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Are There More Health Benefits in Lemon Water or Lime Water?

One of the most frequently asked questions in the comment section of my post about health benefits of lemon water is whether or not drinking lime water might yield the same results as drinking lemon water. I decided to finally sleuth out the answer.

Why I Drink Lemon Water

A few years ago, I started drinking lemon water first thing in the morning about 20-30 minutes prior to eating or drinking anything else other than water. I now feel the difference during days that I don’t drink it and can see the difference in my skin when I stop drinking it for long periods of time. I also am less susceptible to the colds and flus brought home by my daughter.

People started leaving comments on the original post about health conditions improved by lemon water when other medical treatments failed. So, I figure it can’t hurt to continue drinking lemon water

Health Benefits Of Lemons vs. Limes

The bottom line is that both are good for you. However, lemons have a slightly more health benefits in that they are higher in Vitamin C which helps the liver to produce glutathione, a regenerative antioxidant that helps the liver process and eliminate toxins. It’s probably a better choice for those looking for a true detox. Limes are higher in calcium and Vitamin A, but experts suggest the amounts aren’t significant enough to choose limes over lemons. Here is the nutritional breakdown:

Size Matters

Since I normally juice 1/2 of an average lemon into a glass of warm water, I’d probably need to juice almost an entire lime to yield the same benefit. In this case, size matters because if you’re going to swap one for the other and are worried about health benefits, just make sure that you’re adding an equivalent amount to each glass.

lime water

Lemon Water Or Lime Water?

I’m not a medical expert, but I think you’ll reap health benefits by choosing either one. I do drink lime water if I run out of lemons and, to be honest, I prefer the taste. I think I’ll rotate it in more often now or occasionally go with both, as demonstrated in the top photo. Which will you choose?

Update: After cycling through a number of lemon squeezers, I’ve shifted to a stainless steel lemon squeezer that I can toss into the dishwasher. I’ve been through peeling paint and corroded plastic with other brands so feel this is worth mentioning if you’re going to make drinking lemon water or lime water a daily habit.

Don’t forget to read about the benefits of cucumber water and my original lemon water post!

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71 thoughts on “Are There More Health Benefits in Lemon Water or Lime Water?

  1. I am 81 years of age and continue to work 15 hrs a day, 6 days a week without any sick or casual leave .
    I haven’t been hospitalised nor is there need for me to take sleeping pills . I maintain perfect health
    and enviable physical fitness & mental alertness. In fact, my responses and reflexes have grown sharper
    over the years. By the grace of God , therefore , I am still entrusted with the onerous office of
    Exec. Vice Chairman of a renowned Business Group, 20 years well past the corporate retirement age.

    I have stated the above to reaffirm the significant health benefit of drinking lemon in warm water
    the first thing in the morning, which I have been taking for decades besides , of course , some other
    natural herbs and highly nutritive veg food rich in fibre .

    Any queries are welcome

    1. What is your opinion regarding drinking lemon water compared to lime water? I like the lime taste better, but if lemon gives more health benefits, I would stick to the lemon. Haven’t been practicing this before, gonna start doing it every morning – a lifehack tip I just read.

    2. Thank you so muchfor sharing, it is Very encouraging. I trust that this note finds you still in a blessed place of continued health.

      Is it possible, please, to share a few key tips regarding the “natural herbs and highly nutritive veg food rich in fibre” that you add to your diet? It will be much appreciated.

      Kind regards;


    3. First off congrats on such willpower and strength to eat properly all these yeArs.I personally find it harder now that I quit my job to raise the smallest and support my older kids..(4total) I am trying to make better choices. We have all begun drinking lime water even the 2 yr old !! And I will be purchasing the 21 day diet as seen on tv to easily help all of us with portion control. We are a cuban family and love to eat so this is an adventure for us.I would love to k now what herbs you take? [email protected] thanks

    4. May GOD give a long life for many years to come I am 51 and my dream to be healthy as I get to your age I am in to eat as close as to natural and any thing less human interference and hands on I try to make almost everything from seecatch and follow our older wiser people like you Ramesh keep up the good habits .

    5. dear mr Maheshwari
      I have to my Lemon honey and turmeric added ginger to the warm water .
      You talk about other herbal concoctions you take . Any tips sir?
      Respect for the discipline and health you have followed diligently

      1. This is correct. Cold water causes constriction and will shut down the digestive process until the lemon/lime water is body temperature, making the wait time longer. Warm water is naturally closer to body temperature and allows faster movement of the lemon/lime water through the digestive organs.

    1. Ummmm no….. not because “it can shock your system”. Drink it (at least) lukewarm because the citric acid in both lemons and limes can do some serious damage to your teeth over time. Mixing the juice with warm water will help dilute the acid and significantly decrease the effect it can have on your enamel.

        1. It has to be digested to become alkaline. Once lemons and limes are digested by the body they leave behind an alkaline ash that alkalizes the body.

        2. It most certainly causes enamel erosion. Mostly if you are eating it raw, like sucking on it. All citrus does. I have seen it first hand in the dental office. It does not become alkaline until it enters your body!

  2. In my Latin culture limes are almost ALWAYS used. Plus, I prefer limes taste. But I don't mind alternating. Is all about balance. 😉 Thank you for this article.

  3. I have started drinking lime water Luke warm I love it for a detox and I love the taste ,lemon is a bit to strong for me I will continue it helps me release water .

  4. this is so awesome … we are all on the same page 🙂

    In Jan 2015.. I had started drinking lime water at night before bed… and feenel tea in the morning on empty stomach…

    here is what has happened:

    – losing weight, not dieting or exercising ..
    – acne is cleared, acne scars are fading now
    – regular bowl movements
    – under eye wrinkles seem to get better
    – I dont have issues waking up in the morning, no more headaches n snooze’s..

    hope this helps, just thot i will share my experience.

    1. It helps kickstart digestion which is why its best to drink it in the morning before you have eaten anything. The lemon water prepares your body for what you are about to eat.

  5. I tried this at night and usually it’s hard for me to sleep and this time I took my cup of hot water and lime, in a matter of minutes I felt asleep.

  6. I’m going to switch them up, too, now. In my local vegetable market the limes and lemons are almost the same size, and the limes are 5/$1 whereas the lemons are 2/$1, lol… I always thoughts limes were more expensive and a lot smaller, but apparently not here! Lime water here I come! 🙂

  7. I tried a detox using lemon juice and had such horrible pains I thought I was having a gall bladder attack. I almost called an ambulance it was so bad. My wholistic doctor said to use limes, not lemons. Now I use a lime every day and they have never hurt me, but I don’t know why he thinks lemons are the cause of the problem.

  8. I have been drinking warm lime water (which I prefer vs. lemon) first thing in the morning now for 3 years and I noticed a difference on my overall skin and face complexion – it really feels healthy and supple. I also drink it while I’m preparing a meal. It does help with digestion, the way, I used to crave anything that’s sweet – but when that craving lurks its head, I go for a lime drink and the craving goes away. Here’s a tip that has been helpful for me – to prevent acid erosion on my teeth, I drink my lime water with a straw – it worked!!!

  9. I used to drink lime and lemon water on a daily basis during the summer, but then school started and i didnt have time to prepare and drink it anymore. My forehead is pretty prone to acne or whiteheads, and after i stopped drinking the L&L water, i noticed that it was getting worse. I didnt really notice if my acne was better during the time i drank the L&L water, but im assuming it helped since it got worse after i stopped.
    So, I’ve been starting to return to drinking the L&L water. Hope it helps my poor forehead!! 😛

    P.S. I suggest not just putting lime and lemon. Personally I think that just both of them are still a bit strong on the flavor so I add and squeeze a bit of an orange slice in there. And some orange juice, so that the sweetness of the OJ kind of dilutes the sour taste. And since I prefer lime over lemon,my water is kinda lacking in the vitamin C part, so the OJ kind of makes up for it I guess.

    Hoped this helped.

    1. Acne is directly linked to diet and stress. The stomach and small intestine meridians run along certain areas of the face. When you eat too much sugar, processed foods, greasy foods, fast food, etc. your digestive tract is over burdened and cannot remove the toxins from the body well. One manifestation is acne. Stress also contributes to acne. The reason you probably had less issues with acne when you regularly drank lemon water is because you were aiding your digestive tract in removing toxins, albeit you were likely still in taking more harmful foods. Eat organic foods (nothing processed or treated with chemicals-all conventional food is toxic), drink clean spring water, get at least 8-9 hours of sleep, meditate, read quality books, paint, enjoy life, rid yourself of toxic relationships, and I guarantee you will not have acne.

        1. You have to eat right and exfoliate as well. Try higher % of salicylic acid in your face wash. Buy it and add more to your soap. Raw aloe and a rough towel or brush. Thats what Ive done. No meat and dairy really helped my skin. Only fish. Its worth it for a clear face I promise

    2. Replace your face cream with organic oil like coconut oil, almond oil or simply use pure petroleum jelly, I recommend Vaseline blue seal and you will solve your acne problem.

  10. I live in Bangkok and lemons cost an arm and a leg, yet limes are freely available. So I’m glad you wrote this piece as I was dubious about replacing my precious lemons with limes.
    Next step – how to grow a lemon tree in a studio apartment…

  11. We juice 1/2 a lemon and 1/2 a lime into a 2 litre jug of cold water,
    place the 1/2 juiced lemon + 1/2 juiced lime into the water as well then drink this throughout the day.

    We have 8 litres in our fridge!

  12. You would drink these waters with added limes or lemon because of the health benefits. They are alkaline so this helps keep the body in a healthy state and help fight against diseases.

  13. Can any one tell me if drinking lemon or lime juice from a bottle mixed with warm water instead of fresh still works?

  14. Wonderful site . Anyway, God Bless Mr Maheshwari and his good health. I just started drinking lime water and it actually does stop your coffee intake. Even for my husband. My system too gets cleansed well. Kudos to the miracle of this fruit.

    1. Bless you Mary. I am about to embark on quitting coffee using lemon/lime juice in a hot beverage (it’s winter here) and I deeply appreciate your post l! It gives me great feedback and now more hope that I have made the right choice of alternative to try!

  15. A life hack here is to microwave either your lemon or lounge for 15 seconds and it will yield much more juice!!

    1. Microwaves should be banned. They altered food on a molecular scale which can cause a huge array of problem when the food is then consumed. If you suggest heating up the lemon, try an oven. Never use the microwave. So bad for you!

      1. Microwave does not alter the molecules of the lemon. Microwave has the same frequency as H2O which is water. Therefore in any product that has liquid present in the product would react with Microwave. What the wave does is to vibrate the water or liquid molecules. When the molecules vibrate, friction will cause heat thus the food becomes hot. So do not worry about changing the molecular structure because it does not. That’s science my friend. Pure chemistry and physics!

    2. Yes it does and yes the food reduces in vitamin content being molecularly changed. The SKIN of the citrus contains far more health benefits than the fruits juice, so, essentially, you are much better off to use the zest. To avoid waste, use both juice and zest and enjoy a KAPOW detoxification!!

  16. I am 67 and have been drinking warm lemon water since I was about 22. I have no athritis, no aches nor pains, and take no prescription meds and in excellent health with average excercise. Whether or not lemon water has anything to do with it, I don’t know…but I’m keeping it part of morning routine. When lemons or limes get too expensive, I do use bottled lemon juice non-GMO, but it does have some preservative ingredients.

    1. I love you. I really believe that! My friend’s mom from the Virgin Islands is always boiling lemon and water and drinking it…She’s never sick by the way! That’s for the affirmation!

  17. I’ve thought they’re sort of the same. Nevertheless, I’ll just occasionally go with both also. It’s like having best of both worlds.

  18. What about drinking orange water? How does that compare to lemons? Not juice, but flavored water as described here but with oranges.

  19. I have been drinking lemon water every morning for about 6 months. I have decided that I will never give it up. I am 77 years old, I no longer need blood pressure or cholesterol meds, and I attribute it all to lemon water. I also tried lime water, but I find them much more bitter and hard to swallow without sugar or honey.

    I am now planning to add Turmeric spice to my lemon water to add more health benefits. I hope to write on this site about the wonderful results of the lemon water/turmeric combination.

    1. I find that limes do not cause as much as an acidic reaction. Much less heartburn for me at least. I also seem to feel all over better with lime juice opposed to lemon. But, that’s me

  20. I add the juice of one lemon, lime and orange to a 2 qt pitcher of water and add some agave, and that’s what I drink throughout the day. I also add some fresh ginger. What’s your take on the agave, in terms of health?

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