Allianz Travel Insurance

A toy plan sits on a calculator - protect your trip. Start with a free quote for Allianz travel insurance.

If you’re interested in finding out more about travel insurance, you can start with a no-obligation free quote from Allianz Global Assistance. Our agency has access to a customized plan called Journey that prices well and offers excellent coverage than you may find on the regular marketplace.

First, check to be sure that your airline, tour operator, or cruise line is on their covered supplier list and read their coverage alert as it pertains to Covid-19.

Continuing Allianz benefits to be aware of:

  • Allianz continues to cover Covid-19 if an insured contracts the disease and needs Emergency Medical Care or our Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption benefits. This is despite Covid-19 being a “known event” now.
  • Policies are still able to be moved to future trips and for up to three years from policy purchase. All benefits remain in place.
  • Strong primary medical benefits, a strong Assistance team, payment guarantees to facilitate hospital admission and payment offers upon release.
  • The TravelSmart™ mobile assistance safety app puts Allianz in your pocket as you travel. It provides the ability to call Allianz and local first responders with the touch of a button, to download your policy onto your phone to look at the coverage, file a claim from your phone with pictures of receipts, display local hospitals (with a gold star for those that Allianz has visited, vetted) and more.

Why Allianz Global Assistance

We use Allianz Global Assistance because it is a part of the world’s largest diversified insurance company. They are also a Virtuoso member company with (at the time of this writing) a 97% positive rating. Not all companies are eligible for Virtuoso membership. They qualify after meeting stringent requirements and are kicked out if they fail to deliver.

When to Buy Travel Insurance

It used to be that you could wait to buy travel insurance. In today’s landscape, you’re better off purchasing on the same day that you make an initial deposit, especially if you want cancel for any reason coverage.

If you are going to purchase cancel for any reason insurance, you need to be prepared to purchase it on the day you make your initial deposit. Note that, usually, “any reason” may not be because you’re scared of traveling due to Covid-19.

Be sure to read the fine print that comes with whatever policy you choose. You must be absolutely sure the policy provides the coverage that you’re comfortable with.

I also recommend supplementing with a MedJet membership (we have had a family MedJetHorizon membership for many years and find the peace of mind worth the cost).