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Macau With Kids: See The House Of Dancing Water At City Of Dreams

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With the influx of major casinos and new attractions, visiting Macau with kids isn’t as daunting of a task as it used to be. My 6-year-old and took Cotai Water Jet over to Macau from Hong Kong for a few days and I wished I would have booked a longer stay. I wanted to take her to see The House of Dancing Water, based on feedback from my friends in Hong Kong who have kids of a similar age. The show is exclusive to Macau and I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s amazing.

Dancing Water Theater: A Special Design

It took $250 million USD to create The House of Dancing Water and its specially-designed theater. The stage transforms from a 3.7 million gallon pool (that is deep enough for actors to dive into from great heights) to a virtually dry stage within what feels like seconds by use of 11 hydraulic ten-ton elevators. Though some front seats are prone to splashing, the intimate feel of the 270° theater leads me to believe that there probably isn’t a bad seat in the house (though prices vary by section). A whopping 239 independent water jets built into the stage lifts, providing water fountain effects up to approximately 18 meters in height. There’s sophisticated lighting, cat walks, trapeze and more. The show takes place at City of Dreams, an entertainment complex home to three hotels, shopping, casinos, restaurants and more.

The Story

A fisherman rows his boat off the coast of Coloane (one of Macau’s major islands) when a whirlpool transports him into a new world. He meets a shipwrecked stranger who falls in love with a princess jailed by her evil stepmother. The fisherman and the stranger join together to rescue the princess, and the fisherman receives an unexpected reward. I realize that sounds a bit scary for kids, but it’s actually not.

The House Of Dancing Water Cast

There are 80 specially-recruited performers made up of 25 nationalities who trained for two years prior to the first show. I can see why–the stunts are death-defying. A huge support staff ensures the safety of the cast, including 36 Scuba divers. Watch this video to get a better feel for what the show is about.

Why Kids Love The Show

It’s always nice to see a show that you enjoy just as much as the kids do. I believe it lasted about 90 minutes with no intermission, which was a perfect length for my daughter. She marveled at the stunts, the costumes, the water hydraulics and even the motorcycle stuntmen. It was one of the highlights of our trip and she continues to mention it.

Be sure to book tickets in advance to avoid disappointment! Hotel concierge can help you with this, too. Definitely, put The House of Dancing Water on your list of things to do in Macau with kids.

*Photos are courtesy of Melco Crown Entertainment Limited

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2 thoughts on “Macau With Kids: See The House Of Dancing Water At City Of Dreams

  1. Hi Katie,

    Thank you for this article. Found your blog while looking for places to visit in Macao and I really enjoy your style of writing 😀 With regards to The House of Dancing Water, I am currently booking my tickets and would like to ask for your input as to where are the best seats in the house or would you be able to enjoy the show from all angles seeing how the stage is set? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi! The front rows are subject to a little bit of splashing which young kids might think is neat. The seats are angled enough to where no one’s head is going to block your view. Based on the seating chart, I think we were in section 500 and in a middle row like G or so. I wouldn’t sit in the C section otherwise you’ll see the actors a lot from behind–though it would still be a spectacular show because the acrobatics and water can be seen from anywhere. B is probably OK too. Hope this helps!

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