I originally wrote this in partnership with Bark back in 2017, but my current dog, Ruby, still plays with some of these toys — a testament to their longevity.

So here’s the thing… a 70 lb. rescued pitbull can cycle through many toys. Yes, toys. Miraculously, Scooby (rest in peace) always knew the difference between his and my daughter’s when it came to stuffies or bubbies or whatever you wanted to call them.

First, The Super Chewer Toys

His toys, however, definitely got tossed around, ripped apart, and snuggled, which is why we’re a fan of Barbox Super Chewer toys.

Both of my dogs love toys, but I like them to last. Note: Super Chewer toys are now always fluff-free. The toys that were originally received had some fluff in them.

Scooby lays with the Barkbox Super Chewer jellyfish pull toy.

Toys provided Scooby with stimulation and comfort, which I think rescue dogs like him need. His Super Chewer box arrived when he was 8 years old. Toys still got wrecked, albeit slightly differently than when he was younger, but that’s the point.

Scooby lays happily next to his Bark Super Chewer toys.

But toy-loving dogs who are destroyers can rejoice. BARK, the maker of BarkBox offer a Super Chewer box.

At the time of the order featured in this review, there were two themes — Totally Ripped and Under the Seams — but there are many more now that change by the month (and again, the toys are fluff-free).

A membership card in the BarkBox Super Chewer box for dog toys.

This means it’s possible to order dog toys based on how your dog plays with them. It’s genius, especially for neurotic dog owners like me.

Scooby pulls the jellyfish tail in his mouts as BarkBox Super Chewer dog toys are meant to be destroyed.

Scooby could seriously not believe his luck when he received the Under The Seams (Give ‘Em Shell Bundle) products to fit his serious destruction style.

It’s a cool theme, especially since we live by the beach. As people who frequently shop online, we’re no strangers to receiving packages on the doorstep, but somehow, he knew this one was for him right from the get-go.

If he could talk, I’m pretty sure he’d say, “BIG TOYS, Mom!” I could see it in his eyes.

Your dog will love destroying toys from BarkBox Super Chewer.

I would say that he gives all four Super Chewer toys equal attention, but poor Lanky Larry the Lobster gets taken around the entire neighborhood during walks. This is the first time he’s ever taken a toy on a walk like this (but also oddly the calmest walk we’d ever been on).

He was focused on keeping a tight grip on Larry (making doing his business a bit hilariously difficult) and did not release the poor lobster once the entire time. Funny.

Larry the Lobster from Bark's Super Chewer gets taken out on the town in Scooby's mouth.

If he could talk, he’d tell you that your dog needs a Barkbox Super Chewer membership. (It used to be called a Destroyers Club membership).

Boxes come with two fluff-free toys and two full-sized bags of treats. If your dog has dietary restrictions, you can make substitutions (I have done this).

The Regular Barkbox Scooby Got for His Birthday

The thing about rescue dogs is that their birthdays are often unknown. At the time of our dog Scooby’s adoption, it was estimated that he was 2.5 years old, meaning his real birthday fell around the same time as my daughter’s. She decided that Scooby’s birthday should be the day after hers.

Fast forward to early April 2017, the month of his 8th birthday. We were hot on the heels of a long and busy trip to Asia. Preparation for my daughter’s birthday was in full swing, and felt like it lasted forever. It wasn’t until her birthday day that I realized we had all forgotten our dog’s birthday.

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His start to life is a horror story, so we spoiled him and gave him birthday presents.

My dog with a toy from his awesome BarkBox.

THANK GOODNESS, a guilt-relieving BarkBox was already on its way. It’s a monthly dog subscription box full of toys, treats, and dog happiness for dogs of all sizes. As avid travelers and fans of the Big Apple, we found the “Poo York City” theme both hilarious and clever.

A peek inside of a BarkBox for dogs.

I opened it outside of his presence to sleuth out what comes in a BarkBox. Each BarkBox contains:

  • 2 plush toys to snuggle & squeak
  • 2 bags of wholesome treats
  • Surprise activities & games for more playtime with your best friend

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The cheeky directions say to open it on the floor with your dog (or furniture, if the dog is permitted on it) so that’s what I did.

A "Poo York City" BarkBox for dogs

And I also learned that it’s tough to photograph a dog with a BarkBox. He took the pretzel and ran into the other room, where much chewing occurred. It was excitement all the way despite my best efforts to document it.

Each BarkBox comes with two themed toys like this giant NYC pretzel that my dog is obsessed with.

My daughter checked out the scene with the rest of the BarkBox. He was like, “Don’t you dare take away my pretzel!”

Each BarkBox comes with two themed dog toys.

I also unpackaged the chew which he promptly took outside to his favorite snacking spot.

BarkBox review: What comes inside and how Scooby liked this dog subscription box.

How a BarkBox Subscription Works

A BarkBox subscription service is cheaper if you commit to an annual subscription, but you can try it for a month or six months. Each box is customized a little bit to your dog based on some preferences that you select. BarkBox is well-known for its awesome customer service.

BarkBox review: What comes inside and how Scooby liked this dog subscription box.

I think any BarkBox subscription is a good idea for dogs who tear out squeakers quickly like this guy, as I would probably break even. (Though, to be honest, these toys still had their squeakers in weeks later, so they are well made.)

My husband cannot say no to this face and constantly gives him snacks. I like having plenty on hand that are made specifically for dogs as opposed to scraps of human food.

Every dog needs a BarkBox subscription. This guy gives it a glowing review.

Have you tried BarkBox?

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