong Kong’s famous skyline so bring your walking shoes and let the kids blow off some steam in between sights. The trail leading to the Wisdom Path near the Big Buddha, is often times enclosed by a dense canopy of gorgeous trees. There are also two scenic walks we like to take at The Peak, another HK must-do, including a leisurely walk (it's stroller-friendly) around the Peak Circle Trail and a lengthier walk back downhill to Central on the Morning Trail through loads of nature along the way. But Hong Kong also has quiet beaches, geoparks, great hiking, wetlands and outer islands to see outside of the urban areas that I would definitely recommend! Lajolla Mom報導: 信不信由你,香港除了著名的天際線,還有翠綠的走道。帶上運動鞋,讓孩子們於遊覽景點間的空餘走一走åç。於天壇å¤ç佛附近走到心經簡林的道路上,往往還盡見樹冠茂密的樹林呢。 #LJMMandarinOriental #FANofHK #familytravel #travelHK #HKtodo #wisdompath #PeakCircleTrail

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And, finally, a fun birthday surprise for my daughter in our hotel room:

@lajollamom for @MO_HKG #IGTakeover: A perk of having a birthday near spring break when we usually travel to Hong Kong, is that she gets to celebrate (albeit a little early this year) in hotels. After a morning at Disneyland, we found this fantastic display in our room including an American cheesecake from The Mandarin Cake Shop, which is the same cake I bought for her first birthday celebration when we lived in HK. Thank you, @MO_HKG for always taking such good care of us. See you next year! Lajolla Mom報導: 我們經常於春節假期到訪香港,而於這段時間左近生日的好處就是她可以於酒店慶祝生日(雖然今年有點早了)。下午從迪士尼樂園回來後,我們發現我們的房間被這些可愛的擺設所佔據了,當中包括美國芝士蛋糕,亦是當我們還住在香港的時候我買給她的第一個生日蛋糕。謝謝香港文華東方酒店,åç‹çµ‚如一的好好ç…çé¡ç我們。 明年再見! #LJMMandarinOriental #FANofMO #FANofHK #MOviews #familytravel #springbreak #birthdaygirl #surprise

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Excited? Need to learn as much as possible about the hotel and Hong Kong right now? Read my post about Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong with kids.

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This walkway connects Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong to the Prince's Building in Central where there are loads of kids' shops and conveniences that make a family vacation easy.
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