Happy Cinco de Mayo! Here in San Diego—we are located next to the Mexico border, after all—those very words conjure up a desire to dip a fresh tortilla chip into a heap of guacamole or salsa.

So what goes into a perfect bowl of guac? It turns out that the answer is very little. I’m always intrigued by what popular Mexican restaurants do and, in case you’re curious, here is the easy guacamole recipe from Rubio’s. No measurements are listed because they say you just modify these four ingredients to taste.

  • Hass avocados
  • chopped cilantro
  • a sprinkle of natural sea salt
  • lime-juice

The art of perfect guacamole can become muddled when it involves too many ingredients. But when you must jazz it up, Rubio’s suggests simply mixing in a salsa from their salsa bar.

The recipe of Rubio's guacamole is quite simple

Ralph Rubio himself is a La Jolla resident. I had the pleasure of meeting him during a private tasting around the time the new La Jolla Rubio’s restaurant on Fay Avenue opened. He could not be a nicer guy.

So, make some guac today, pair it with a cold beer or margarita and enjoy! It’s also Taco Tuesday which means that fish tacos at Rubio’s are $1.50.

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