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Allianz Travel Insurance

A toy plan sits on a calculator - protect your trip. Start with a free quote for Allianz travel insurance.

When we travel, we buy travel insurance more often than not because in the event we are forced to cancel a trip, we’re eligible for reimbursements.

That’s important because so many airline tickets are nonrefundable these days. Delays and emergencies happen.

If you’re interested in finding out more about travel insurance, you can start with a no-obligation free quote from Allianz Global Assistance (below) or keep reading for a detailed look at why Allianz travel insurance can be a good investment.

Allianz Global Assistance

We use Allianz Global Assistance because it is a part of the world’s largest diversified insurance company. The entire line of Allianz travel insurance products is also competitively priced and easy to understand.

Allianz insurance offers plans for different types of trips (e.g., luxury travel), and they have a reputation in the travel world for handling claims quickly.

For travelers looking for general travel insurance, Allianz Global Assistance offers four package plans, plus travel medical plans and specialty plans.  

Essential Plan

This Allianz travel insurance plan is great for travelers who want individual coverage for domestic travel. It covers not only cancellations, but also interruptions, delays, and medical expenses, so if you can’t go on your trip, you have to end it early, or you get ill, you’re not left paying for flights and accommodations you didn’t use. 

Basic Plan

Delays and medical expenses are covered up to $10,000. It also includes 24-hour emergency assistance services for medical emergencies and travel emergencies.

Classic Plan

This comprehensive Allianz travel insurance plan includes coverage for international travel, tours, and cruises. In addition to reimbursements for cancellations and interruptions, you’ll also be covered in the event you miss a connecting flight, lose your luggage, have a medical emergency, or need to be evacuated. Children under 17 who are traveling with a parent or grandparent are covered at no additional cost.

Classic with Trip+ Plan

This is Allianz’s first-class travel insurance plan. Of all four plans, it has the highest limits and the most extras. If you’re planning a luxury vacation, it’s a good choice because it offers everything in the Classic plan with more coverage plus reimbursements for change fees and redepositing frequent flyer points.

Other Allianz Travel Insurance Plans

Allianz Global Assistance offers multiple annual plans for frequent travelers that cover cancellations, interruptions, baggage loss, medical emergencies, evacuations, flight delays, and rental car damage (depending on the options you choose).

There are also medical evacuation plans, which are especially useful for people traveling to remote destinations or going on cruises because the cost of medical transportation can be staggering. Road trippers should look into rental car damage protection. Allianz is one of the few travel insurance companies offering this type of plan, which provides additional coverage for collision or theft. 

When to Buy Travel Insurance

You don’t need to buy travel insurance when you’re booking flights and hotels, but it’s a good idea to buy it as soon as you’ve made all the arrangements.

That way, you know how much your trip will cost and what kind of coverage you’ll need to be fully covered in the event of a cancellation, interruption, or medical emergency.

The other reason to buy travel insurance soon after you’ve made all the necessary reservations is so you don’t forget. Your trip is covered as soon as you purchase insurance from Allianz, so you’ll be protected right away and then until your return.

Be sure to read the fine print that comes with whatever policy you choose to make absolutely sure it provides the coverage that you’re comfortable with.