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Road Trip With Kids: Montage Beverly Hills

As we were getting ready to leave the Montage Beverly Hills, La Jolla Girl muttered sheepishly, “I want to stay here forever.” Who could blame her, because we had just spent the weekend in luxury. I went to the spa and socialized with my friends while she happily spent most of her time at Paintbox, the happiest place on Earth.

We arrived early on a Saturday, after an easy drive up from La Jolla. Within seconds, our luggage, car and check-in had been taken care of. As we were about to head to our room, La Jolla Girl could not believe her luck when she saw the red Mercedes roll her way, full of stuffed animals for her to choose from. It certainly set the mood for the rest of our stay.
We arrived in our room to a monogrammed pillow on my bed, a kid bathrobe and slippers on hers. Also, her eyes lit up upon seeing this welcome poster from Stacey at Painbox, which is now hanging in her room at home.


La Jolla Girl checked in at Paintbox and I checked in at the spa. Enough said, right? Paintbox is an exclusive kids program for guests of the hotel, spa and restaurants. In fact, they provide 2 hours of Paintbox free if you’re using the spa. Otherwise, they have a reasonable fee of $90 for the entire day or $60 for a half day or night out. The kids do arts and crafts, take cool tours of the hotel (a la Eloise), play games and are, basically, very well taken care of. La Jolla Girl begged to go back the following day. I am 100% comfortable leaving her at Paintbox for as long as she likes as Stacey and her staff are one of a kind.

Spa Montage

If you have the luxury of staying at a Montage Hotel I would recommend the Montage Massage. This was my second one and it’s heavenly. The lounging facilities are top notch and they have every amenity that you’d need. I even bought makeup and some other items in the store area.

Montage Beverly Hills Dining

As you might expect, we did not have a bad meal. Our kidless group dined in a private cabana for lunch and dinner. We took a tour through the rather calm, pretty kitchen of Scarpetta. La Jolla Girl and I also ordered room service. After tax, service charge and gratuity this isn’t the most reasonably priced thing to do, but she enjoys it.

One of our highlights, however, was afternoon tea at the Lobby Lounge. Having lived in London, I’m a huge fan of afternoon tea. The kids joined us for this meal. There was an adult table and here is the beautifully decorated kids table:

The kids eventually got fidgety so they ran around the spacious grassy area outside the Lobby Lounge.

Five-Star Montage Service

When luxuriating at a Montage hotel, you can be confident that every need will be attended to. I left my cell phone in my car and it was delivered to my room within minutes. If you need clothes pressed or laundered, they have staff on site to handle it, rather than sending it out. And, everyone was unbelievably nice. For me, it’s the small details that add up.

Shopping Rodeo Drive

Can you believe that I did not get a chance to shop? La Jolla Girl would not leave the hotel. I was convinced I could talk her into shopping, so I pulled her out of Paintbox. Next time, she can stay in Paintbox while I hit Rodeo Drive. It’s right around the corner.

I’ll definitely be back to Montage Beverly Hills. It’s nice to know that you can take a luxury family vacation that will also allow you alone time. Do not have any guilt about sending your kids to Paintbox while you enjoy date night or the spa. I promise they’ll love it. Not one kid in our group didn’t.

Here’s all of her Paintbox loot.

*Our weekend at Montage Beverly Hills was provided complimentary. I will return on my own dime.

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2 thoughts on “Road Trip With Kids: Montage Beverly Hills

  1. Sounds fabulous! We’re new to the San Diego area after vacationing in La Jolla twice. Would love to try this out!

  2. I’m happy to hear they cater to families since Los Angeles has so many attractions we want the kids to experience.

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