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Louis Vuitton’s Complimentary Hot Stamping Service

My primary wallet for the last 10 years has been a long monogram Louis Vuitton. Though the visibility of the luxury brand logo bothers me at times, the durability of the canvas is what keeps me a loyal customer. My husband is astonished that I still keep the LV monogram backpack he bought me 12 years ago in my purse rotation.

I recently bought a Neverfull GM handbag at the Louis Vuitton store inside Neiman Marcus at Fashion Valley. During the transaction, the sales associated asked me if I’d like to have my wallet hot-stamped with my initials for free. There are 18 colors and several sizes of Louis Vuitton hot stamping to choose from.

Louis Vuitton Hot Stamping

She said that most people with gold hardware choose gold, so that’s what I went with. My wallet was ready for pick-up two days later. Though my wallet is 10 years old and completely functional, I suspect that most people would have replaced it already. However, having my initials hot-stamped into the top flap gave it a second wind.

Louis Vuitton hot stamping is available when you purchase their items online and in select stores on new and pre-owned, authentic items. Complimentary Louis Vuitton hot stamping is offered at both of San Diego’s Louis Vuitton stores. In addition to the store inside Neiman Marcus, there is a much larger store inside Fashion Valley mall, across from the escalators up to the food court. If the larger store isn’t busy, they can do it while you shop otherwise you’ll need to pick it up later.

This short video by Louis Vuitton sheds light on the hot stamping process and shows some possible color combinations.

I am VERY pleased with the end result. I suppose if you intend to sell your bag or wallet eventually, you may want to think twice about Louis Vuitton hot stamping.

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