This post is written in partnership with DISH.

Our family, after years of indecision, recently switched to DISH. We love it and have become spoiled by the bells and whistles of our new setup, which absolutely includes Hands-Free TV™.

DISH paired with Amazon Alexa offers new voice-control capabilities for your entertainment. It just takes pairing an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot with a DISH Hopper Smart DVR (which I was able to do myself in minutes). Then, speak and your channel shall be changed, DVR rewound and more.

Now, we barely use our TV remote. This is why you also need Hands-Free TV™.

You Won’t Go Back

Once you start using Hands-Free TV™, it feels inconvenient to live without it. I liken it to the backup camera in my car. I’d been driving for a good two decades before owning a car with one. Now that I understand how much easier it is to reverse out of the many angled, low-vision parking spaces in La Jolla, I’ll never buy a car without a backup camera.

Hands-Free TV™ is a lot like this. Once you start using it, you’ll realize how much time you’ll save by not looking for the remote (let alone picking it up and changing the channel). Multitaskers like me can tell the Hopper DVR what to do while passing through the room.

It is so much easier to control the Hopper DVR with just your voice.

There Is No Need to Remember Channel Numbers

DISH has hundreds of channels and the ability to control a DVR with your voice when paired with Amazon Alexa.

The good news is that these days we have access to hundreds of TV channels. But, I am not great at remembering which channel number the Travel Channel, for example, is. More often than not, I punch in a number that is close and then have to scroll a bit to find the actual channel.

Now, with my voice, I can ask Amazon Alexa to simply change the channel to Travel Channel. She even will tell me what the current show is as the channel is located and changed!

You Can Search Broadly

If I can’t remember the name of a show or am simply interested in TV personality, I can say, “Alexa, find me Tom Hanks movies” and she’ll tell me what is available. Or, “Alexa, find pet shows” as I often request for my daughter.

The DVR Is Also Voice Controlled

This is one of my favorite features. If you happen to get momentarily distracted by kids or the dog (like I do) simply say, “Alexa, rewind 30 seconds” and you’ll be able to quickly revisit whatever it is that you missed.

From the other side of the room, as the thought enters your mind, you can say, “Alexa, record Bizarre Foods.” Speaking commands on the go prevents forgetting to manually complete TV-related tasks later.

A Voice Remote Controls the TV, Too

The DISH Voice Remote allows users to control the TV with their voices.

Here’s another way to enjoy voice-controlled television. Hold down the microphone button on the DISH Voice Remote and tell it what you’d like to watch. It will search Live TV, On Demand and Netflix at the same time, using advanced voice recognition technology.

Limited Time Offer: Stocking Stuffers Go High Tech!

Hands-Free TV™ is just a call away and will make a fantastic holiday gift for the entire family. If you’re new to DISH, you’ll receive a free Echo Dot and a free Voice Remote when you sign up for DISH now through January 15, 2018. Use code CJFreeEchoDot at checkout.

Other major benefits that we’ve particularly enjoyed with DISH include superior customer service and the fact that our system is MUCH easier to use (especially because all TVs have access to the same DVR’d shows). We were also paying too much for too little. I can’t believe it took us this long to make the switch so don’t make the same mistake.

Trust me, Hands-Free TV™ is a superior television experience that saves time and is fun, too.

Get Hands-Free TV with DISH and Amazon Alexa. Call Now: 844-452-5864

Free Echo Dot provided by DISH. Amazon is not a sponsor of this promotion. Requires internet-connected Hopper or Wally and Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Amazon Tap. This post is written in partnership with DISH.

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After years of indecision, we switched to DISH. Its Hands-Free TV™ made possible with Amazon Eco Dot is one of our favorite benefits.
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