Fun Activities To Do with Kids & Tweens

I love living in San Diego, where there are abundant activities for kids and activities for tweens. However, that doesn’t mean I’m immune to the classic “I’m bored!” complaint from my daughter. Entertaining kids can be tough, no matter where you live. Who hasn’t searched for ‘things to do with kids near me’ and come up empty? Now that my daughter is older, I have a lot to share about keeping kids entertained — whether you’re in San Diego, in your own hometown, or in an exciting foreign destination. Below, you’ll find posts featuring engaging activities for kids and activities for tweens, travel tips that will make seeing the world with your family easier, and even fun recipes that kids can make themselves.

Things To Do with Kids Near Me

Finding things to do with your kids locally is a challenge if you feel like you’ve exhausted your options. Parents of older kids can find themselves at a loss when it comes for things to do with teens. Here in San Diego where activities for kids and activities for tweens abound, parents still need inspiration when it comes to after school and weekend ideas. We may have SeaWorld®, the San Diego Zoo, and LEGOLAND® close by, but I think kids should have the opportunity to do more than just visit theme parks, whether they’re at home or on vacation. My daughter has spent loads of time just wandering around Belmont Park, visiting the many museums in San Diego, tide pooling, and observing our famous sea lions. Sometimes the best things to do with kids involve nothing more than watching the world go by!

Traveling with Kids

A lot of my readers find their way to La Jolla Mom® because they’re looking for activities for kids or activities for tweens while traveling. A lot of my posts actually do deal with keeping kids entertained while traveling. I’ve written about the best travel games for kids, a lengthy list of knock-knock jokes (with a free downlowad), why it’s a good idea to bring a scooter when you travel with kids, and travel gadgets that will help make plane rides and long car trips easier on kids, among other topics. I think that even though traveling with children can feel stressful, traveling is absolutely a worthwhile family activity. When kids see the world, they’re learning, discovering fresh likes and dislikes, experiencing new things, gaining confidence, and opening their minds to new possibilities.

Easy Kids Recipes

Feeding kids is hard. I know that I am extremely lucky that my daughter has always been willing to try new foods and has a very worldly palate. While exposing kids to new food frequently has been shown to be one of the best ways to raise adventurous eaters, the fact is that some children are simply choosier than others when it comes to what they’ll eat. Cooking with kids is one way you can help your children expand their palates, and it’s also a great family activity that will help establish healthy habits in your household.

Over the years, I’ve shared many of my favorite recipes for kids on the blog. Most of these recipes for kids are easy enough that children can make them with minimal supervision. My daughter loved making flatbread pizza, banana pudding, and no-bake cookies, and I liked that our homemade treats were often healthier than anything store-bought. Of course, sometimes food is meant to be fun, and we’ve also had a blast making treats like Halloween spider crackers and other goodies for parties and special events. And there are the fantastic bento lunches that help kids eat well-rounded meals (you’ll need to find the best bento lunch box for this).

As activities for kids and activities for tweens go, cooking definitely gets a thumbs up from me. Sometimes cooking with kids can be an exercise in patience, but remember that the time you spend preparing food with your children is time that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.