Is your Pyrex exploding? A friend of mine from high school was baking something in Pyrex glassware. It exploded in her oven.

I own tons of Pyrex, a very expensive Dacor double oven, and have a 3-year-old that likes to peek in the oven window to see what’s going on. So, naturally, I started to investigate.

It turns out that this Pyrex exploding phenomenon is fairly common. (Since I’ve written this post, we’ve also had Duralex Picardie glasses explode in our dishwasher.)

I read a story about a gal who opened her oven at the exact same time her Pyrex casserole dish exploded. The shards lacerated her face, but miraculously she closed her eyes just in time.

I read a story about someone who opened her oven after a pan had exploded. Hot glass flew out and burned the nearby carpet.

Another guy had it happen while washing his Pyrex in a sink full of water. He felt a burning sensation in his finger, took it out of the water and had a ¾ inch piece of glass lodged in his finger.

Glass Composition

Some people claim that the reason this is happening is that Pyrex changed the formulation of the glass from borosilicate to soda-lime. World Kitchen, the company who currently owns Pyrex, argues that this change shouldn’t matter and that soda lime is stronger.

Some believe that the older Pyrex, which I’ve always preferred due to its squarer edges, is safer. I’m not a scientist so I can’t vouch for either claim.

To me, the composition is irrelevant, because whatever it’s made out of can shatter into hundreds (thousands?) of pieces without warning.

Thermal Shock

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Thermal shock occurs when you take something from a cold environment to a hot one. It is acknowledged that Pyrex can explode when this happens.

Even the people at trusty people at Cooks Illustrated have written about their experiences with exploding Pyrex in their test kitchens. I make-ahead meals from their cookbooks (like enchiladas and lasagna), freeze them, and then bake at a future date (my favorite cookbook is their Complete Make-Ahead Cookbook). I used to do this primarily in Pyrex glassware.

Pyrex Glassware Safety and Usage Instructions

Have you actually read the instructions that come with your Pyrex dishes? Odds are you ripped off the paper wrapper thinking, it’s glass and a no-brainer.

There’s a long list of things you should and shouldn’t do with your Pyrex. Well, check this out (see link above for full instructions):

The instructions at the time this post was originally written in 2010.

Mine is scratched and I bet yours is to some degree, too. What I might think of as a minor scratch, someone else might consider “severe.”

How would anyone be able to test my pan after it explodes into hundreds of pieces?

Is Your Pyrex Exploding? Take Action.

Decide if you’re diligent enough to manage your Pyrex and other glassware. You should inspect it each time you bake. I’m a busy mom and am not confident I will do this. I’m not trying to be alarmist, but I’m swapping my Pyrex out for ceramic or metal bakeware. To me, it’s just not worth the risk for the relatively minimal cost it will take to switch to new pans.

The people in the stories I refer to all claim that thermal shock was not involved and that their explosions were totally out of the blue. This is what concerns me. It’s possible they had Pyrex glassware in perfect condition that exploded.

Pyrex has addressed the situation on their website in a section called Truth About Pyrex Glass. You may read stories about Pyrex glassware exploding on Chowhound or Consumer Affairs (where two of my stories above are from).

There are also articles online calling this a hoax, which given that it just happened to a very well-educated friend of mine, I don’t believe.

FAQs About Pyrex Breaking

For those of you who skim read…

Can you put Pyrex glass in the oven?

Most of the time you can put Pyrex glass in the oven. However, there is an important factor to keep in mind. Your Pyrex is not resistant to thermal shock, therefore, you should not move your Pyrex from one temperature extreme to the other.

For example, do not take your Pyrex out of the refrigerator and immediately place it in the oven. Instead, let your Pyrex cool down and get closer to room temperature before placing it in the oven.

Can you use Pyrex on the stovetop?

While Pyrex glass can handle intense heat, it is not designed for the stovetop. Warnings and instructions unanimously guide users to never use Pyrex on the stovetop. 

Will Pyrex crack from hot to cold?

Pyrex is not resistant to thermal shock, therefore, there are instances where Pyrex glassware can explode when it is moved from a hot environment to a cold one and vice versa. In short, avoid exposing your Pyrex to extreme temperature changes at all times. 

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  1. Wow! That’s just crazy. I love my Pyrex, but you are right, I don’t think it’s worth the risk, especially with 3 curious boys in the kitchen with me!

  2. I had this happen to me, but thankfully the dish didn’t explode, it just cracked. Was bummed. Glad you wrote this post!

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  4. Oh my goodness! That happened to me before! I thought I was the only one. I was made some lasagna rolls. They were done baking. The Pyrex was fine when I got it out of the oven, but I set it on one of my burners (that hadn’t been used at all that day) and then I walked away for a minute. I heard a loud pop sound. My Pyrex was broken in one big piece and then several little pieces. Hmmm…something to think about when purchasing our new bakewear.

    1. Joanne, it’s amazing how many people this has happened to. Thanks for sharing. Oddly, it seems to happen when set on room temperature burners after pulling it out of the oven. I personally used to do exactly that all the time with my Pyrex.

  5. This happened to me I was making meatloaf and had it sitting on top of the stove while I was waiting for the stove to preheat. The pan was not chipped scratched or cracked in fact it had only been used a handful of times. My daughter and dog were driving me insane coming in and out of the kitchen and I had a baby gate to lock them out I turned my back on the stove after just peering at the pan wondering if the oven was hot enough yet. I caught my daughter about to put her hand on the stove and it was an older stove the door got fairly hot so I turned my back on the stove and was chasing her and the dog out of the kitchen. God I sure am glad I did as I got to the doorway mere seconds later there was a loud pop behind me and I got pelted in the back with shards of glass. Had I of still been looking at it wondering if it was hot yet, I’d of probably been blinded, not only that had my toddler still been in the kitchen it could have seriously injured her and the dog. And we aren’t talking about the dish cracking it exploded into small chunks of glass like a bomb had gone off and rained that glass all over my kitchen ruining that meatloaf and four others I was prepping for future meals. But overall I was just thankful that I wasn’t still staring at the pan and that I had just ushered my child and pet out of the kitchen!

    This is NOT a myth be careful with any glass pans. Pyrex was my favorite type of baking dish but I will never buy or use another glass pan after that experience.


    1. Heather! That is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m glad to hear that your daughter and dog were spared. But anyway, it reinforces why I’m not using my Pyrex as ovenware anymore. Others, will benefit from your comment, I’m sure!

  6. Well wow. I just switched out all my plasticware to Pyrex – for safety concerns! After reading this, I’m gong to do another tota rehaul of my kitchen. I don’t believe it was an accident your blog posting was above mine on SITS this morning! I was even a day late for reading it – thank you for posting this!!

  7. i’m stopping by from mom bloggers and I stumbled your post. That is crazy. I own some pyrex too and that makes me a bit nervous

  8. I had this happen- TWICE- before I finally did some web research. I was shocked to find out how common it is. I wish my budget would allow me to invest in some lovely Le Creuset instead!

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  10. Initially I think pyrex is the most secure food containers used in the microwave, because pyrex is not going to contaminate food in it. but this incident really makes me worried. thanks for the information

  11. This happened to me on Thanksgiving Day, just as I was getting ready to put the dressing on the table! The Pyrex dish (with the dressing) literally exploded as if a bomb had gone off! It even sounded like an explosion! Shards and chunks of glass flew as far as 5 feet into the breakfast nook! Seriously, dangerous! We were lucky that no one got hurt, including the dog! Needless to say–no Thanksgiving dressing with the turkey! ;(

  12. Popular Science documented why the new formula breaks so easily.

    And of course, always check Snopes.

  13. today i was baby sitting-put a roast in the oven-opened the door to check on it-there was a loud explosion- i thought the oven had blown up -there were at least a million pieces of glass, pyrex dish, all over the oven and floor–luckily none hit my face or eyes or the children – i have been cooking for 50 years and never thought of such a thing happening-
    where is the liability for this?

  14. I just removed a briskett from the oven and placed it on the cooktop to cool when the glass cassarole dish exploided into hundreds of tiny glass pieces and shards of glass. The glass and liquid got all over the kitchen and dining room.

  15. it has happened twice in my Dacor oven. always with pyrex and now my oven glass door also broke because of the liquid of a meat loaf. I cant believe how unsafe it is to use the oven!!!

  16. This has happened to me too! It happened in the oven (thank goodness!) and I witnessed it happen to my friend in her oven too. Both times it was a LOUD explosion and they were with Pyrexs that were purchased in the last 3 years. No cracks before use. This is really scary. I’m going to only use them in the fridge from now on.

  17. I had my Pyrex dish EXPlODE on me tonight! Hundreds of small tiny flying piece of glass! It was BAD! I have no idea why this happened, as it was at room temp before I added hot ingredients. It was like a BOMB going off. Greatful no one was hurt. Never using Pyrex again.

  18. We just experienced this. Not fun and the damage is ridicules. I got out a Pyrex dish and set it on the stove. My husband thought he had turned on the oven but inadvertently turned on the stove top. When the stove was red and I saw the dish on it I asked why it was on and proceeded to turn it off. W did not touch it we just let it cool down. About 3 minutes later I was standing there about 2 feet from it and it exploded. It sounded like a bomb went off. Glass went everywhere. All over the linoleum floor, carpet and counter. It melted into all of them. I lit ally had to cut glass shards out of the carpet because they had melted clear through to the bottom. The linoleum looks like chocolate is spilled all over it. And the counter it browned cracked and peeling. Unfortunately we are in an apartment and I am worried sick about what theis damage is going to cost. I however glad no one was hurt. I had glass shard imbedded in my pants and on that hit my arm but that was it.

  19. Well my Pyrex pan exploded tonight just as I was about to serve dinner. The explosion was so loud my husband came flying into the kitchen to find diner and me in a mess of exploded shards of glass. Luckily I was not hurt. I have no idea how I wasn’t hurt. It took us an hour to clean up since it really exploded even sending glass into things on the counter and into the oven. All that meat and sauteed fennel had to be tossed. What a waste of $.
    I just bought my son a Pyrex baking pan because I’ve always been a big Pyrex fan. Well no longer. I’m telling him to throw it in the garbage. It’s not worth the risk. Pyrex I’m really upset with your inferior product and allowing people to continue to buy it when it blows up.

  20. Hey! @jennyjenjen here… saw this article:

    Then saw your post…

    It interests me because it happened to me, too:

    …and I’m not glad but find it good to know that others have had the same thing happen. I still get a lot of people searching for info stumble onto my blog. Crazy.

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  22. Hey!

    I googled exploding pyrex after that was exactly what happened to me and I am glad to discover I’m not the only one. Thought I’d share my experience too.

    A rectangular pyrex dish exploded when I put it away in the cupboard. It was not hot, maybe two hours after a dishwasher clean. It was not visibly scratched or chipped. I did not knock it anywhere, just deposited it on the shelf. Or tried to. As soon as one end touched the shelf, it shattered into millions of pieces.

    I was still holding the other end and I got many many pieces of glass on my bare forearms and face. But apart for some minor scratches, I wasn’t severely cut.

    AND I THINK THIS IS INTENTIONAL BY THE COMPANY. I am no glass maker. But I have been in a car accident and had a window explode from my head impacting it. I couldn’t get over how I wasn’t more cut up until the mechanic explained that car windows are safety glass. They break up into squarish chunks that are much less dangerous. Well those pieces of pyrex were identical. Not long pointy shards. Boxy or rectangular chunks.

    And unlike others, I am reassured. If I just had the dish explode in my hands and I was not seriously cut, well it’s hard to think of a more dangerous possibility. The glass rebounded off my face, and I am still picking it out of my bra… So I WILL buy another pyrex, because I enjoy using them.

    And it sure jump started spring cleaning, I have washed every single pot and pan I own as well as the cupboard and the floor!

    1. I cannot understand this poster. The pieces from every other exploding bomb Pyrex event are millions of long dangerous shards. This stuff is not, and does not, break like auto safety glass! Go ahead, buy more…someday it’s going to go off like a bomb and cover your kitchen with shrapnel. I hope you are not hurt. WAAAYYYYY too risky when there are so many other alternatives.


  24. This just happened to me. It’s a miracle I didn’t get hit in the face by exploding glass. I was baking leftovers in the (preheated) oven in a Pyrex glass pie dish, at 430 degrees. After about 20 minutes, I took the pan out of the oven, removed my food, and let the dish sit for a few minutes. Then I went to put the dish in the sink, and as soon as it touched a little bit of water in the sink, it exploded into hundreds of tiny pieces. It was barely out of my hands when it exploded. There was a loud “bang” sound. Luckily, most of the fragments stayed in the sink, but a few big chunks flew out onto the kitchen floor. That could have hit me in the face. I can’t believe it! I’m sure Pyrex will face a lawsuit over this sooner or later. I’ll be getting rid of all my Pyrex bakeware now.

  25. This happened to me recently.
    Took out a rectangular Pyrex baking pan that was holding a cooked butternut squash. Set it on the Formica counter. Two mnutes later, it sounded like a grenade went off- and there were millions of shards of glass scattered across the entire kitchen. Some of these shards looked like props from a horror movie…long and knife-like. They were everywhere…on every counter, floor and table surface. In retrospect, I admit that I did set the hot dish in a small wet spot, thus inducing thermal shock. But heck, if we’re using equipment that has zero tolerance for error, and this is the result, I am not comfortable with that. What happens when my kid starts cooking? (Luckily my kid was just outside the room when the explosion occurred). Pyrex is just too freaky for me. I’ll have to start investing in good All-Clad stuff.

  26. Yeahhhhh, brand new dish first use BAM 10 ft of glass and boiling liquid and glass plus a very expensive dinner ruined. Never again!!

  27. 3/22/13…I had a backing dish with French fries in the oven….when took out and placed on stove…it exploded….granddaughter cut her foot…when exploded she jumped back and glass in foor stepped on it …cut foot deep..its a miracle her face was not cut up….will now throw away all pyrex dishes.

  28. Pyrex is bound for class action suit when people especially children get hurt from their product. It’s horrible when a child steps on a shard of glass. And one person said her glass broke like safety glass “no way!!!” It breaks in a million sharp shards like daggers.
    Personally we longer use it. I went out and bought $$$ pan metal that’s all I use for cooking .

  29. My Pyrex baking dish EXPLODED!!! so hard last night that I have dents in the oven, It broke the fan, and a chunk of glass is now infused between the double pane glass window. I’ve never seen anything like it. I have to replace the stove (because I’m scared to use it.) I will never use Pyrex again and tell anyone I know to do the same.

  30. Tonight my boyfriend was washing dishes. He put a room-temperature Pyrex casserole dish into the dishwasher. Five minutes later, it exploded like a bomb. I was amazed at the millions of shards everywhere! I couldn’t have made a glass dish break into that many pieces if I had dropped it from 3 stories up. We thought it was some supernatural, ghostly event & were freaked out by it. I’m amazed to see that this has happened to so many people. I’m also amazed that on the Pyrex website, they try to downplay it or blame it on consumers not following the precautions on their products. If a glass dish requires directions on how to use it without losing an eye, than I’d rather use something else.

  31. My 8 cup Pyrex measuring bowl exploded like a bomb when I removed it from the dishwasher while it was still hot and wet. It shattered into thousands of pieces. I ended up with several minor cuts. I was left holding a small piece of the handle.

  32. This happened to us also/ two of my rectangular casserole dishes exploded after taking them out of the oven and setting it on the counter. This happened twice in about 3 weeks, we are going to replace them with metal. Both times it ruined all of our dinner that was in the kitchen because the pieces of glass went everywhere! It was shocking to say the least.

    1. The counter could’ve been cold enough to shock the dish. I set mine on either a large potholder or a DRY dishtowel. Pyrex recommends that you don’t place it on a metal rack after taking it out of the oven, but I’m guilty of doing it anyway. :s The only time I had a Pyrex dish break is when one of my kids got in the cabinet and accidentally dropped one. 🙁

  33. My Pirex exploded in the most rare circumstances. We bought this new Pirex pans and without using them, that night, we stored them in one of the kitchen cabinets. The following morning one of the trays had exploded mysteriously. In this experience, no heat at all was involved, no abrupt temperature change was involved either still the Pyrex tray exploded at some point through the night. We were lucky it exploded while in the kitchen cabinet and no one was hurt. We called Pyrex to complain about this problem. They did not give any explanation, but they apologized and sent us by UPS a new Pyrex pan for free to replace the one which had exploded. This happened last December (2012). I haven’t had any problems with my Pyrex trays anymore.

    1. Pyrex recommends that you don’t stack your dishes (if you did maybe that’s why it broke)….which I think is pretty unrealistic. I’m guilty of doing it anyway. I have no choice because limited space. Maybe I should store some under the bed…LOL 😀

  34. While roasting a chicken tonight, I reached in to baste it and my pyrex exploded in the oven. My 8 year old was nearby. Thankfully, it exploded entirely inside the oven. Now I am concerned about ever using my other pyrex trays ever again. Le Creuset and Apilco may be way pricier but I am sure they won’t endanger us cooks/chefs.

    1. That happened probably because of the temperature difference between the Pyrex dish and the basting liquid you added. Anyway, I would never use Pyrex to make a dish like that (meats alone) unless you’re making meatloaf in a loaf dish. I would use it solely for baking (desserts, casseroles, etc.) and roasting vegetables and fruits, (with a bit of liquid for crisping or moisture, (ie. oil, broth, or juice) not cooking meats.

      1. I don’t care; I’m sure there’s an explanation of the physics; I get it.; But to have that phenomenon occur because of slight errors…that’s just nuts. You’re trying to rationalize it like Corning would. If you ever had one of these explode near your kids you would not be interested in any reasonable precautions or whatever. I’m telling you it EXPLODED LIKE A BOMB with billions of huge splinters of glass EVERYWHERE. It was truly heart-stopping. God help me if my child had actually been there instead of 8 feet away when it occurred to me. I had used Pyrex for years too. No more Pyrex- EVER!

      Have you ever used glass baking wear or dishes and it broke or exploded in the oven !!!
      If so please let me know would love to hear your story.
      Message me or email

  35. Something is definitely different about Pyrex. I’ve been using it for 30 years with no problem. Then, about a month ago, I was roasting some butternut squash and added some room temperature water to the dish and it exploded. I chalked it up to temperature shock (silly me). Then, last night, I made more butternut squash (yes, it’s growing like crazy in the garden). I took the dish out and put it on the counter top and it exploded. Yes, I know you are not supposed to do these things, but my point is that I have been cooking this way in these same ovens for years, and have never had these problems. And believe me, I’ve been less careful. Something has changed.

  36. This happened to me last night! I was baking chicken at 350*. When I removed the pan and placed it on the stove top (which was at room temperature) the glass exploded, just like a bomb. Thankfully, I was not injured and no one else was in the kitchen. The glass shards flew EVERYWHERE, even some 5-6 feet across the room. It took over an hour to clean everything up. I will no longer be using Pyrex. The outcome could have been much worse, and I would rather not take that risk again.

  37. I had to go to emergency this morning because my Pyrex glass measuring cup exploded and flew into my hand! I had stitches, pain and now medical bills. What is going on with Pyrex they need to be accountable for this!

  38. So, tonight my 8×8 pyrex broke in the oven. The dish was at room temperature, we put some whole sweet potatoes in the pan to bake them, just so they were contained and not on the rack. Oven was preheated, he put the pan in and within 10 minutes we heard a bang….half of the pan broke into pieces in the bottom of the oven. I googled this and am horrified to read how many people have had severe injuries from this happening!!! No more pyrex in my house!

    1. Opened my dishwasher last night and to my horror everything was covered in shattered glass from an exploded pyrex baking dish. I couldn’t believe what I saw. It took us over an hour to clean out the dishwasher, wash all the other gear that had been covered in little pieces of glass and then finally do a test run to see that the dishwasher itself hadn’t been damaged. No more pyrex gear for me – not worth the risk!

  39. My 13 x 9 pan just exploded in the oven! Smoke filled the house from the chicken & olive oil burning. So thankful it was inside the oven and not while I was downstairs-could have been a fire! Throwing out my glass Pyrex tomorrow!

  40. I agree there’s something different. I have my mother’s old one, and also bought a new one. The difference in thickness of the glass is noticeable. And after reading this, I’m thinking the structure is different too. I won’t buy anything else Pyrex.

  41. While transferring macaroni and cheese from a stovetop pan to a brand new never used Pyrex 9×13 baking dish on December 31st 2015 the Pyrex dish exploded! Luckily I had on glasses!!! Something is wrong with a company that continues to sell a product that has had hundreds if not thousands of instances of exploding baking dishes!! I was in a Safety Meeting at work this morning and brought this up and another person had the same thing happen to them while transferring their Pyrex dish from the oven to a hot pad on the kitchen counter 3 months ago. He never reported it. How many people have not even reported their exploding bakeware? How many people does it take to have this happen and put them in jeopardy of getting seriously hurt before you recall or do something about this? Take it off the shelves or own up to this issue before someone possibly even a child gets hurt!!! As the person above me mentioned, you have it so no one can reach your corporate office by phone??? What is going on?

    1. This also happened to me last night. I pulled a warm pyrex dish out and added room temp potatoes, them BOOM, exploded into literally thousands of shards. I am stressed about the glass being all over the counter and getting into my food; I have already cleaned it 3 times. I just keep finding more microscopic shards. I guess I need to buy a new dish to finish my brisket tomorrow! This is ridiculous and shouldn’t happen. I have had ceramic break and it is much safer.

  42. Last year, I bought pyrex bakeware sets from These added beauty to my kitchen and cooking. Since now I found no scratches.

  43. I let the pyrex dish cool for a few hours (just to avoid the explosion). after that I put it into the sink to soak. I washed everything else and left the dish for last. While I was washing the pyrex dish it exploded!! It splintered into tiny pieces, I was frightening!! I decided to google exploding pyrex dish and I came up on this website, just to find so many occurences. I am throwing out other dishes that I have and buy metal.. It is not worth the risk.

  44. This evening May 29 2017 this happened to me as I opened my oven door to pull my dinner out of the oven. Huge glass shards everywhere when my pan exploded. My oven and dinner are ruined my oven isn’t even 2 years old. I’m still in shock!! This is crazy I’ve used Pyrex for the last 30 years and never imagined something like this could happen. My pictures look exactly like the one above.

  45. My 9″x5″ Pyrex baking dish just exploded over halfway into baking my banana bread. It was the first time I used this product. It exploded everywhere and I could hear the pieces continuously falling onto the oven floor while I was waiting for the oven to cool down. I’ve never had that problem before with Pyrex, but reading others experiences with their products exploding and dealing with it myself, I think I’ll steer away from Pyrex and their glassware in the future.

  46. My large size glass pyrex measuring cup exploded yesterday while preparing a Labor Day side dish. I placed a stick of butter into the glass pyrex measuring cup and heated it in the microwave for 30 seconds. I removed it from the microwave and as I turned around while holding it at waist level and headed toward the kitchen table, it exploded in my hand. The glass handle was still in my hand, but the rest of this large size glass measuring cup was in shards all over the floor in the kitchen and even reached to the living room carpet. That wasn’t even the worst of it. Trying to get the butter that was all over kitchen was quite the task. I only had a small cut on top of my foot (I was in bare feet) from a projectile piece of glass. I never had this happen to me before. It was quite startling and loud too! From now on, I am doing it the old-fashion way and melt the butter on the stove in a sauce pan.

  47. World Kitchen International are liars! There are legions of exploding Pyrex stories around. The product is now grossly inferior to what it was when Pyrex owned it and is NOT safe for oven or microwave. The only use for it is in the refrigerator.

    1. Not even in the refrigerator.
      I had two large (4 1/2 quarts, I think, and 4″ or 5″ high thick walled), oval Anchor Hocking pans.
      I put one of them on the lowest shelf in the fridge to keep potatoes and onions in (never used it for anything else), washed it in cool or lukewarm water.
      Several months later it developed a large vertical crack in the narrow end of the pan (the crack didn’t reach all the way to the edge of the pan). I never bumped it against anything. So much for using this stuff in the fridge.
      I never used the other pan.

  48. I just had my Pyrex baking dish explode last night with a pork tenderloin in it. The over had been preheated AND maybe 1/4 cup of warm water added from a kettle. My remaining Pyrex dish will not go into the oven after yesterday’s scary incident.

    1. My Pyrex just exploded as after I took it out of oven. A one inch sharp shard barely missed me. Ruined my dinner. Will not cook in any glassware again.!

  49. My pyrex dish exploded a month ago. Mind you. I hadn’t even cooked with it that day. It was in the sink with a few other dishes. (From two nights before) I had come home from work and ordered take out. I did not touch anything in the sink that day or use the faucet. I was in my room when I heard what sounded like someone breaking through my window. After sometime when no one came barging through my bedroom door I went to investigate. The dish had exploded inside my sink and pieces of glass were all over my counter and my kitchen floor and the shards were still making cracking sounds for hours afterwards. I took pictures and made a video because I was sure no one would believe me. Until I found this website I thought I had an angry ghost in my apartment. I’m now choosing to switch out my remaining pyrex glassware for something safer.

    1. I had a very similar thing happen yesterday. I was getting ready to burn so sage when a friend sent me this link.

  50. I had a Pyrex bowl explode in my hand as I was washing it today. One minute I am washing the container, the next minute my both hands are bleeding with two gashes. Luckily, I did not require stitches. The bowl was room temperature before I put it in hot water in the sink. It was in the water for some time before it exploded. I heard a pop when it exploded in my hand. I warned my wife and no longer trust Pyrex.

  51. I just had a Pyrex 8×8 pan explode in my oven. I have cooked fish with butter and lemon juice in my older larger Pyrex successfully for years. Tonight I had 2 small trout, so used a newer smaller Pyrex. Nothing was different except using a newer Pyrex. The pan exploded in the oven 20 minutes after I put it into the oven. Thankfully it exploded before I opened the oven to take the fish out!

  52. I just had a 9×13 pyrex dish explode today after taking it out of the oven. I’ve had the dish about 5 years, maybe longer. I set it on the stovetop and as I was removing the roasted chicken to a plate, poked a hole in the foil lining I always use to make cleanup easier. The cooking liquid seeped into the pan and sizzled, which surprised me because the pan and the liquid were the same temperature. I turned around to set the meal on the table when I heard an explosion. The dish had completely shattered all over the stovetop. One large piece the size of a small boomerang shot out about a foot, landing on the carpet in front of the kitchen sink, and melted the carpet fibers. Smaller shards were all over the kitchen floor. Thankfully I wasn’t hit by any flying glass. I didn’t realize this was a common occurrence. I hope the company does something about fixing the problem.

  53. OK… So I was super busy baking today… then THIS happened: my Pyrex Baking dish literally EXPLODED with one of the loudest bangs that I have ever heard only moments after being placed on the cooling rack. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had turned around to take the last pan out of the oven I would have been directly hit by multiple shards — which are spread out about four to five feet.

    I have used Pyrex for about 2 decades; always using the same routine with zero issues… and in one moment I am so DONE with this companies products.

    Tonight’s goals: calm my racing heart the heck down, then mourn the three dozen lost cinnamon buns, praise the one dozen still in the oven and tomorrow: THROW OUT ALL OF THE REST OF MY NOW HATED, SAFETY RISKING PYREX.

  54. I have had pyrex explode a few times now. Usually after using the glass to make gravy after the oven cooking is complete (temperature change i think). Yesterday, I took a room temperature dish and put it in the sink to soak (in room temperature water). 15-20 minutes into the soak it exploded in the sink. I am a firm believer that the company is making inferior glass now, and will not use this dangerous equipment again. I have contacted their customer service. We will see if they have an explaination.

  55. My PYREX rectangular glass baking dish exploded just as I was about to put it on the counter top. I was baking a chicken cutlet drizzled with lemon juice which I had done a few times over the past month. I had removed the dish from the oven and placed it on the gas stove top, removed the chicken to test it. It wasn’t quite done, so I put it back in the dish and then the dish in the oven for 5 more minutes. The dish was in pristine condition, so much so that I just assumed it was the newer Word Kitchen’s manufactured soda- lime glass piece which people have been complaining about exploding. I decided to confirm the PYREX marking on the baking dish and it actually is marked with the 1950’s logo, so it is the original PYREX with the borosillica glass which stands up more to temperature changes. So why did this happen? The only thing that I can think of is that today is a really super freezing record breaking day, and the cabinet that I store the dish in is on an outer wall, although it was stored just inside the cabinet door. I am sure it must have been cool when I took it out, but I did not notice it. It was on the counter for maybe 15 minutes with the chicken cutlet before I put it in the preheated oven. After I took the dish out of the oven the second time and went to put it on the counter, the dish got tilted a bit, and as the juices slid from under the chicken cutlet across the glass bottom, the dish exploded into large chunks. The bottom fell out. I was left holding one end with the sides continuing on to the now missing other end, one extending half way and the other almost the entire length. The bottom was sitting on the floor mainly in one large piece. Someone said that these types of dishes are not good for meat and many of the posts point to baking meat, so maybe it’s due to their juices tending to seep out across the glass. These posts also note that it was the rectangular dishes, not the covered casserole dishes. It seems neither the old PYREX nor the new World pieces are perfect. It is important that there be more education about the use and properties of these dishes by their manufacturers. I will continue to use the other pieces I have which are my grandmother’s pieces from the 50s and the 60s, but I won’t be cooking any meat in them. I intend to place a note to myself in each dish to remind me about these issues, so it does not happen again. I also have a lovely 20 yr. old World Kitchen piece, so not the original PYREX. Moving forward, I would be more worried about this newer Word Kitchen piece exploding. I have only used it once since I want to keep it looking lovely. Note that capital letters show that a piece is the original PYREX. The company was sold to World Kitchen in 1998, the small lettered pyrex became the stamp for the new World Kitchen’s version with the soda-lime glass, ending the use of the original PYREX borosilicate glass. My thoughts on soda-lime glass dishes exploding in a thousand bits that everyone is taking about seems more dangerous than what I experienced with the large chunks of the borosilicate that just kind of fell to the floor. It was also quick to pick up.

  56. We have had 2 of the rectangular baking dishes explode in the last 2 months. The first was in the refrigerator for 3 days when it happened, the second was in the dishwasher the next day after being washed. No real temperature change in either case. Will be switching to something else, The danger is to great.

  57. Not a hoax. I just bought a brand new Pyrex Snapware… put it in the microwave for five minutes. I was cooking asparagus with a little water in the dish. Opened the microwave, was about to grab it out, it exploded. All over the microwave, range and floor. What a mess! I am extremely upset and stressed, glass is everywhere. I have another one that I have been using for awhile and it is fine. Coincidentally, I used the other Pyrex Snapware that own, also for five minutes. With water in it, to soak couscous in, nothing happened. So why the brand new one? A defect?

  58. Our Pyrex glass measure cup JUST exploded! The time is 10:30 pm, may 30th, 2019. New York, we were not even using it. It sat in our cupboard, we opened the cupboard to get something else on the lower shelf, Pyrex cup is on middle shelf, there’s no source of heat or cold, then it just fucking exploded!! What the heck?

  59. I lifted my one cup Pyrex measuring cup from a stack of three Pyrex measuring cups of different sizes and it exploded as I was removing it from the cabinet. There was glass (and blood everywhere, as one of my fingers was cut). I thought more than one had broken because of the amount of glass but the others were fine.

  60. Just found your site tonight via looking for info on “Instant pot”.It was 2 years ago that my pyrex casserole dish exploded as I took it out of the oven and glass went all over the oven and my carpet .which has marks to this day.Very scary.Luckily I looked away.have not been able to cook in pyrex to this day.I use aluminum pans .But I will invest in ceramic so I can bake pies for the holidays.Here it is September.2019 and i think this is still a problem .

  61. My Pirex measuring jug just exploded! Not broke, exploded! Was just washing up by hand in little above room temperature, well over 1hr of use so jug at room temp.

    Luckily I also closed my eyes just in time and sent glass flying roughly 4 metres. This was certainly not a sudden change in temperature and completely out of nowhere. No, even minor damage either.

    Will look to buy another one, but still in shock at how violent the explosion was.

  62. It just happened to me. Luckily the oven was closed! I’ve used Pyrex pie plates for decades but now I never will again. I’m throwing them all away. I followed all safety directions. The pie plate was not cold or wet. I took it from the cupboard, and preheated the oven to 385. I put the frozen pie in the pie plate. I have done this hundreds of times before. After about 15 minutes I heard a loud crash. I looked in the oven and saw the Pyrex glass pie plate had broken into many pieces all over the oven. I turned the oven off to cool it and began removing the shards and pieces of jagged glass with tongs as well as the pie, while wearing heavy oven mitts, carefully putting them in the trash. After reading other stories here, going back years, I am not going to risk this happening again. No more glass cookwear EVER. The plate had no cracks and was a sturdy deep dish pie plate. There was no sudden change in temperature. I regularly use Pyrex to make meat loaf, and many other dishes. Is it because I put a frozen pie in it? I have done this before and it didn’t shatter. It’s going to take me ages to clean all the glass shards out of the oven and I don’t know yet if any glass melted onto the elements because some of the glass did fall on the hot element. I may have to ask for a new stove (I live in a senior citizen building). I know Pyrex won’t care. Clearly if it happens to so many people and is still happening, they are doing something wrong in the manufacturing.

  63. This just happened to me to while roasting some butternut squash in a brand new Pyrex which was at most a couple of months old. Luckily the oven door was closed, because the squash was pierced by a bunch of pieces of glass. It was a headache to clean everything up, but at least we were not injured…

  64. This just happened to me with an Anchor Hocking 9 x 13 dish. It was from my mothers kitchen and at least 10 yrs old. Probably closer to 15. I made a huge meatloaf, took it out and set it on top of my ceramic top range. I left it stand about 15 minutes before I went back to dish up. My ceramic knife very lightly tapped the through the loaf as I was gently slicing. I didn’t want to shred the parchment paper I lined the dish with. That one slight tap and that dish loudly exploded into a million little bits. All over the counters, the stove top, and the floor. The side dishes just out of the oven and also on the stove top were covered in glass. There were chards on my beautiful grass fed beef meatloaf. All had to go into the trash. Thankful it exploded outward instead of up into my face. Also grateful the dog wasn’t at my feet as usual and there were no grandkids there with me.

  65. Just happened with a breakfast casserole that was out of the oven for over an hour before the dish exploded! This happened with half of the casserole already served. There was a boom and glass went everywhere. Brand new dish that was bought. Luckily nobody was injured since this was for my job and we had quite a few people around the table where it was sitting. I will not use any glass bakeware again. Too many items that are made with cheap materials and poor quality control.

  66. Just had this happen yesterday. I usually bake a fish in my 8” x 8” pyrex dish. I’ve done it many times. Bring it out, set it on the cooktop to plate the fish and anything else I’ve baked. Always spray the dish with cooking spray. I was getting my everything ready and the dish just exploded in pieces all over the cooktop. Fortunately I am never barefoot in the kitchen. I had to pitch everything else on the plate. The dish exploded outward and I was able to salvage the fish by scraping the top layer. I’ve baked squash other things in these dishes without issues for years. I think I will look for something else to do my baking in. That’s not safe at all.

  67. i was cooking tater tots in the oven in a pyrex glass pie plate .i pulled it out of oven and put it on top of stove.when i went to sink to drain my noodles.thank god because that plate blew up like a stick of dynamite.there is no dought in my mind that had i been at stove it would have ripped half my face off or blinded me with 300 mile an hour burning glass.or killed both me and my burned right into our kitchen floor.which i now have a daily reminder of until i can afford to fix.i am still in shock over this . who would figure that you could end up dead from making something to eat.i am really shell shocked from this . what a tottaly dangerous item.and this just happened to me april 17 2020

  68. My dish exploded in the china hutch. I hadn’t used it for days and it was not damaged as far a I know. I was in the shower but my son was sitting at the table near it. Nothing else in the cabinet broke and the glass doors remained undamaged as well. Just happened yesterday 07/02/2020.

  69. My pyrex glass baking dish just shattered/exploded in the oven tonight (July 23, 2020)! I was baking a casserole which had been in the 400 degree oven for 30 minutes when suddenly there was a terrible sound and smoke filled the oven. The food and pieces of glass both large and small were everywhere. This was definitely not a case of sudden temperature change. I don’t trust glass bakeware now.

  70. Couldn’t figure out why my brand new (hadn’t been used yet) pyrex liquid measuring cup exploded in the top rack of my dishwasher during a wash (while an old pyrex pan from the 80’s in the bottom rack was fine). Nothings ever broken in there before but I was picking tiny shards of glass out of that dishwasher for hours. Now I’m just glad it happened in a contained environment. Guess I better not replace it with another pyrex. Thanks for the article

  71. I think its micro damage to the glass that does this to bakeware. In our case it happened just yesterday. My wife was making lasagna and made a mistake and put the glass bakeware on one of the stove burners. A few minutes later she went to cook the hamburger and turned on the wrong burner for the meat and started heating up the glass instead. She went to remove the glass cookware after a few more minutes and burnt her hand on the glass bakeware. Nothing looked wrong with the glass and we let it cool down while we made the rest of the meal. We finished making the lasagna in the now cooled glassware and popped it in a 350 degree oven for 40 minutes. I placed some oven pads next to the oven opened the door and took out the now bubbling lasagna. I placed it on the pads, turned my back, took one step and bang the whole baking dish exploded. There was searing hot glass everywhere including on the lasagna which had to be thrown out.
    It is my theory that these dishes need to be thrown out if dropped, over heated (as we did), or banged or chipped. Micro damage in the form of tiny fractures too small to see without a microscope is the cause. Once the damaged hot glass dish meets cool air the microfractures run amuck throughout the entire glass cookware within seconds. I was a few seconds away from that dish blowing up in my face.

  72. My Pyrex dish exploded in my hand this evening. I grilled mushrooms for 10 minutes and took them out of the oven to turn them over. Whilst carrying them over to the counter the pyrex dish exploded. I’m really worried about the rest of my pyrex collection as the are my go to baking dish.

  73. My Pyrex 9 X13 just exploded in my oven tonight. It was stored at room temp- prepped eggplant Parmesan and put it in a pre-heated oven at 375. 5 minutes later, huge crash and the entire thing had exploded into shards. Never using glassware or Pyrex again in the oven!

  74. Mine just exploded after I had set it on the stove top. Had only baked at 400 degrees and put on stove top (room temp). I will never use glass in the oven again. I had stepped five feet away when it exploded, some of the shards were huge and landed 3-4 feet away from the oven. And for a few minutes after exploding, pieces of glass were still crackling off of it. Actually think it could’ve killed me if I had been closer to the oven at the time.

  75. My Pyrex dish just exploded in the oven. It had only been in for about 5 min. when we heard a loud noise. Luckily we didn’t open the door for a few minutes. Our chicken parm. was ruined..

  76. Mine just exploded to I’m so happy my dog and kids weren’t anywhere near it they could have died with so much force it sliced though my jackets and thank God just thank God. This pyrex isn’t made of glass it’s some sort of plastic carbine and there’s a little glass at the bottom they need to be sued for false advertising and endangering lives and households just to make a little extra profit that’s not right I’m sure there’s plenty of people on here who agree with kids and pets and grandkids and grandparents for that matter. It’s not right.

  77. So my best friend and I just went food shopping the other day she wanted me to try this new feather to me the recipe. I didn’t have a glass pan so she recommended me getting a Pyrex pan because she said they were the best and that would be awesome to put this particular recipe in so I bought a Pyrex pan glass pan and it was the first time I’ve ever ever bought in Pyrex and I did the directions exactly what the way she told me and my boyfriend went into the kitchen and all of a sudden heard a boom my whole Pyrex pan exploded and shattered into 1 million pieces thank God my son was at home or none of us opened itThank God my son wasn’t home and no one opened it to check on how it was cooking because we could’ve seriously been injured that’s how bad it was. I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts on how I can get a hold of Pyrex the company or what I can do because now I’m scared to buy another pyrex pan and the fact that this happened I am just in shock thank you so much.

    1. My pyrex baking dish exploded last night! A beef roast had been resting on a wooden breadboard for 15 minutes. When I was slicing the meat the pan suddenly exploded into thousands of pieces, large and small, little cubes and large shards. The entire roast had to be thrown out. The cleanup was time consuming. My confidence in the cookware is shattered. I have always been very careful about how I handle pyrex – following all safety recommendations. I am shocked. I would like to report it to the company. I think at least a replacement baking dish should be offered. Has anyone had success with this? Shattered in South Australia

  78. Just happened to my wife. She opened the dish washer to find a pile of glass shards in the bottom and sticking to other dishes. It ruined the disposal.

  79. I just took some baked chicken out of the oven (oven was 180 degrees Celsius) and the Pyrex dish literally exploded in my hand, chicken on the floor and just the dish handle and the aluminium foil left in my hand.

  80. This just happened to me recently! Had been using it to bake in the oven, took it out and went to set it on the room temperature countertop and it immediately exploded into both large and very small pieces. It went everywhere! Thankfully none of us were injured but a piece did burn the carpet! I had read about this phenomenon before but also read that it seemed uncommon. Now I just think it’s woefully underreported! Switching to ceramic.

    1. Our Pyrex exploded in the oven tonight and it was like a bomb went off. Will never use Pyrex in the oven again. I’m hoping it didn’t ruin my new oven.

  81. A Pyrex dish exploded in my face ten years ago and glass shards are still coming out. Never ever use Pyrex

  82. I had a 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup explode today while just sitting on a kitchen roll around rack. It had been ran through the dishwasher 2 days prior. I do stack my measuring cups with a 2 cup measuring cup inside the 4. I took out the 2 cup to measure out some wa and it was at least 5 minutes later the 4 cup exploded. I thought that it had fallen from the rack but a large portion of the bottom of the cup was still on the rack. I have pictures. The glass shards could not possibly be placed in such a manner to perpetuate a hoax. I was truly perplexed.

  83. I had roast vegetables in oven. I decided took out and add cold water and exploded ishattered everywhere in the sink. Lucky didn’t exploded in my face . I thought it will be safe. Am l wrong for did that.

  84. I have a set of low clear glass bowls with matching lids from around the 1980s. I used one yesterday at room temperature to make egg salad. Brought the bowl over to another part of the counter and was about to put it down and it exploded into razor sharp shards. I didn’t drop the bowl, didn’t bang it on anything. I cut my finger so badly (it’s now scarred across the top) and as I stumbled backwards I almost put my bare foot down on a large shard that had fallen on the floor. There were no temperature changes to speak of and this was totally out of the blue. Scary, actually.

  85. I bought a set of 3 from Walmart yesterday and gave to my pregnant daughter in law as a gift. We decided to bake brownies this evening. It was in a 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes when we heard a big noise come from the oven we looked I and the thing had completely shattered in her Oven. I was just getting ready to get up and pull the brownies out when we heard it explode. Im shocked!!

    1. I recently had the same experience! I preheated my oven to 400 degrees, place chicken thighs and sauce as per usual into my 9×12 Pyrex dish which was intact. I always let it sit for 30 minutes so the dish and chicken are not cold going into the oven. Right at 20 minutes, i hear a pop and the dish had broken into 4 pieces! All the sauce drained to the bottom of the oven. I tried to use the auto self cleaning oven to clean the mess…unfortunately within 10 minutes my oven caught on fire! Luckily, it burned out on its own, but now i am stuck replacing the heatin element and cleaning the oven by hand…what a mess… NO MORE PYREX for me!

  86. I have used this brand for many years. Two nights ago my husband took it out of the oven. It exploded. The glass went everywhere. Sadly but true my dog got cut. Though my dog got shard her paw I was thankful it was not one of my grandchildren. I have pictures.

  87. I baked some salmon earlier this week and as soon as I took the Pyrex out and placed it on top of the oven, it exploded. I quickly turned to shield my 3 year old and had to step around glass. It was horrible. Will never purchase that again.

  88. I recently cooked six pork chops in a Pyrex casserole rectangular dish. i think it was 9 X 13. I tested doneness with a probe thermometer and they were 160 to 163 degrees. I had not been cooking on the stove top. That fact is important. I took the dish from the oven and as I was about to set it on the top of the room temperature stove, the glass dish literally exploded. I was able to set it on the stove top as it continued to shatter and explode. I was horrified and thought it would cut me to pieces. I had slivers of glass in my hair, suck to my clothes and literally everywhere in my kitchen. Large chards flew everywhere. The corners and part of the dish sides cracked from the inside out and I could see the smaller explosions. Fortunately, I had glasses on. But I had to quickly shower to get the tiny glass particles off of me and out of my hair.. I am still finding very very tiny pieces of glass around my kitchen. The pieces are almost microscopic or like a grain of sand.
    I have gotten rid of all Pyrex and glass products. This product is extremely dangerous .and should not be used for cooking.

  89. Happened to me 2 weeks ago, had squash in it , opened the oven and went to get it out of the oven, it exploded! Never made it out of the oven, I don’t know how I didn’t get hurt! Glass was everywhere even embedded on the dishwasher door! Never using Pyrex again!

  90. Happened to me tonight. Pan was from a storage drawer under the oven, not the refrigerator. Opened the oven door to take out the pork loin and it was shattered.

  91. I too have had a terrible experience with a vintage Pyrex glass lasagna pan exploding- and I do mean, exploding. Let me first say, that I am a 51 year old, experienced, educated guy. I am aware of thermal shock, and as you mentioned, that did not occur in my case either, unless the mere act of heating room temperature Pyrex causes a violent reaction. In addition, I am a meticulous person, and so I always thoroughly inspect all of my cookware. There were no obvious scratches or chips to the dish. On the day of the incident, I had used the Pyrex dish in my Wolf oven to warm something. The temperature was less than 400 deg F. I took the dish out of the oven, and placed it on top of the stove, which was not on. At this point, it was just sitting on a room temperature stovetop. I took a silicone spatula, and as I was lifting an item out of the pan, I heard a silent crack. I wasn’t even sure about the origin of that sound. About 5 seconds later, there was a huge boom. The pan literally exploded, as if it contained some explosive material. It happened without warning (unless you count that faint cracking sound, which was only seconds beforehand). It was terrifying, as 350 deg F shards of glass flew everywhere. I was burned, and had a few minor cuts. I was literally in shock, and so much so, that instinctively I bent down to try and pick up pieces and was further burned. Let me tell you that this is absolutely real. I had used this vintage pan numerous times over many years without incident. I did absolutely nothing in a different way on this occasion. The pan was even room temperature prior to placing in the oven. I was so shocked at the intensity of the explosion. I have seen glass break from thermal shock, and typically it just cracks and falls apart. This exploded, sending thousands of shards at high velocity across the entire kitchen. There was even glass dust absolutely everywhere. It took a long time to thoroughly clean all of the minuscule glass shards and glass dust from every corner of my kitchen, including all the countertops. I count myself very fortunate that I was not blinded by this incident. The day it happened I told everyone I know to be very wary of Pyrex. I threw out all of mine, except for a large glass measuring cup which will never be heated. It angers me to hear that people are calling this a hoax. There is clearly something that causes this dangerous reaction which definitely needs serious investigation.

  92. I bought a Pyrex deep dish in October 2021. I used it twice and then…. I made Mac n cheese for Thanksgiving. My poor daughter in law took it out of the oven and within a minute there was a huge pop and glass went everywhere. Thankfully, my toddler grandchildren weren’t near it! It scared us and we thought we did something wrong until I began researching it exploding. They’re sending a replacement but honestly, I don’t want to take any chances.

  93. Just saw that this has been going on for over 11 years. We had a friend doing some cooking for us yesterday when our Pyrex dish exploded. It was at room temperature when she put it into the oven at preheated 350 degrees. Hadn’t been in the oven for more than 10 minutes when it happened. Made a horrible mess everywhere. This particular dish was fairly new, so no cracks anywhere. It scared her half to death and shocked me. It exploded with several large pieces and a lot of really small pieces. Scared to ever put any Pyrex into our oven again. Have read the reviews and I agree with the other people that this new type of Pyrex is inferior to the older dishes.

  94. Just happened. Had meat at 450 heated for 20 minutes. Oven off for 10 minutes. Then back on to reheat to 450. After 20 minutes the hissing sound and then huge boom! I’d just opened the door to check the meat. I’d added some chicken broth. Cold. I guess that did it I cup of broth. Bone broth. Took me hours to make. Venison roast. Hunted. Harvested. Cleaned. Packed. Aged. All for this. Full of glass. Never will use Pyrex again.

  95. I purchased a Pyrex measuring cup several years ago because my mom always had Pyrex. I’ve used it for measuring and mixing only, until today. I needed to reheat some hot chocolate and since my microwave quit a few days ago, I reheated it in my Pyrex measuring cup over a gas burner. Ironically as I was googling to see how much temperature Pyrex could handle, it exploded on the burner and fortunately nothing flew into my face. There were just hundreds of pieces of glass around the burner with the handle still intact. I will replace that measuring cup with another Pyrex, for nostalgia sake, but continue to use it only for measuring and mixing. (Until I get the microwave fuse replaced I’ll use a saucepan to reheat liquids).

  96. Well, this article was written some time ago, but this just happened to me…a Pyrex dish that I have used for a very long time, in good condition (to the regular eye), just exploded in my stove while cooking AuGratin potatoes…what a mess!!! I had never heard of Pyrex exploding and it took a repair guy to come our and clean out all of the glass in and under all the hidden parts of an oven!!! I am furious and I will never trust Pyrex again!!!

  97. My rectangle Pyrex just exploded on me. I was pouring stew meat and liquid on it from my Instant Pot so it can caramelize in the oven. It waited until I poured all its wonderful goodness on it to explode like a bad April Fool’s joke.

    Last year, another one exploded in the oven while my son was cooking potatoes Au Gratin in the oven.

    I really loved Pyrex, but I just cannot risk our well-being, peace and food. Especially when everything is so expensive… Sad.