First, there is no selfie stick in the world that could take a photo like this. And, I’m in a phase of my life where I don’t need or want “things” anymore. It’s memories that I seek.

I figured there was no better place to capture memories, thanks to Flytographer, then at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong since it’s much more than just a luxury hotel to us. This Four Seasons was our home for four years and my daughter’s first home. I don’t have very many family pictures here that are outside of our hotel apartment.

Flytographer travel photo shoot at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

I have to say that we’re not an easy family to photograph (my husband was not on this trip with us). Someone is always fidgeting or uncooperative. My daughter is incredibly camera-shy and shy, in general, so I usually spend my time in front of the camera, desperately trying to bring out her smile, which can wind up looking awkward in photos.

With the help of our local Flytographer, Keith, and a comfortable location for her, it turned out that she was more-or-less fine. Her smiles took a lot less effort on my part. I give his cool demeanor credit for that.

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What Is Flytographer?

My traveling friends have been raving about Flytographer for some time. It is a service through which you can book an on-location, professional vacation photographer for 30-90 minutes to document your holiday in one or two locations. Flytographers are located worldwide in over 130 major cities, including San Diego, where I recently enjoyed a shoot.

In fact, if you like this candid style of photography, why not hire a Flytographer to capture special moments in your own city? Talk about an awesome Christmas card photo.

Tips for Your Flytographer Shoot

Flytographer travel photos in Hong Kong

1. Don’t stay out late with friends the night prior like I did. Just kidding. Do what you like. Though it may not look like it, I was exhausted during this shoot (thanks to Keith’s skills).

2. Don’t argue (too much) with your kids regarding wardrobe. My daughter was already uneasy with the idea and began to get really, really upset when discussing what I thought would be appropriate.

For example, despite her hat experiencing massive color bleed from an up-ended water bucket in Kota Kinabalu, my daughter was visibly more comfortable wearing it during the shoot, so I let her. Now, I really don’t care.

3. Put thought into your location and what you’d like to see in your photo. Keith was totally game to shoot us anywhere we liked in the hotel and would tell us if the lighting wasn’t right so go ahead and bounce location and shoot ideas off of your Flytographer.

4. Get permission, if needed. If you’re planning to shoot in a hotel, as I did, make sure it is okay. We were cautious not to photograph any of the guests, and my friend in the public relations department assisted us on the day.

5. Relax. This isn’t a stressful experience! Everyone doesn’t always have to look right at the camera so have a good time. Because there isn’t pressure to pose, I think this style of photography is easier on kids.

Would We Book Again?

Totally. I think the photos speak for themselves, but let me tell you this. I carried a DSLR and three lenses, a GoPro, my iPhone, and a point-and-shoot on this vacation. I was so tired of juggling equipment, and it was so nice to have someone else take the pictures for once.

Don’t always be the one behind the camera! And, if you’re ever in Hong Kong, here is Keith’s Flytographer info. He’s really great with kids and easy to work with.

What are you waiting for? Prices start at $250 for a 30-minute shoot.

Have you used a vacation photographer before? Would you consider it?

**Photo credits Keith Tsuji in Hong Kong for Flytographer.

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  1. Photos turned out great! Thanks so much for the recommendation – this is definitely something I’m going to do when our toddler son gets into a less squirmy stage. 😉

  2. Another La Jolla mom here thanking you for this post which inspired me to give our son and his wife a Flytographer in Venice as a gift. I just saw the AMAZING photos & I am blown away. It looks like a magazine shoot. Thank you for a great idea !