Reviews of the Best Luxury Hotels Around The World

I adore luxury hotels and it’s a pleasure to review them here. I know what a luxury hotel stay should be like because I lived at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong (one of the best in the world) and we stay in five-star hotels on our own dime when we travel.

Every luxury hotels guide I share on this page is written so you can benefit from first-hand, reader, and professional insight into the hotels. I write honestly about whether check-in was easy, the parking situation, if the amenities were as luxurious as you’d expect, service issues if any, how the dining measures up, and what readers who booked into these hotels have to say. I also have personal contacts at most of these hotels who provide additional, behind-the-scenes details.

Once you’ve taken a look at my luxury hotel reviews and you’re ready to book, keep in mind that I have access to exclusive VIP amenities as an Independent Affiliate of Cadence® Travel.

When you book through me, you’ll enjoy extras like complimentary breakfasts, room upgrades, spa credits, and more at many luxury hotels on this list. These are perks you would otherwise not have access to on your own.

San Diego Hotel Reviews

The luxury hotels in San Diego are, frankly, as fabulous as the city itself. Looking for a reason to visit San Diego? Come and experience our beautiful year-round weather, the sunshine, and the cool beach vibe. Depending on which San Diego neighborhood you choose to stay in, you might be near family-friendly attractions like the San Diego Zoo® or right in the heart of our hub of hip bars and restaurants. There are luxury hotels all over San Diego, and I’ve stayed at some of the best.

Los Angeles Hotel Reviews

This city has it all — including the best luxury hotels. There’s no denying that, in addition to the city’s attractions, the accommodations are a big draw. Have you ever stayed somewhere that made you feel so welcome, so taken care of… so decadently relaxed that you never wanted to leave? You’ll find that feeling and more here. Plus you get all the celebrity sightings you could possibly want. Want to experience more? You could take in two L.A. neighborhoods while you’re here, staying in two of these luxury hotels along the way. We usually stay at Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills or Beverly Wilshire.

Orange County Hotel Reviews

If you’re looking for luxury hotels in Orange County, you’ve come to the right place. The OC practically invented the spa life, and you’ll find sumptuous amenities everywhere you turn when you visit this popular destination. There is world-class shopping and golf, pristine beaches, ultra-posh luxury hotels, and the kinds of ocean views that will make you want to stay here forever. Come for a surf lesson, stay for a spa session, and then rest your head at one of my favorite hotels.

Other California Hotel Reviews

Whether you’re visiting for the celebrity sightings or the world-famous wine, California is a destination where there’s no limit to the extravagance you can enjoy. The accommodations you choose can be as expansive or as intimate as you wish. In either case, the service you receive will be star quality. Are you ready to live the dream? I’ve traveled extensively outside of La Jolla and love sharing my experiences in California luxury hotels.

Las Vegas Hotel Reviews

They say what happens in Sin City stays in Sin City, but I’m happy to share what I’ve learned about luxury hotels in Las Vegas. It’s a fascinating place that pairs luxury with a sense of humor and a bit of a theme park vibe. You’ll find some of the best hotels in the world here if you come with an open mind. Luxury in Vegas tends to be over the top, but that’s half the fun! We prefer non-gaming properties and always stay at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas on personal trips, but I do know a lot about Las Vegas hotels.

East Coast Hotel Reviews

The East Coast is a region that’s full of beautiful scenery, fascinating history, amazing food, and an array of rich experiences that may or may not involve sun, sand, and sea. It’s also large, with a variety of destinations (and cultures) you can explore, from Maine’s rocky shores to the sugar sand on Florida’s famous white beaches. Finding a place to stay that has not only the comforts of home but also the luxuries that make travel feel extra special can be a challenge considering the sheer volume of accommodations up and down the coast. These are some of the best I’ve enjoyed.

Hawaii Hotel Reviews

From its stunning natural beauty to its unique island culture to the world-famous beaches. volcanoes, and golf courses, Hawaii is a must-do destination for luxury travelers. I’ve found that immersing myself in the Aloha spirit lets me relax and unwind completely. Besides having some of the most awe-inspiring scenery on earth, Hawaii also has some of the most beautiful luxury hotels, resorts, and spas, and I hope my reviews help you choose one that you absolutely adore.

Other United States Hotel Reviews

People who visit the United States from other parts of the world are sometimes surprised to find that there’s not just one America. La Jolla is as different from New York City as it is from Memphis. There’s a blizzard in Boston while the sun is shining in Austin, and a tropical storm rages in Hawaii. That’s why choosing a luxury hotel isn’t always easy. I’ve discovered that amenities that are considered luxurious in one part of the country might be viewed as every day in another. The good news is that there are luxurious accommodations in every corner of the nation — if you know where to look!

Mexico and Caribbean Hotel Reviews

Bright sunshine, blue skies, and pleasantly warm water draw people to Mexico and the Caribbean all year long — as do the all-inclusive resorts and spas where everything you could want on vacation is right there at your fingertips. Lucky for you and for me, kicking back and relaxing doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style, provided you choose your hotel well. The luxury hotels in Mexico and the luxury hotels in the Caribbean have perfected the art of well-appointed relaxation.

Asia Hotel Reviews

Tourism is hot in Asia, and no roundup of luxury hotel reviews would be complete without a long list of hotels in what is one of my family’s favorite parts of the world. There are so many well-appointed places to stay, whether you’re looking for deluxe service and amenities in a modern setting, at a beach resort, or in a heritage hotel. Don’t think you have to wait to bring your kids here; I can say from experience that the luxury hotels in Asia are some of the most kid-friendly in the world.

European Hotel Reviews

When it comes to luxury hotels in Europe, we’ve discovered that there is something for every traveler. After all, some of the best hotels in the world are here. The best European hotels are as different as the regions they’re found in because they highlight both country and culture’s delights. Expect to find beautiful rooms and fabulous service at all the hotels below.

Central and South America Hotel Reviews

Hotels in Central America and South America run the gamut from luxe to budget, and when you book online, it’s not always clear what type of hotel you’ll be walking into when you arrive. The following luxury hotel reviews will help you find a place to stay in Central or South America that is as beautiful and as relaxing as these regions themselves.

Canada Hotel Reviews

What brings many travelers to Canada is the rugged natural beauty and the top-notch outdoor adventures. Not everyone who travels to America’s neighbor to the north is interested in roughing it. Thankfully, I’ve found that this country’s best luxury hotels are anything but rustic, though they certainly do rival Canada’s natural vistas in terms of their beauty. Whether you’re looking for first-class luxury or a sumptuous spa retreat, you’ll find one here.

Flight Reviews

Can getting there be half the fun? Don’t book a luxury flight without reading my luxury flight reviews first. I’ve spent a lot of time up in the air. I can tell you which airlines to book if you want to fly in style.

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