The new H Hotel Los Angeles intends to liven up the options when it comes to hotels near LAX. It’s a Curio Collection by Hilton property, the brand’s boutique collection of hotels that each have their personalities and defy the corporate hotel stereotype.

Our Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong required overnighting in LAX, so I took the opportunity to book in. While I wouldn’t base an entire Los Angeles vacation from any hotel near LAX, I do think H Hotel Los Angeles is an excellent spot for a layover, and I like what they’re trying to achieve.

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First Thing to Know

H Hotel Los Angeles, Curio Collection by Hilton shares a building with Homewood Suites by Hilton Los Angeles International Airport.

The two hotels near LAX share the same pool, restaurant, lobby, and hotel shuttle, too. Why? Combining the two allows for more extensive and enhanced communal areas and amenities than stand-alone properties have. But, I didn’t find the combined space to be particularly large.

However, travelers (especially families) who would like suites and breakfast included are in luck with Homewood Suites. I didn’t realize this upon booking in. It seems that the H Hotel is priced slightly higher but with nicer accommodations and less included.

Hotel Near LAX with Free Shuttle

Catching a hotel shuttle from LAX terminals is quite easy. After collecting bags, just head out to the street (in my experience this is directly in front of baggage claim) and to the second pedestrian island.

Look for the pink “Hotel Shuttle” sign and wait there. Shuttles pass by continuously. The H Hotel Los Angeles, Homewood Suites, and Joe’s parking shuttle are the same shuttle bus.

While I’m told shuttles depart from the hotel every 15 or so minutes, they pass by the terminals every 30–45 minutes.

H Hotel Los Angeles is only a quarter-mile from the airport so the ride could not have taken much more than 5 minutes mostly due to traffic and stoplights.

Checking In

H Hotel is one of the best hotels near LAX

As a Hilton Gold member, I usually check-in via the Hilton app and then select my room. I chose the twelfth-floor room facing east, which overlooks a parking lot and the airport runways in the distance. I still needed to collect a key at the front desk upon check-in at the time of my stay.

The elevator knows which floor to stop at based on your key, which you place on a keypad before entering the elevator. There are no buttons inside the elevator to push.

H Hotel Los Angeles Rooms

H Hotel Los Angeles review - best hotels near LAX

Our room was of an average hotel room size, well decorated and felt new. They did an excellent job with the wall coverings, art, and light fixtures throughout the entire hotel. The televisions are enormous and we enjoyed having a small seating area with a lounge sofa and tables that are easy to work on. A standard desk sits against the wall, too.

If I had one complaint, it’s the plastic shower pan. The bathroom is nicely appointed so it is a mystery as to why that decision was made. There isn’t a bathtub either, which might be important for families traveling with young kids to know.

Hannah, the Hotel Robot

I called down to guest services to see if they had any extra toothbrushes. They sent one up with Hannah. Hannah is a robot.

The H Hotel Los Angeles robot, Hannah.

In fact, she’s the second hotel robot I’ve come into contact within the last few months. The first was Pepper in the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas lobby.

Hannah called our room to let us know that she was outside of our door. We opened the door, and her touchscreen gave us instructions for how to access the toothbrush. She asked if we needed anything else. After selecting “all set” Hannah whizzed back into the elevator. Apparently, she knows the hotel like the back of her motherboard. Super cool.

The Onsite Restaurants

Waypoint Kitchen inside H Hotel near LAX

Waypoint Restaurant is the main dining area for H Hotel Los Angeles and Homewood Suites. At the time of our visit, the hotel was so new that they didn’t yet have their liquor license. The bar was filled with nonalcoholic wines and beer. It was a bummer not to be able to have a glass of wine after flying, I suspect this will be well sorted by the time any of you check in.

We ordered a Cobb Salad, Caesar salad with salmon, and parmesan truffle fries that were all very well-presented and pretty tasty. They’re apparently trying to focus on presentation and freshness of ingredients which I appreciate.

My Hilton Honors Gold status gave us complimentary continental breakfast. The choice was white or wheat toast, and it came with a fruit bowl. I’m used to also being prompted to order juice and a hot drink (also included), but it felt like a don’t ask, and you won’t get it situation. Do make a point of mentioning you’d like everything that’s included. I liked its cutting board presentation and the diversity as well as the quality of the fruit bowl. I’m not sure where the bread is from, but it’s clearly not your average loaf and tasted good.

Of course, the menu includes plenty of hot selections. It’s reasonably priced for a hotel restaurant.

Best hotels near LAX: H Hotel Los Angeles has a Coffee Bean inside.

Alternatively, a large Coffee Bean adjacent to the lobby caters to fast-casual needs as does Subway, also here.

Dine on Your Own

The pantry section of this hotel is particularly impressive as it contains frozen pizzas and other entrees, instant noodles and snack foods clearly for those in the Homewood Suites section in rooms with kitchens.

Best hotels near LAX include H Hotel with its dining options.

A frozen pizza would not have helped us on the H Hotel side since we had no way to cook it.

I loved the gourmet candy and snack boxes here in addition to the paper airplane art hanging from the ceiling.

H Hotel Los Angeles food

Bottom Line: A Good Four-Star Boutique Hotel Near LAX

If you’re looking for one of the best hotels near LAX, H Hotel Los Angeles is an excellent choice. It’s unique, close to the airport, and has a very comfortable modern feel. There are large hotels like the Hyatt Regency on one side and Sheraton on either side, which likely have multiple dining outlets and probably a bigger bar.

One thing to note is that H Hotel Los Angeles is a four-star property. I see it noted as five stars on Facebook and elsewhere. If you go knowing it’s a cool, small LAX boutique hotel that’s a bit different from the other older corporate hotels in the area, you’ll be pleased but do not expect five-star service and amenities.

We would stay there again. If you’ve stayed at H Hotel Los Angeles, Curio Collection by Hilton, or any other hotel near LAX, I’d love your feedback.

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