Go San Francisco is one of the best ways to save money on San Francisco attractions. It’s purchased mostly by tourists, but the Go San Francisco sightseeing pass is also an excellent buy for residents who want to spend more time exploring San Francisco.

In this post, I’ll share some answers to questions I frequently get about Go San Francisco. I will also go over the various pass options, how to use Go San Francisco and the benefits that extend beyond the savings.

You can save on tickets, tours, and hotels through my affiliations. If you make purchases through the links in this post, I may be compensated.

FAQs About Go San Francisco

Before I dig into the discounts you’ll get when you use Go San Francisco, let’s talk about what it is and how it works.

What Is Go San Francisco?

Go San Francisco is a single multi-attraction pass that will save you big bucks when purchasing combined admission to the city’s top attractions, tours, and museums. 

The average San Francisco savings range from 21% to 23% off of gate prices.

What Is a Go City Pass?

Go City passes are discounted attractions passes that are available in cities worldwide including Go Los Angeles, Go San Diego, Go Shanghai, and many others.

There are different types of Go City passes you can buy when you’re exploring these cities. This way, you can see what you want to see and do what you want to do. For example, Go San Francisco options include All-Inclusive passes, Explorer passes, and Build Your Own passes.

How Does Go San Francisco work?

Think about what you want to see and then choose the right type of Go San Francisco pass. To make things easy on you, you can download it right to your phone.

An All-Inclusive pass is your ticket into any of the 25+ eligible attractions. A Build Your Own pass is the perfect option if you plan to create your itinerary in advance and know where you’re going

Most Go San Francisco options let you enjoy other perks around the city, from skipping lines to freebies to discounts at restaurants and shops.

What Are Go San Francisco Passes Used For?

These passes are one of the best ways to explore San Francisco. You can get discounted admission to more than 25 destinations in San Francisco, including San Francisco Zoo, Exploratorium, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMoMA), Aquarium by the Bay and others. The more you do with your Go San Diego pass, the more you’ll save!

Do Go San Francisco Passes Expire?

The All-Inclusive Go City for San Francisco can be purchased in 1 to 5-day increments. The pass is activated the first time you use it at a participating attraction and good for the number of days purchased.

Build Your Own and flex passes are valid for 30 days after activation. You have one year from the date of purchase to begin using your pass. After one year, it will expire.

Once you’ve activated your Go San Francisco pass, you can’t make changes to your passes or deduct cash from it. They are non-transferrable and can not be resold.

What Is a San Francisco Explorer Pass?

A San Francisco Explorer pass is a type of Go San Francisco pass. This is where you choose a 3, 4 or 5-choice pass that allows you to visit 3, 4 or 5 qualifying attractions up to 30 days from first use.

A benefit to the San Francisco Explorer pass is that you don’t have to choose your attractions in advance. This flexibility allows travelers to decide on a whim which qualifying attractions to use the pass for.

Purchase and receive instant delivery to your email or phone via the app. You’ll receive easy-to-follow instructions with your confirmation.

The Top 10 Reasons to Invest in a Go San Francisco Pass

1. Save Up to 60% on San Francisco Attractions

The best reason to buy Go San Francisco is for the discounted admission. Keep in mind, how much you can save using Go San Francisco will depend on what type of pass you choose and what you decide to do. Based on my research, the typical savings range from 20-55%. Of course, that depends on the type of pass chosen.

It is difficult to get this large of a discount without this sightseeing pass — especially for those who are avid sightseers or have long San Francisco vacations planned.

Get a better idea of how people save using Go San Francisco by scrolling down to the “Savings Examples” tab.

2. All Major San Francisco Attractions Participate

Go San Francisco Pass: Exploratorium
Exploratorium is a Go San Francisco pass attraction.

Everything I would classify as a major San Francisco attraction can be visited using Go San Francisco (the full list is below), including the Exploratorium®, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMoMa), San Francisco Zoo, California Academy of Sciences, and other things to do in San Francisco.

3. The Go San Francisco Pass Saves Time

With the Go San Francisco Pass, you typically won’t have to wait in a ticketing line when you visit an attraction. Some attractions offer priority entry for Go San Francisco pass holders.

Once you purchase Go San Francisco, the app (which is excellent for anyone who needs help getting around the city) or printed pass serves as your ticket. This can save you significant time at busy attractions.

4. There Are Four Go San Francisco Pass Options

An All-Inclusive Pass

This Go City option allows users to visit all the available 25+ San Francisco attractions at a reduced cost. The benefit of the All-Inclusive pass is that you can make last-minute decisions about which attractions to visit.

The All-Inclusive Go San Francisco pass is available in 1, 2, 3 and 5-day increments, but needs to be used on consecutive calendar days.

San Francisco Explorer Pass

The San Francisco Explorer pass is popular because it allows people to sightsee at leisure by selecting a 3, 4, or 5 attraction pass. This flexible pass can be used at any of the eligible Explorer pass attractions so you can decide where to use it as you sightsee.

It’s good for 30 days after the first attraction is visited and saves up to 45% off of gate prices.

Build Your Own Pass

The Build Your Own pass is the best option for people who know exactly where they’re going. It can include as few as two of the 37 available San Francisco attractions and is good for 30 days after activating the pass at your first attraction.

If you live in San Francisco and your family doesn’t have an annual membership to certain attractions, it’s a great way to save on local fun. The Build Your Own pass also covers a few attractions outside of San Francisco, like Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and California’s Great America.

5. It’s an Easy Gift

Do you have family and friends coming to San Francisco for a vacation? Skip the mall shopping and opt for a Go San Francisco pass. Passes can be delivered to your recipient via email.

Seventeen other cities offer Go City passes, too, and prices start as low as $20. This means that you might be able to get Go City passes for most of the people on your gift-giving list.

6. You Get Instant Digital Delivery

It’s possible to buy Go San San Francisco online and immediately print a pass to use. Or you can store your pass on the new Go City app. Having the app means you never have to worry about losing your paper Go San Francisco pass. I highly recommend a download.

7. Having the App Means Skipping the Line

If you print out your Go San Francisco voucher, you may need to take it to a ticket line to collect your actual paper pass. The app lets you skip this step at select attractions and allows you to go directly to turnstiles where they will scan a QR code on your phone.

8. The App Gives Directions, Hours and More

After you register your Go San Francisco purchase on the app, you’ll get immediate access to directions, hours, tips for making the most of your San Francisco visit, and much more handy information all in one spot.

9. Manage Multiple Passes from One Phone

It’s easy to manage multiple Go City sightseeing passes from the app by simply swiping between them. The app also allows you to contact customer service with one tap.

10. There Is a Risk-Free Guarantee

If you buy Go San Francisco and wind up not using it, you have 30 days from your purchase date to return any non-activated or unused passes for a full refund. You’ll also have a year from the purchase date to use the pass.

What Else You Should Know Before Buying Go San Francisco

  • Most San Francisco attractions do not charge admission for children under the age of 3. Children ages 3-12 enjoy a reduced Go San Francisco price.
  • In most cases, you can visit each attraction once per day, but some are limited to once per pass. You will receive a guidebook that outlines these details.
  • The pass is not valid on a 24-hour basis. That means if you visit an attraction at noon on Monday, the remainder of day 1 lasts until attractions close on Monday. Tuesday will be counted as day two.

The most popular pass is the 3-day All-Inclusive. Most users visit 2-3 attractions per day with this option.

Go San Francisco: GoPass

List of All-Inclusive Go San Francisco Attractions

  • Hop On Hop Off Big Bus San Francisco Classic Tour: 1 Day Ticket + Bonus Day (Hop on at any stop!)
  • Madame Tussauds San Francisco
  • California Academy of Sciences
  • Bridge 2 Bridge Cruise
  • The San Francisco Dungeon
  • Aquarium of the Bay
  • Ripley’s Believe it or Not! San Francisco
  • California’s Great America
  • Escape from the Rock
  • Exploratorium
  • AT&T Park Tour
  • Golden Gate Bay Cruise
  • One All-Day Comfort Bike Rental by Blazing Saddles
  • San Francisco Zoo & Gardens (Priority Entry)
  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)
  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
  • USS Pampanito
  • de Young Museum and Legion of Honor
  • The Walt Disney Family Museum (Priority Entry)
  • K1 Speed Indoor Karting
  • Go Car San Francisco Tour (30-minute rental)
  • Angel Island Roundtrip Ferry
  • Asian Art Museum
  • U.S.S. HORNET Museum
  • The Contemporary Jewish Museum
  • California Historical Society
  • UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens
  • The Beat Museum

Do You Have Questions About Go San Francisco?

Ask them here in the comments, and I can find out the answers for you. And if you’ve used the pass, please share your experiences.