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Super Chewer: A Must-Have For Dogs Who Destroy Toys

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So here’s the thing… a 70 lb. rescued pitbull can cycle through a lot of toys. Yes, toys. Miraculously, he’s always known the difference between his and hers (my daughter’s) when it comes to stuffies or bubbies or whatever you want to call them.

His, however, definitely get tossed around, ripped apart and snuggled. I can never seem to catch him nose-to-nose with a toy (that is sometimes beheaded or desqueaked) in a photo. He lifts his head every single time but, trust me, the sight would melt your heart.

He loves toys.

Rescue dogs benefit from playing with toys.

Toys provide Scooby both stimulation and comfort, two things I really think a rescue dog like him needs. It has been interesting to see how differently he destroys toys now that he’s the ripe old age of 8 versus when he arrived at our house a super skinny and scared 2.5ish-year-old.

It takes a bit longer now but after a while, squeakers come out and heads roll.

The Bark Super Chewer is excellent for rescued pitbulls like mine.

But toy-loving dogs can rejoice. BARK, from the makers of BarkBox (let’s just talk about how much he loves his monthly BarkBox delivery of toys and treats now offers a Super Chewer box with two themes: Totally Ripped and Under the Seams.

A membership in the BarkBox Super Chewer for dog toys.

This means that it’s possible to order dog toys based on how your dog plays with toys. It’s genius, especially for neurotic dog owners like me.

BARK has identified four destruction styles. Scooby must be a man of style because all four fit his mojo.

  • Thrasher: toys feature extra long floppy limbs or t-shirt rope (depending on toy) to grab & thrash; this dog tosses the toy around/thrashes it by taking advantage of these features
  • Squeaker-Seeker: toys come packed with multiple squeakers and a variety of squeaker types; this dog hunts for squeakers and pulls them out.
  • Shredder: toys feature extra long hair & variety in hair texture for gripping & ripping that the dog will grab onto and pull
  • De-Fluffer: toys come packed tight w/ twice as much stuffing: literally double the fluff; dog tears fluff from toy
BarkBox Super Chewer dog toys are meant to be destroyed.

Scooby could seriously not believe his luck when he received the Under The Seams (Give ‘Em Shell Bundle) products to fit each destruction style:

  • Horseshoed Horace the Crab (horseshoe crab; playstyle is shredder)
  • Lanky Larry the Lobster (playstyle is thrasher)
  • Homebody Homer the Crab (hermit crab; playstyle is squeaker-seeker)
  • Tubular Tucker the Turtle (playstyle is de-fluffer)

It’s a very cool theme, especially since we live by the beach. As people who frequently shop online, we’re no strangers to receiving packages on the doorstep but somehow he knew this one was for him right from the get go. If he could talk, I’m pretty sure he’d say, “FOUR BIG TOYS, Mom!” I could see it in his eyes.

Your dog will love destroying toys from BarkBox Super Chewer.

I would say that he gives all four toys equal attention but poor Lanky Larry the Lobster gets taken around the entire neighborhood during walks. This is the first time he’s ever taken a toy on a walk like this (but also oddly the calmest walk we’d ever been on).

He was focused on keeping a tight grip on Larry (making doing his business a bit hilariously difficult) and did not release the poor lobster once the entire time. Funny.

Larry the Lobster from Bark's Super Chewer gets taken out on the town.

If he could talk, he’d tell you that your dog needs a Destroyers Club membership. It’s possible to join the club to unlock prizes like trophy toys and credits by submitting photos of their dog’s destruction skills or buying Destroyers Club toys.

What kind of destroyer is your dog?

Try Bark Super Chewer

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