My wedding would be totally different if Pinterest was around back then. For one thing, I would have carried a succulent bouquet. I love the contrast of soft and structured that many of these succulent bouquets have.

As an added bonus, after the wedding or event, the succulents can be replanted for a memento that potentially lasts a lifetime. A family friend gave me a succulent when my father passed away, and that succulent has propagated so that it’s all over my yard. When I look at it, I think of him.

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How to Make a Succulent Bouquet

How to make a succulent bouquet

Most succulents don’t have long stems like flowers do.

You’ll need to actually create a fake stem to allow the succulents sit at the same level as the other flowers and greenery in the bouquet. What you’ll need is:

Cut the succulent you’d like to use from its stem. Or pull it out of the pot if using a baby. Dust or rinse off the dirt.

Grab the floral wire and run it through the stem. You have to use a little bit of judgment as succulent stems vary in width and sturdiness.

For most, simply pierce the stem with the floral wire until the stem is threaded halfway through the wire. Loop the wire around the stem and wrap the wire’s ends together.

Repeat, if it’s a big rosette or heavy succulent.

Beautiful examples of succulent bouquets

To give you an idea, I used two wires around the stem of this rosette which is about 4″ in diameter. I left its roots intact so that I can plant it later.

Once you have the floral wire situated. Hide the wire with floral tape from the stem down to the end.

Wrap floral tape around floral wire to make a succulent bouquet

Arrange as you please with other flowers in a vase or bouquet.

A bouquet of sunflowers and succulents

Be sure to pull the succulents out before they start to wilt if you’d like to reuse them elsewhere in your yard or home.

Succulent Bouquet Pinterest Inspiration

For more inspiration, pin these pretty bouquets (posted with rights from Bigstock) for later.

Peonies, roses and succulents in a bouquet
A red rose and succulent bouquet
Succulent bouquet with white roses
Hydrangea, peony, succulent bouquet
Succulent bouquet with roses and orchids.

And, be sure to follow my very favorite Pinterest board: Succulent Bouquets

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  1. Ohmygosh, I love pinterest so much. Those boutonnieres look amazing. My wedding ideas have changed significantly since signing onto Pinterest and I love it for craft ideas.

    1. Me too. I have to monitor my time on it, otherwise, I just get sucked in. My wedding would have been so different if Pinterest was around, as would my home renovation!