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13 Clever Ways To Store Keurig K-Cup Portion Packs

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Do you own a Keurig? Fortunately, there are clever Keurig coffee pod storage solutions that include everything from K-Cup drawers to mini coffee stations.

1. A Colorful 2-Piece Coffee Station

Who says that K-Cup storage has to be black? Opt for color such as this 2-piece Mind Reader red single drawer and condiment station.

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2. Apothecary Glass Jars

Imagine individual flavors of K-Cups in each jar.

I love this because you can see the flavors through the jar without lifting up the lid. Plus, it’s a nice way to separate multiple flavors.

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3. Amazon Basics Coffee Pod Storage (Popular)

This is one of Amazon’s best sellers probably due to price and convenience of having separate drawers right below the Keurig.

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4. Metallic Keurig Storage Drawer

This is a gorgeous option especially if you have stainless steel kitchen appliances.

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5. Peel and Stick Wall Caddy

Add some coffee pod love to your wall. It sticks with a damage-free adhesive.

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6. Under Cabinet K-Cup Storage

It’s also possible to mount K-Cup storage underneath cabinets in the form of swing-out or drawer access.

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7. Automatic K-Cup Dispenser

Always have a K-Cup at the ready with this cool automatic dispenser that can rest under the Keurig or be hung on a cabinet door.

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8. A Mini Coffee Station

Use the Mind Reader “Vespa” Coffee Pod and Condiment Holder for the ultimate in coffee prep convenience. (It is also currently super cheap.)

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9. Stackable Coffee Pod Holder

For those who keep coffee and tea in the same spot and like to see what’s on offer before grabbing a cup, try these clear stackable kitchen box organizers.

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10. Handy Adhesive Foam Storage

Stick these on to the back of cabinet doors, under cabinets, on the side of the refrigerator and more.

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11. Fruit and K-Cup Pod Basket

Save space by storing not only your K-Cup pods but also fruit and other things in the same storage basket.

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12. Glass Top Keurig Storage Drawer

The nice thing about glass is that it’s easy to clean. It will also allow you to see what’s left in your Keurig storage drawer.

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13. K-Cup Carousel (Popular)

This is actually how we store our K-Cups since we have the counter space. However, I’m thinking of switching to a glass drawer. K-Cup carousels are also very inexpensive.

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What kind of coffee pod storage do you use?

*Several years ago I was an ambassador for Green Mountain Coffee but as this post is popular, I’ve updated it in 2019.

A list of clever ways to store your Keurig coffee pods from K-Cup drawers to carousels to mini coffee stations.
A list of clever ways to store your Keurig coffee pods from K-Cup drawers to carousels to mini coffee stations.

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4 thoughts on “13 Clever Ways To Store Keurig K-Cup Portion Packs

    1. Thanks for the great ideas. I finally am purchasing my FIRST Keurig today! I know….it has tken me a while to jump on this bandwagon! I would love to purchase your #13 idea “Sliding K CUP storage for kitchen cabinets by daviddavie”. Do you have a link where I could also purchase one of these?

      Thanks gain for the post!
      Char M

  1. I like your idea to store K-cups in glass jars. It would be cool to sort them by flavor and be able to easily pick them out. Plus, glass jars look really cool in decorating. I am trying to figure out how to store my K-cups, because I don’t have enough space in my kitchen right now. I will definitely give this a try!

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