Life at Home in San Diego

You might be wondering why there’s a lifestyle section on a travel website. Well, there are several reasons.

I (Katie) have used this platform to share things that have happened in our lives so that someone else can benefit. Topics run the gamut from health issues with my rescue dogs to the snacks I made that were a hit at preschool. We also reshare recipes from local restaurants and household hacks from experts.

This category is also where I share tidbits from living in Hong Kong and London because celebrations like Chinese New Year occur worldwide and you can find certain foods at local stores, even in San Diego. So, yes, it’s an assortment of topics but we hope you enjoy them!

My dog looks at me while I hold a cup of coffee

Our Mix of helpful Lifestyle tips

Because if we like something or find it helpful, you might, too.

Food & Drink

Here’s where I share things like why I drink lemon water, the Asian fruits you can find in America that I miss from living in Hong Kong, holiday ideas, simple recipes, and some recipes shared by San Diego chefs with me to pass along to you.


Our Pets

We have rescued two of the best dogs ever, and they’re both pitbulls. One, Scooby, pictured to the left, had some health issues (TPLO surgery and finally hemangiosarcoma which took his life), and there wasn’t any information on the internet at the time I needed it. So, I wrote it, and people worldwide find and help heal from this content.

Aside from this, we talk about things to do in San Diego with dogs and other pet-friendly tips and all the toys and things that they love. We now have a dog named Ruby who has yet to make a site appearance but I’ll work on that.

At Home

Our house is a busy one, probably like yours. Before people started asking more San Diego specific questions, I wrote more about cleaning hacks, houseplants, and flower arranging, but we have lists of favorite beach gear, beach games, and backyard games you can refer to no matter where you live.


Kid Stuff

I’m half Japanese, so have owned a ton of bento boxes. I’ve also flown from Hong Kong to San Diego with a baby multiple times and have a lot of tips for traveling with young kids. You’ll also find some kid-friendly snack recipes and reviews for products that have helped us (like my list of travel games) or my team members.


What Is it Like to Live in San Diego?

While we’re on the subject, many people ask what the San Diego lifestyle is like. Maybe they’re trying to pack appropriately for vacation or contemplating a move. I should write a post on the subject but for now, here are some thoughts.

We are lucky to call San Diego home. There’s plenty to do. From exploring the beautiful beaches to visiting the zoo, there are many unique and historic parks, and the vibe is relaxed and casual everywhere you go.

Thanks to the beautiful year-round weather in San Diego, we spend a lot of time outdoors, so our backyards are just as thoughtfully planned as our living rooms. Many people are into fitness because it’s easier to exercise when you live in a city where the beaches, parks, and other outdoor spaces are frequent, beautiful, and accessible. This also means athleisure and jeans are seen more often than heels and dresses.

San Diego is a wonderful place to raise children. The schools are some of the best in California, activities abound all year round, there are ample opportunities for day trips, the weather is almost always right for quality outdoor time, and San Diego has some of the best parks in the country.

San Diego’s food scene includes a lot of fresh, local produce and seafood, and while there’s no shortage of more refined gourmet options, we also love our pizza, taco, and burger joints. You can eat well even on a tight budget, and you should visit a Farmer’s Market if time permits.

The cons? Housing is expensive. Residents call it the Sunshine Tax, but it’s a real issue that our leaders are attempting to address. And our hotel rates have gone up in the last several years, doubling or tripling in some cases. So, that is something to be aware of.


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