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How To Make Easy Spider-Man Cupcakes

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Well, I suppose you could make Spider-Man cupcakes for an adult party too. Anyway, my daughter requested Spider-Man cupcakes for her preschool birthday party. Because her birthday is so close to Easter and we happen to be extraordinarily busy at the moment, I needed an easy design. Normally, I would have practiced and researched. Not so, this time around. I think these Spider-Man cupcakes were good enough, however, and easy to do.

How to Make Spider-Man Cupcakes: Materials

Cupcake liners: They sell Spider-Man Baking Cups, however, blue would look neat too.
Cupcakes: We opted for vanilla cupcakes.
Red Frosting: A pure red frosting is extremely difficult to create so feel good about settling for an orange-red.
Black Frosting: Also extremely difficult to make. I used a Wilton Sparkle Gel in black which was a serious time saver. One tube lasted 24 cupcakes with some left over. In fact, I took a Wilton cake decorating class and the teacher always bought her black icing for decorating purposes. You could also make a chocolate frosting and then add in black food coloring to darken it a little, if this much black frosting isn’t your thing (which usually is my beef with black).
Sugar sheet (or white frosting): Plain white frosting works, but in real life a white Wilton Sugar Sheet looks better.
Black food marker: For drawing eyes on the Spider-Man cupcakes.

Spider-Man Cupcake Directions

1. Draw the eyes on the sugar sheet with the black food marker. Let me tell you that we had quite a dilemma about how big, what shape, etc. along with my husband launching into why Spider-Man’s eyes are different shapes in certain cartoons. In the end, we couldn’t decide so you’ll see down below that there are many different shapes. Go with a shape you like at about 1″ long.

Making Spider-Man Eyes for Cupcakes

Remove the plastic back from the sugar sheet and fold in half (don’t leave it this way for long as it will stick). This way you can cut two eyes at once. Separate the eyes and flip one over to get identical, opposing eyes. Or, whatever that’s called.

2. Frost the cupcakes with red frosting.

3. Take black frosting and make one line across. Make two lines from center to edge, like so.

Spider-Man Cupcakes

The sparkle gel is so gel-like that there’s no real need for a totally steady hand (or perhaps that’s because I was making these for 5-year-olds). Squeeze lightly and drape it across the cupcake. You could make a cross and then fill in with other diagonal lines. This looks a little bit cluttered in my opinion.

4. Finish the other side and then loop frosting between the lines to complete the web. It looks better if you start slightly above where the lines finish.

5. Place the eyes. I tried to nestle one side up against and slightly under a black line.

6. Outline each eye with black frosting. We tried coloring with the food marker but it didn’t look right as it was a lighter black than the gel. Don’t skip this part (like some other people on the internet). Spider-Man doesn’t look like Spider-Man without the black outline around his eyes. Kids will notice.

Wilton also makes a cute cardboard Spider-Man Cupcake Stand that I saw at Michael’s.

That’s it! I was so rushed, I only have this Instagram photo of all of them.

Spider-Man Birthday Cupcakes

The Spider-Man cupcakes were a hit at school, I’m told. Now you know how to make Spider-Man cupcakes, too.

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  1. These are wonderful! And while I don’t have a child to make these for, I do have a 30-year old man who would adore these…

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