I’m often emailed the question of what the best restaurants for kids in La Jolla are. Smashburger is definitely one I recommend because it’s fast, casual and the entire family loves it. It’s located just a few steps from La Jolla Cove—so it’s a perfect stop after a beach day—and within walking distance of many of my favorite hotels and shops in the village.

Despite it being famous for burgers smashed to perfection on a griddle, it is possible to eat healthy at Smashburger. The Grilled Chicken Strips and Musselman’s Unsweetened Squeezable Apple Sauce (single-serve applesauce in a re-closable pouch with no added sugar or sodium) with an option to choose Organic HONEST Kids® Juice, Horizon Milk®, or a fountain drink is their new better-for-you kids’ meal option.

In addition to mustard and ketchup provided on the table, kids can dip chicken—the 100% premium all-white meat lacks artificial flavors and fillers—in BBQ sauce or Ranch dressing.

Smashburger kids' meal with grilled chicken strips and applesauce

This meal for younger kids (older kids may opt for a heartier choice) will run you $5.49 though at the La Jolla location it’s $5.29 plus $.49 if the milk or organic juice is chosen.

I actually quite like their salads. When we dined in their last I inhaled a chicken Cobb.

The Cobb salad at Smashburger restaurant in La Jolla

My husband on the other hand, always opts for a bacon cheeseburger with a side of Smash fries (regular fries jazzed up with rosemary… highly recommend) which based on what I overheard other people ordering at the time of our most recent visit seems to be one of the most popular burgers. (I also have a recipe for a perfect Smashburger.)

Dining at Smashburger restaurant in La Jolla

Smashburger locations are now scattered throughout San Diego and other cities in Southern California.

What is your favorite Smashburger order? 

1000 Prospect Street
La Jolla, CA 92037
(858) 900-3355

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Smashburger.

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  1. I’m a fellow San Diegan with a young family and I’m excited to see this healthy option! We will definitely check out Smashburger, and that is saying something because most burger places are automatically off my list!

    1. Oh good! I would say it’s mostly for younger kids due to portion size. But I do well with their salads (and pick around cheese or any other fatty things that might be present in excess). I think the chicken burgers can be healthy too if ordered without sauce/cheese.