Live the San Diego Lifestyle

We are so lucky to call San Diego home. There’s plenty to do: from exploring the beautiful beaches to visiting the zoo, there are lots of unique and historic parks, and everywhere you go the vibe is relaxed and casual. Maybe relocating to or visiting San Diego just isn’t in the cards right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join me in living the Southern California lifestyle. In these posts, I share health, beauty, fashion, and luxury San Diego lifestyle tips that you can use anywhere. You may not be in California, but there’s no reason you can’t live like you are.

Home & Garden

Thanks to year-round beautiful weather in San Diego, our gardens are vibrant and full of life, inspiring bright, floral home décor. Seasonality is a big part of the Southern California lifestyle. We spend a lot of time outdoors, so our backyards are just as thoughtfully planned out as our living rooms. We plan meals based on what’s in season — sometimes from our own gardens. And we like to bring the outside in when we’re decorating. One way you can enjoy the San Diego lifestyle anywhere is to create your own California garden indoors with houseplants that thrive in shade (so you can put them in any room of your home) or houseplants that clean the air (so you get fresh air even when the weather isn’t so nice).

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Healthy Lifestyle Tips

San Diego is an oasis of healthy living and a lot of people here are big into fitness. It’s likely because for some people, it’s easier to be fit when you live in a city where the beaches, parks, and other outdoor spaces are frequent, beautiful, and accessible. That said, a lot of my own healthy habits (granted we live by an everything in moderation mantra) should be easy to incorporate into your lifestyle no matter where you live — they work for me whether I’m at home or on the road. Whether you’re looking for tips for staying healthy while traveling or healthier treat recipes for your day-to-day, I can help.

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The San Diego Lifestyle & Kids

San Diego is a wonderful place to raise children. The schools are some of the best in California, activities abound all year round, there are ample opportunities for day trips, the weather is almost always right for quality outdoor time, and San Diego has some of the best parks in the entire country. Of course, even if you aren’t living in San Diego, you can incorporate my tips for raising happy, open-minded, travel-loving children in my many posts for parents.

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Food & Drink

San Diego’s food scene is a lot like the San Diego lifestyle. We eat a lot of fresh, local produce and seafood, and while there’s no shortage of more refined gourmet options, we also love our pizza, taco, and burger joints. The iconic California burrito is a big staple of quick and casual eating around here, and you’ll also find amazing cuisine inspired by Latin American and Asian immigrants. I tend to cook at home when I can, so I share more recipes (including recipes for kids) in my posts than I do restaurant reviews, but I also like to write about my favorite neighborhood hangouts. If you’re ever in San Diego, I definitely recommend checking them out.

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