With discount LEGOLAND New York tickets, you can enjoy all the rides, kid-friendly shows, and over 15,000 LEGO models for less than gate pricing. You’ll want the extra pocket money to spend on LEGOs in the Big Shop or to treat yourself to some famous Granny’s Apple Fries.

Our team researches the best prices on theme park tickets throughout the United States (including all LEGOLAND theme parks). We fact-check this list regularly so that you don’t spend time trying promo codes and coupons that don’t work or aren’t the cheapest discounts. We stumble upon many small ways to save but have omitted them because what we’re about to tell you below is better.

Key Takeaways

  • You need to crunch numbers. LEGOLAND promotions constantly change.
  • Right now, the best discounts are on up to four $29 kids’ tickets with the purchase of an adult ticket or BOGO tickets (buy an adult ticket and get a free kids’ ticket).
  • We have a $20 off promo code if you need only one ticket, which can complement the above special offers.
  • Get creative, as you can mix and match your tickets!

We can help you save on tickets, tours, and hotels. If you purchase through some of the links below, we may be compensated. Thank you for supporting our small business! Our editorial guidelines.

Legoland New York Gate Ticket Prices

First, you’ll need to know what LEGOLAND New York gate prices are to understand how much you’ll save. Typically, the main option is a one-day ticket.

One-day admission to LEGOLAND New York includes access to the rides, shows, and attractions in the seven lands that include Brick Street, Bricktopia, LEGO City, LEGO Castle, LEGO NINJAGO World, Miniland, and the water-filled LEGO Pirates.

Guests purchase tickets for specific dates or make reservations for a specific date in the event they purchase through an authorized seller. Gate prices are typically:

  • $94 per visitor ages 2+
  • Ages 0-1 are free

Remember, the park has seasonal hours, is not open daily in the winter, and closes completely after the holiday season until March. No matter when you go, you’ll save money if you buy your admission in advance. I’ll show you how to do this through authorized sellers.


LEGOLAND New York is the first theme park to open in the northeastern United States in more than 40 years.

There are several ways to save on admission when visiting LEGOLAND New York. Here are the most popular ways to find discounted prices.

1. Direct Online Promotions Through LEGOLAND (Best Price on Off-Peak Days + $29 Kids Tickets)

I recommend checking the LEGOLAND New York ticket page online first to see what their special offers are, if any. This way, you have a benchmark to compare where the best value is for you. They DO charge tax on top of your ticket price. But on some days, that price is as low as $54. That’s low!

BOGO Offer on 1-Day LEGOLAND New York Tickets!

This is the best deal for two 1-Day tickets because the pricing is NOT dynamic. You pay a flat $94 plus tax for two tickets valid on most dates the park is open. The second ticket is automatically added to the cart when you select the BOGO deal.

$29 Kids Tickets for a Limited Time

Or, this might be an even better deal, depending on your dates. With an adult ticket, you can get up to four $29 kids tickets!

I also recommend that you get creative. For instance, a family with two adults and one child who needs a ticket can buy the BOGO offer and then a discounted individual ticket through LEGOLAND OR using option #2 below, which is better on peak days.

2. Discounted Single Day Passes — Promo Code (Best Price on Peak Days)

There aren’t many ways to buy discounted LEGOLAND New York passes, but this is the cheapest I’m seeing (after the promo code) on peak days, even though you pay a $2 convenience fee per ticket. aRes Travel is a San Diego-based, authorized ticket seller to various attractions and theme parks across the United States, including all of the LEGOLAND theme parks. All tickets include sales tax.

You can also take these tickets straight to the gate for scanning on your mobile device (or print them). The ticket will include instructions for making your park reservation.

3. Honest Kids — FREE Kids Tickets!

Honest Kids has an ongoing promotion with LEGOLAND theme parks where kids ages 2–12 go free with the purchase of an adult ticket. This promotion can only be redeemed through LEGOLAND, and you can take advantage of it at LEGOLAND New York.

We often have people purchase these kids free tickets and discounted adult tickets separately. It’s essentially the same as the BOGO deal above but worth mentioning because we anticipate the BOGO deal expiring at some point before the summer.

Families point to the Statue of Liberty in Miniland.

4. Annual Passes

Merlin Entertainments Group, the second-largest attractions operator globally, owns the Goshen, NY theme park and other LEGOLAND resorts and recognizable brands such as SEA LIFE Aquarium and Madame Tussauds.

Because of this ownership, pass holders who buy LEGOLAND New York tickets receive perks at other parks — even some not found at other locations in the group.

LEGOLAND® New York Resort offers several Annual Passes for guests who want to visit the theme park multiple times during the season.

Season Passes are on sale starting at $99! The cost of annual passes ranges from $99 to $349 per person, and some passes give you benefits like unlimited admission, free standard parking for the entire season, plus access to over 30 Merlin attractions in North America.

Passholders will also enjoy dining, shopping, and more discounts and get LEGOLAND New York e-News with offers, previews, and other perks. The resort delivers the pass digitally to purchasers. You’ll need to pre-book your visits using your unique barcode. The resort will email instructions on how to reserve your day and time.

5. LEGOLAND New York Vacation Packages

Consider a vacation package if you want a complete vacation experience when visiting LEGOLAND New York. Buyers get a stay at a LEGOLAND Vacations Hotel, which can be bundled with LEGOLAND New York park tickets.

Every package includes a LEGO-themed room, a resort-style pool in the hotel, a separate sleeping area for the kids, a special kids’ welcome gift, a daily complimentary full breakfast, nightly shows, and dance parties. Packages are currently purchased through LEGOLAND.

6. AAA Member Discounts

Check with your AAA branch to see if there are AAA discounts on LEGOLAND New York tickets. The savings and availability depend on which region you belong to.

7. Military Discounts on Tickets and LEGOLAND Hotel

You can buy LEGOLAND New York military tickets through LEGOLAND. These include 1-day tickets at discounted prices and up to 10% off a stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel.

Guests ride the Dragon Coaster for less thanks to discount LEGOLAND New York tickets.

Important Legoland New York Tips for Visiting


You’ll be greeted by an 11-foot tall dinosaur named Brad, which is short for “big red awesome dino.” More than 182,000 bricks were used to build him, making him one of the park’s most prominent models. Find Brad on Brick Street.

Safety precautions here are stringent. Park passes are issued digitally, no matter what level you buy.

The resort is entirely cashless, so bring your credit/debit cards. All monetary transactions must be conducted this way or through another contactless payment like Apple Pay. This rule applies to all purchases, including retail, food and beverage, games, parking, and all other extras.

When you make a retail purchase, you’ll either have to place your purchase in a bag you bring or buy a LEGO reusable bag. Current New York law prohibits the facility from offering single-use plastic bags. Half of the proceeds from the sale of LEGOLAND’s reusable bags will go toward Merlin’s Magic Wand, the resort’s special charity.

If you have a one-day LEGOLAND New York ticket, purchase your parking pass online ($30 for general and $45 for preferred) before you come to the resort to save money. You actually scan purchased parking upon exiting the lot so if you don’t buy it ahead of time, you’ll need to purchase it at the Park Admissions Ticket Window or the Guest Services Office.

Other Legoland New York Tips for First-Timers

First and foremost, always check the calendar before you buy LEGOLAND New York tickets. It’s a seasonal theme park so not open year-round.

Measure the Height of Your Children

For guests with children, the best thing you can do is measure the height of your kids before you go to the resort. Many rides have height restrictions, so it’s good to know which ones everyone can ride before you go to avoid disappointment.

Most rides and attractions are designed for kids ages 2–12 and for kids and their parents or caregivers to ride together.

Similarly, download the resort’s app to view ride and showtimes, along with retail and dining information, exclusive offers, and other activities. The app, along with the website, will also show any scheduled closures.

Trade Minifigures

Do you or your kids love to trade LEGO Minifigures? If so, they may ask any Model Citizen to trade (and they will say yes). You can also build their Minifigures at Bricktopia Bazaar. You’ll also be able to trade for hard-to-find Minifigures at the resort’s trading posts.

Yes, You Can Use The Park’s WiFi

Getting on the park’s WiFi is easy, so you don’t have to use valuable data using the LEGOLAND app on your cell phone plan. It’s free, too! All you need to do is check your device has WiFi switched on. Then, select LEGOLAND New York, from the available WiFi network. Open your cellphone browser and follow the instructions to log on or register.

Bring Water and Sunscreen

You can get refreshments throughout the park, but a water bottle is the best way to keep yourself hydrated. The resort has water bottle refill stations throughout the facility. These stations are free for all guests to use to keep you comfortable. Because much of the park is within direct sunlight, you must wear sunscreen, a comfortable hat, and shoes. Make sure you come prepared, although you may be able to find sunscreen and hats for sale.

There’s a Weather Guarantee

Many guests worry about bad weather ruining their time at the park. With LEGOLAND New York’s Rainy Day Promise, you won’t have to worry about your day becoming an entire washout.

If weather affects the resort’s ride for two hours or more during your visit, you’ll get a coded coupon that will allow you to book a free return ticket online sometime within the next 365 days. Go to the Guest Services Center to claim your turn coupon and code. This offer is not good for annual pass holders.

Quiet Areas for Baby Care

Sometimes, when bringing an infant for a family outing, amusement parks can overwhelm both mom and baby. That’s why LEGOLAND New York offers a full-service DUPLO Baby Care Center in LEGO City, plus changing stations in all restrooms.

The resort also provides quiet rooms in guest services areas for anyone who needs respite. These areas offer sensory swings and dimmable lighting to calm parents and infants.

Considerations for Those With Mobility Issues or Special Needs

Most LEGOLAND New York attractions are accessible through special ride compartments for disabled individuals. However, our Model Citizen assistant will not be able to lift guests into or out of a ride vehicle when helping them into special ride compartments. Disabled park guests must be able to transfer to ride vehicles with assistance from a member of their party.

Resort shops, restaurants, show venues and other attractions are ADA-accessible to guests who use wheelchairs or need special services. The facility has strollers, wheelchairs, and electronic vehicles for rent on a first-come, first-served basis. You’ll find rentals at Guest Services.


LEGOLAND® New York also has an attraction that is unique to this location. Professor Brick’s Lego Factory Adventure Ride is an interactive experience using facial recognition to create a digital version of guests during the ride.
Kids shoot water canons at LEGO buildings.

Legoland New York Tickets & More FAQ

Virtually every guest has some questions about attending the park. Here are the most common ones that I receive.

Do I need a Separate Ticket for Brick-Or-Treat?

Yes. Brick-or-Treat is the annual Halloween celebration held at LEGOLAND theme parks that requires special admission. The best place to buy Brick-or-Treat LEGOLAND New York tickets is through LEGOLAND. You’ll need to buy a one-day ticket that includes admission to the event or a Brick-or-Treat vacation bundle that includes admission to the event.

If you are not attending Brick-or-Treat, the 1-Day tickets we have are less expensive.

What are the benefits of having a Legoland New York Annual Pass?

Buying a LEGOLAND® New York Annual Pass is ideal for anyone who goes to the resort at least two times during a 12-month period. If you go to the resort often, this is your choice, as you will get multiple in-park perks.

In addition, you could save money at the other Merlin Entertainments Group properties if you decide to travel, as the pass discounts your tickets to some of the group’s other properties.

Do you have to make reservations to visit Legoland New York?

Guests need to have date-specific tickets or a reservation. Anyone who has an Annual Pass, as well as an open date ticket, must reserve their specific date online before they will be able to enter. You do not need to make a separate reservation if you have a dated one-day ticket.

Can I Buy LEGOLAND New York Tickets at the Gate?

Yes. If you wait to purchase tickets at the gate, you could be disappointed if the park is at capacity, but this is rare lately. You will pay gate prices, however, which there is no reason to do when you have access to the deals we just mentioned.

Can I use a Legoland ticket purchased from another park at Legoland New York?

LEGOLAND Annual Passes and tickets cannot be transferred from one park to another. Guests must also provide a photo ID when scanning their admission.

Are Kids Free at LEGOLAND New York?

Yes. Thanks to a promotion with Honest Kids, kids ages 2–12 can go free to LEGOLAND New York. You’ll buy an adult ticket at full price through LEGOLAND and it will come with a free child’s ticket via this special promotion.

Is there an AAA Ticket Discount at LEGOLAND New York?

Check with your AAA branch to see if there are AAA discounts on LEGOLAND New York tickets. Currently, the Hudson Valley branch is offering a discount. However, the savings and availability depend on which region you belong to.


Yes. Legoland New York is currently offering various military discounts directly and through ID.me.

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